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Christian laughed, looking at the baby, and pretended to be surprised.

"Which friend? I wonder why the baby looks a little like me."

Patrick was slightly shocked. His smile froze on his face.

"Nonsense. Just an ordinary friend."

It was getting more awkward. Patrick was determined to play dumb, but Christian wasn't as patient as him.

"Really? An ordinary friend? The one you took away from me?"

Christian's eyes were no longer gentle. He stared at Patrick fiercely.

Patrick kept the baby away from Christian, like a protective father.

"Christian, what do you mean? You are wrong if you think I won't kick your ass just because you are my buddy."

Christian smiled in surprise. He pretended not to understand what Patrick was saying, and looked innocent.

"What? Did I say something wrong?"

Christian looked at the baby with a wicked smile. His eyes were terrifying.

"You took my wife away without my permission, and now you are holding my child. How shameless you are to claim that you are my buddy!"

They were on the verge of a big fight. If Patrick hadn't been holding the baby, he would certainly have beaten Christian up.

"Christian North, you are the one who is shameless indeed!" Patrick looked at the arrogant man in disbelief, and couldn't believe he had been friends with Christian for years.

"Don't forget that it was you who had driven her into a corner, pushed her around like a toy, and made her life a living hell!"

Looking at the baby in his arms, Patrick recalled what Christian had done. He was burning with rage.

"The baby has nothing to do with you, Christian. Despite what you had done, now that you've chosen Jessica, you should stop messing with others' business."

"Shame on you!"

Patrick looked at Christian in disdain. It was the first time he had ever doubted his own judgment.

When Patrick was about to leave, he was grabbed by Christian.

"Where is she now?"

Christian's eyes were icy cold, reeking of danger. He didn't care about the baby. Patrick's words had confirmed his belief that Vivian was still alive. He had to find her."

"Let go of me." Patrick looked at Christmas as coldly. If it had been a year before, he wouldn't have gone easy on Christian. Christian was too heartless to be worthy of his brotherhood.

"You don't deserve to know it."

Patrick had felt sorry for Vivian from the very beginning.

She had been such a beautiful, gentle, generous, kind, thoughtful girl. Unfortunately, she had been emotionally tortured by Christian for a long time, and almost died at the end.

Patrick had wondered why a man as smart as Christian would have chosen Jessica who was vicious and deceitful, over Vivian.

Eventually he had stopped wondering. Whatever Christian had thought, he just wanted to stay with Vivian and protect her for life. That was all he had ever asked for.

He had been cautious enough. Somehow Christian had managed to track him down.

"I am asking you, where is she? Don't make me hurt you." Christian was too furious too wait any longer. He was eager to see Vivian. If there hadn't been the baby, he would have gotten into a fight with Patrick.

"Why would I tell you? You are in no position to inquire about her. What, did your lover need a maid again?" Patrick became more excited when he saw Christian's angry face.

"I will never tell you that."

He couldn't fight, but he could piss him off.

Undoubtedly Patrick's words agitated Christian because those things in the past were the last thing he would ever have wanted to remember. He couldn't find a way to forgive himself for what he had done to her. Why would he have been foolish enough to trust Jessica?

Christian suddenly pulled his hand back, and Patrick almost fell.

However, the baby in Patrick's arms was awaken and cried hysterically.

Patrick gently patted the baby on the back and comforted him softly, staring at Christian the whole time.

Before that, given that the baby had been sleeping, they had been arguing in an unfriendly yet lowered voice.

Patrick was angry. How ungrateful Christian had been!

Christian shrugged his shoulders, suggesting that he was sorry. The baby stopped crying soon and looked around curiously with his big innocent eyes.

When the baby saw Christian, he smiled at him sweetly.

Looking at the smiling baby, Christian's heart melted. He couldn't help reaching out to hug him.

"Christian North!" Patrick was vigilant.

"Don't go too far!"

Christian was speechless. He just wanted to hug the baby. He wouldn't steal the baby anyway.

"Why couldn't I hug my own child?" Christian was bold enough to ask.

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