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The three of them were relieved and happy when they left the hospital. They had no idea that there was someone watching from afar.

After sending Vivian and Patrick home, Christian quickly left without saying much. He just told her to wait for the operation patiently.

Christian was still a bit unsettled back at home. On one hand, he felt happy for Vivian. One the other hand, he was disappointed that he had been ignored for most time today.

Vivian had been acting like a hedgehog. No one could come near her without her permission.

Christian didn't have the chance to become a part of her life at all. He didn't know her hobbies, her favorite foods or her living habits.

He didn't deserve to confess his love for her.

Vivian cradled the baby in her arms absent-mindedly.

"My dear baby..."

Vivian gently stroked the baby's back and vented her inner anguish.

"Why did he make the effort to find me? He had chosen Jessica and betrayed me. Your mother wasn't a fool. It was just by accident that I had you."

"I've given up on him since long ago. Now he says he loves me. I am really upset. My dear, please don't blame me for being too stupid to be able to give you a wholesome family."

Vivian gently pressed her face against the baby's with sorrowful eyes.

"I'll love you with all my heart."

After putting the baby to sleep, Vivian sat by the window alone and looked at the warm lights of every household in distance at night, feeling sad.

She hadn't gone home for a long time.

Suddenly her phone rang in the silent night. She rushed to cover the phone with her hands for fear that the baby woke up.

"Hello?" Vivian was confused. No one knew her phone number except Patrick, let alone it was already late at night.

There came a soft laughter from the other end of the phone, which was particularly ghastly.

"Sister, it's been a while. Don't you forget about me?"

Vivian's blood froze at the voice. Her limbs couldn't help shaking and her eyelids twitched violently.

"What's going on?"

Despite her nausea, Vivian pretended to be calm and tried to control her voice.

Jessica heard a bit of uneasiness in Vivian's voice anyway. She curled her lips jauntily and her eyes glittered with hatred.

"Sister, you are a mother now. How shameless you are! You and Christian got divorced and you are still haunting him like a ghost. Aren't you ashamed?"

Jessica bit her lips resentfully. Her miserable life in the past year had nearly driven her crazy. She would do whatever she could to make Vivian suffer.

Vivian was a little shocked, but she wasn't intimidated by Jessica. Instead she laughed at Jessica with a sneer.

"What, are you afraid now? You are way better when it comes to stealing another woman's husband."

"Why don't you stop complaining to me and find a better way to control you man? You know how I've felt about Christian. How could I say no if he wants me, huh?"

Vivian narrowed her eyes. She was no longer the poor gentle girl at the mercy of others. She wouldn't go easy on anyone who was rude to her.

Jessica hadn't expected that Vivian was so eloquent and sharp now. Under the current circumstances, she wouldn't have the chance to see Christian again. She was doomed.

Christian might would cut Jessica some slack if she knew her place. But she was stubborn enough to mess up with Vivian. She was determined to take Vivian down with her when she ran into trouble, just like when she had decided to take Vivian's toy when they were little girls.

"Vivian, you bitch! Do you think you could beat me? If it hadn't been for the baby, do you think Christian would take a glance at you?"

Jessica sneered. She came up with a horrible idea.

"Now that you wouldn't change your mind, don't blame me for being ruthless. You secretly had a baby. I'd like to see how you could laugh without the baby."

Vivian felt a chill down her spine. She hadn't expected that Jessica would be so desperate.

"Jessica, I'm warning you, leave my baby alone. Otherwise, I'll make your life a living hell!"

Vivian hung up the phone and collapsed to the floor.

She felt waves of piercing pain in her heart. She struggled to find her medicine and quickly swallowed it.

She looked at her son in sound sleep weakly. Her self-mocking smile was reflected in the window glass.

"My baby...Christian, is it what you've wanted?"

It had never occurred to her that Christian had come after the baby. Jessica reminded her of it.

During the days when Christian showed up, he had always cared more about Vivian than the baby. Looking back at the whole thing, he had disguised himself so well.

Vivian felt distressed and naive. She had nearly fallen into his trap because of his phoniness again.

The lights outside the window were still shining. But she only found her room particularly cold.

"I won't let you have your own way."

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