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In the corner of a crowded bar, Christian was drinking alone.

He had never liked such a place of decadence, not to mention so much noise. Yet right now, he was particularly fond of such a dissipation night life.

Only in this way, could he stop thinking about the person living far away.

Tall and handsome, Christian wasn't a man to be easily ignored even in the darkest corner of the bar.

Girls in short skirts kept trying to approach him the whole night, but only to be intimidated by his fierce eyes.

This man was poison.

He took a look at people dancing, but his eyes were lifeless. He was waiting.

"Master," A man in black suits respectfully came up to him. The bar was crowded and loud. He called Christian and said nothing, just shaking his head.

Christian impatiently raised his hand and the man left.

It was in vain.

Vivian had been gone for a month. Christian came to the bar, trying to drink his sorrows away every day, and his men never stopped searching for her.

It was disappointing news every day.


He gripped his wine glass and drained the cup with one gulp.

He vision became blurry. He was drunk again.

Through an inebriated haze, it seemed he saw someone familiar.


He staggered to his feet. The girl turned around and smiled at him coquettishly before vanishing in the crowd.

"Vivian, don't go." He followed her and reached out to her. But the crowd kept them apart.

He walked his way through the dancing crowd and found himself in a quiet hallway on the side of the bar. The girl in white dress kept moving.


He reached out his arms and hugged "Vivian".

The girl smiled when held by such a charming man in his arms.

She was just an ordinary girl working part-time in the bar. Christian had frequented the bar in the past month. She had been deeply drawn to him.

Christian was popular and high-profile. The whole country knew who he was. As a handsome and rich young man, he certainly had a lot of admirers.


Her voice was clean and innocent, trying to look her best in front of her crush.

Yet her voice brought Christian to his senses.

"Who are you?"

Christian calmed down and carefully looked at the girl. She was someone else.

"I..." The girl was frightened by his cold eyes, and couldn't say word, trembling.

"Get out of here."

Christian was furious right now.

She ran away from him immediately. Once out of his sight, she took a long breath.

Christian smiled at the thought of Vivian's clear and brisk voice.

How could he forget her voice? He wouldn't drink in the bar again. There were all kinds of people out there. He might be set up someday.

One of his men waiting at the door of the bar noticed that it was the small hours, but Christian hadn't show up yet. He eventually found Christian at the end of the hallway, drunken as usual.

"The master never went home until he was drunk. What should we do about it?"

The maid looked worriedly at Christian who was spreading on the couch, and turned to the butler.

"It's out of our hands. The young master has been punished for what he did wrong."

The butler looked at Christians' sleeping face thoughtfully, thinking of the girl who had been strong and lovely.

"I wish she could return as soon as possible, so that our master won't suffer anymore."

"God, even for a young man as strong as him, it can be overwhelming." The maid wiped his face with a hot towel.

The butler never spoke again. Planted seed will grow. No one is the savior.

The next morning, Christian woke up in his room with a head about to explode.

He went downstairs and the maid hurriedly served the hangover soup for him.

"Master, I've made it especially for you."

"Put it down." Christian didn't have the appetite for anything. He just wanted to drink.

"Master," A man in black suits returned from the search again. Only he sounded differently this time.

"Master, we've tracked Patrick down. One month ago, he showed up at an airport with a young woman."

"Where is he? Where did he go?" Christian's heart was racing. All he thought about was Vivian.

"Em...Patrick deliberately hid it from others. It was impossible to find him after he left the country." The man was afraid of Christian's burst of anger.

"Keep looking! Don't stop! You must find him!"

He knocked the hot soup over and the table was shaking.


The man breathed a sigh of relief, and quickly left.

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