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Christian was irritated for no reason to see Vivian crying. He subconsciously had the urge to step forward to wipe her tears. But before he could do it, Jessica had taken his arm and leaned on him.


He instantly came to his sense, silently despising himself for his irrational idea.

He wanted to wipe Vivian's tears? Was he insane?

She was not even worth a second glance of his!

"Christian, what do you mean? Did you ask me to prove my innocence with evidence? Why don't you prove that Vivian and I are not innocent with evidence?"

Patrick was furious, too. The relationship between Vivian and him had been perfectly innocent. All of a sudden, he was wronged and his childhood friend was trying to justify the charges. How ridiculous!

"We all know that explaining equals trying to cover it up. Forget about the evidence. I don't want to sabotage our relationship. Only you know whether you and my sister are innocent or not." Jessica's voice was calm yet particularly annoying.

"I'm warning you, Jessica Joseph. Don't try to turn us against each other!" Patrick said sternly, "I've been abroad the whole time. Christian, of all people, you should know that."

Jessica couldn't care less. She insinuated, "Nowadays the means of communication are so advanced, so it's not far away..."

"You are way out of line...Vivian? Vivian, what's wrong with you?" Patrick noticed that Vivian was turning pale as he spoke. No!

She suddenly fell to the ground. He shouted to Christian, "Call the ambulance!"

Vivian felt as if she had slept for a century. Her body was terribly heavy.

When she opened her eyes, she heard Patrick's happy voice, "You finally woke up! It was very dangerous this time. If you weren't sent to the hospital in time, you would have had to get another operation. Couldn't you take better care of your body?"

She was silent, looking around the room for something. Patrick sighed, "He isn't here. I brought you here."

Lying on the bed, she smiled, pale and delicate.

Patrick couldn't bear to look at her. He said gently, "I've known all about you and Christian...I'll take you out of here if you want to."

"How dare you say that? And how do you expect me to believe that you are innocent?"

A deadly male voice interrupted him. Christian showed up at the door and he was staring at them like a hawk.

"What are you doing here?" Patrick questioned, while quietly standing in front of her.

Christian raised his eyebrows, "Huh? I didn't know that I might need another man's permission to pick up my own wife."

"Do you know she is your wife? Do you have no idea what you have put her through?!"

Christian was now profoundly disgusted. He ordered the woman on bed, "Get up and go home with me."

Patrick tried to stop him. "No, she has a...The doctor said she must have a good rest these days. Or the consequences will be severe."

"Do you think I have no idea what she is doing? Aren't they just some tricks to attract my attention? All right, I am here now." He strode up to her, trying to grab her wrist to pull her out of bed, "It's a shameful thing to pretend sickness."

Is it how he's thought of me, pretending sickness? He could easily get access to her medical records if he wants to.

After all, he doesn't love her, which can neutralize all her efforts and all the love she had for him.

She laughed softly. She didn't argue with him, just gazing up at him, and asked calmly, "Where are you taking me?"

Her clear eyes had soothed his anger somehow. He tried to sound as tough as he could, "Jessica is ill. She needs someone to look after her. I don't trust anyone else. You're the best option."

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