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Now there were only Christian and Vivian left in the large room.

"Don't move. Just call the maid if you need anything."

Christian covered her with a blanket carefully as if she were priceless china.

Vivian curled her lips. She wanted to be nice to him, but she had been too proud to do that.

She just had had a narrow escape, and she couldn't care less about superficial things now. But they had become estranged from each other for so long that she found it hard to open up her heart to him.

Christian read her mind. He'd like to be frank about how he felt about her too, but it wasn't the right time.

"I'll ask the maid to prepare some food for you."

"I'll bring Hope to spend some time with you."


She frowned. She had lapsed into a coma before she could find the time to name her son.

She was upset because Christian had named their baby without her permission.

Christian smiled and ignored her discontentment. He ruffled her hair and called the maid to bathe and dress her.

At this moment, even if she had had lost her temper to him, he would still be grateful and happy.

When the maid came to bathe and dress her, she was still in a daze. She refused to do so at first, but her body was too stiff to do it on her own. Soon she gave in and closed her eyes.

Christian ordered the cook to prepare a full table of dishes according to the menu provided by Patrick earlier and then ordered the maids to clean the living room as soon as possible. Pacing nervously, he wasn't as calm as he had been in front of Vivian.

After the maid had blow-dried her hair, she stood at the door of her room on the second floor, looking down at Christian who was now busy getting everything ready for her. It felt like an illusion.

If it had been this way all along for them, how happy she would have been!

Christian was anxiously walking back and forth because he was very afraid that something might go wrong. Hope got off the maid and stumbled to hold Christian's leg

"Hope, my dear," Christian picked up the boy with a smile on his face.

Vivian became emotional when she saw how affectionate Christian was with Hope.

When she was a teenage girl, like any other teenage girls in the world, she had dreamt about her future happy family with a loving husband and adorable children in it. But beautiful dreams tended to be shattered by the reality.

Her eyes were sore. Tears were running down her face.


Christian looked up and found Vivian depressed. He hurriedly put Hope down and ran upstairs to hold her tightly.

He had been stubborn, defiant and proud before, but now he was shockingly restrained.

They didn't say much and it was so quiet. She smelled nice enough to soothe his lovesickness in the past year.

"Christian, you're hurting me."

She couldn't breathe in his strong arms.

He hurriedly let her go and checked her up and down.

"Are you feeling all right?

He was panicked, which was lovely and touching for her.

"I'm fine."

She hurriedly lowered her had to hide her uneasiness.

Seemingly unaware of her shyness, he held her hand and went over to Hope.

"Hope, this is your mom."

Hope buried his head in Christian's arms shyly and sneaked a peek at Vivian with curious eyes.


Hope hesitated a few seconds before he gently called her.

Vivian instantly burst into tears.

"My baby."

She held him in her arms and cried. He was the light of her life.

"All right, don't cry."

Christian wiped her tears lovingly and comforted her in a soft voice.

"You've just woken up, he is too young and he needs some time."

"Don't worry. He will be clingy soon."

She nodded trustfully and looked at Christian tearfully. She couldn't stop kissing her son.

"Don't cry yourself sick. Come and eat something."

He took them to the dinner table and carefully set the table for her.

She looked around and found it familiar and strange at the same time.

"This is..."

"It's our...my home," He's wanted to say it was their home.

She was surprised because she had lived here for a few years and now it was a totally different decorative style, including the tableware in front of her. It was her favorite style.

"Have a taste of this dish."

He filled a bowl with soup for her gently and put Hope down to be taken away by the maid.

"It's too much."

She frowned. He had asked the cook to prepare a full table of dishes for only two grow-ups.

"I didn't know what you'd like to eat, so I asked them to prepare dishes for you choose from."

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