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Vivian wiped his tears gently, like an angel.

"You'd better get well soon; our baby is waiting for you."

Vivian was all he could think of. Oh, her smile, her laughter, her tears, her desperation, her coldness, etc.


He was sweating from the piercing pain in his arm. He looked at his hospital gown. There was no one around.

"You are awake."

Patrick walked into the room with medicine and said softly.

"You've slept for two days. I would be worried if you didn't wake up."

He pulled up Christian's sleeve, and blood was oozing from his wound.

"How is Vivian?"

Christian asked worriedly, ignoring what Patrick was doing.

"Don't move. I'm changing fresh dressing for your wound."

Frowning, Patrick was afraid he might hurt Christian.

"I'm asking you, how is Vivian?"

"Tell me!"

Christian had just woken up and hadn't fully restored his strength. He couldn't help coughing when he got excited.

Patrick hurriedly poured Christian a cup of warm water, and he looked tired.

"I'm going to see Vivian."

Christian struggled to get out of the bed, and fell to the ground.

Patrick was angry when he found Christian on the ground.

"Christian, how old are you? Don't be a child, will you?"

He helped Christian back to his bed. He was very angry.

"Christian, I'm very tired already. Don't add fuel to the fire, ok?"

Patrick shouted in a hoarse voice. He was shockingly exhausted. Christian looked up and found him thinner and messier than a few days ago and there were dark circles under his swollen eyes.

"Please tell me where she is, will you?"

Patrick's unusual behaviors were upsetting for Christian. He was scared to hear the bad news.

"I'll take you to see her after dressing your wound."

Christian was relieved to hear that.

Thank God! She was still alive.

Christian had been seriously injured, though it wasn't life-threatening. He had ignored his own pain because he had been too worried and nervous about Vivian, now he couldn't help crying out in pain.

This time Patrick was less careful with his wound on purpose, like punishing a naughty boy who had done something wrong.

Patrick was very tired, which made Christian feel guilty.

Christian had been a trouble maker since childhood and Patrick had always been the one who would clear up the mess quietly.

"Let's go."

Patrick held his arm and they walked out of the room slowly.

"She is over there."

Christian saw Vivian lying in the bed through the glass in the door.

She was covered in tubes. He couldn't see her face, but he knew she must be in pain.

"Hasn't she woken up? Wasn't the operation a success? When could we take her home?"

Leaning on the door, Christian stared at her with loving eyes. Fortunately, she was still alive.

Patrick couldn't bear to look at Christian's careful eyes. No matter how tired he had been, he hadn't shed a tear in the past few days. But now he turned his head and cried.

"We'd better leave."

Patrick tried to drag Christian back to his room.

"What are you doing? Why didn't you allow me to go in and see her?" Christian didn't want to leave her alone.

"I won't wake her up. I know she doesn't want to see me now. Patrick, please! I'll just have a quick look, will you?"

Christian begged him.

"No, she won't wake up, ever again."

"What do you mean?"

"Why won't she wake up?"

Christian asked loudly, ignoring people around him.

"Calm down!"

Patrick was upset. He was under too much pressure which had almost crushed him.

Christian licked the corners of his mouth and lowered his head apologetically.

"Sit still."

When they went back Christian's room, Patrick pressed him into the bed and called the nurse to give him an injection.

"The operation failed, right?"

Christian suddenly said. Patrick froze for a second.

"No, it was successful. She won't have to suffer from heart disease anymore."

"Then why didn't she wake up?"

Christian shouted out of control. Patrick hurriedly went over to hold him.

"Don't get excited!"

"Listen to me!"

When Christian calmed down, Patrick told him the truth.

"Christian, I wish Vivian could wake up more than you do."

Patrick closed his eyes. The memory was too painful to recall.

"It was a success. Do you know how happy I was when I saw the door of the operating room open?"

"But the doctor said she wouldn't be able to wake up, unless a miracle happened."

"Christian, maybe she had suffered too much to be willing to wake up to a world that had been so cruel to her, so she decided to leave us behind."

"Christian, you must hold on."

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