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"My dear baby..." Jessica ran to the baby as soon as she got home. She had been worrying about him in the last two days.

The baby had been lying quietly in the maid's arms. Once he saw Vivian, he happily waved his hand.

Vivian took over the baby, putting anything unpleasant behind her in an instant.

"I'm cooking today. What are you in the mood for?" Patrick touched the baby's face and said gently.

"I want to eat fish, shrimp..."

Vivian offered many options.

She was obviously in a good mood. Patrick was happy for her.

"All right, all right, little glutton."

When Vivian had gone abroad, low-spirited and sick, she had lost much weight. Patrick had learnt to cook in order to take better care of her. He had been her favorite chef ever since.

Patrick prepared a full table of dishes at noon and they were all Vivian's favorites. She was very happy. She stopped thinking about how Christian had been bothering her.

When Christian showed up on time at the hospital with his well-prepared lunch for Vivian, he found the room empty.

Vivian had been evading him. He knew where she was right now.

Frustrated as he was, Christian had to swallow his pride when he was about to lose his temper.

Now as an admirer of Vivian's, it was normal for him to be rejected. All he needed to do was to calm down and accept whatever her reaction was.

Christian left the hospital and directly drove to Patrick's home.

In the last year when Vivian had been gone, Christian went to see Patrick at his home, but only to find the door locked every time.

Now Patrick's home was full of happiness.

The maids all knew Christian. They had been best friends for years and never fought with each other. Of course, it was how it had looked like to others.

No one stopped Christian on his way in. He walked directly into the living room and found Vivian having lunch happily.

She was talking and laughing with Patrick as if she had been an innocent teenage girl again, which was in sharp contrast to her indifference in front of him.

Christian was hurt and he stopped.

Vivian's smile froze on her face at the sight of Christian. She was putting on a different look.

"I'm done."

His appearance was disturbing. Unwilling to argue with him anymore, she took the baby and went back to her room.

Patrick said nothing. Christian quickly became calm as usual, and went to sit next to Patrick, ignoring the fact that he was actually an outsider.

"What are you doing here?"

Frowning, Christian came clean about his purpose.

"I've been wooing my wife. So I'm going wherever my wife goes."

"You got divorced."

"We can remarry. I have the right to pursue her."

Christian was slightly annoyed. Patrick was his love rival now, he couldn't lose to him.

"Christian, what do you want? You don't love her, so why are your messing with her life?"

Patrick had never thought that Christian would have been such a shameless bastard. Even if he had been fooled by Jessica in the past, how about now? Why would he hang on to Vivian?

"I'll decide whether I love her or not." Christian smiled politely, looking determined. Patrick was surprised and speechless.

It seemed that Christian had reinvented himself. He was no longer arrogant and bossy. He was now silent and steady.

"Patrick, I'm going to buy some baby products. Are you coming with me?"

Vivian had changed into simple clothes and walked out of her room holding the baby.

"Why are you still here?"

She had assumed that Patrick would have known her well enough to ask Christian to leave. The very sight of Christian was annoying for her.

"I'm coming with you." Patrick and Christian replied in unison.

"You are not coming, Mr. North, because we have nothing to do with each other. Stop talking nonsense."

She suspected that Christian had lost his mind. She had emphasized many times that they had nothing to do with each other. She hadn't wanted anything to do with him. But he just wouldn't let her go."

"But I have something to do with you. I'm wooing you." With his eyes wide open, Christian said earnestly.

She froze. She had no idea what he was trying to do.

"Suit yourself."

She held Patrick's arms and walked past Christian. She didn't look at him at all.

Christian was in no hurry. He followed them and sat in the backseat in silence.

Vivian simply ignored Christian. She talked and laughed with Patrick, and played with the baby in her arms.

An acute sense of crisis came over Christian.

He was very afraid that he would never have the chance to be forgiven. He had had the chance to have her, yet he had thrown it away. They had been growing apart since.

Now he was just suffering from his own actions.

Holding the baby in her arms, Vivian was leisurely hanging out in the mall.

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