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There was soothing music playing in the adequately heated car, which was in sharp contrast with cold wind blowing outside.

Cuddled in Christian's arms, Jessica was concerned, "Christian, it's so cold outside. What would my sister do if left alone?"

"She? She deserves to suffer a little for how she just spoke to you. She is your elder sister, for God's sake!"

"But it's not right." She was gloomy all of a sudden, which was heartbreaking for him, "I am not as good as my sister after all."

"What are you talking about? You are the best. She can't compare with you!"

After hearing that, she looked up at him and laughed, "I knew you are the best to me...But I'm still worried about her. Why don't we drive back to pick her up? What if she caught a cold in such weather?"

He was silent.

She held his arm, shaking and begging, "Will you listen to me please, sweetheart? Sister is actually a good person!"

His voice was solemn, "Have you forgotten how she had hurt you? You were in the hospital for a long time, and I could have killed her for that!"

She buried her head in his shoulder where he couldn't see her face. She was smirking, yet her voice was compassionate, "Don't say that. It was my entire fault. It had nothing to do with Vivian..."

"You are just too kind."

That being said, Christian told the driver to go back to the airport anyhow. He hadn't expected such a scene!

She, Vivian Joseph, was bold enough to get in the car of another man. How shameless she was!

Jessica didn't see it coming, either. She immediately walked to Vivian, earnestly trying to talk some sense into her sister, "Sister, I know you don't like me. But I have to say it. You are now Mrs. North. You'd better bear that in mind and watch your manners in front of other people!"

Vivian looked at her coldly. Anyone could say that but Jessica. She was in no position to give her a lecture!

Probably thwarted by Vivian's cold eyes, Jessica quickly switched to another tone, "It doesn't matter whether our parents and I are embarrassed or not, because you are my most important elder sister after all."

Patrick had known the Josephs' very well. He had always disliked Jessica. He instantly knew what was going on when Jessica showed up with Christian.

He was furious after hearing Jessica's little speech, "Most important? You have no clue how your sister's body is right now. If she..."

"Enough! Patrick, please stop!" Vivian interrupted him without thinking. Even if Christian knew about her heart surgery, what then? He must wish she had died on the operating table.

"So do you know how my sister's body is?!" Jessica's eyes were wide open, and she covered her mouth in surprise, "Don't you tarnish my sister's innocence!"

Patrick was clearly referring to Vivian's heart disease. But Jessica twisted his words into implied obscenity.

Christian narrowed his eyes and his voice was colder, "I knew you were too shameless to stay in place. But I never expected that you were hooking up with him, my childhood friend! Don't you know that?"

"I am a human being. I can be cold and I can be sad." Vivian argued. When she looked at the tall handsome man who was supposed to be husband, she couldn't help sniffing.

What was all this about anyway?

Had he expected her to be at his beck and call? Stay in place? Was she a pet he had kept?

"Christian, it's not what you think!" Having realized that something was wrong, Patrick hastily explained, "There's nothing going on between Vivian and me!"

"You're saying there is nothing going on between you two. Then how will you prove it?" Christian was getting angrier while his eyes were wandering between his childhood and his wife.

Patrick couldn't believe that he had asked such a question. He was stunned.

Vivian couldn't stand it anymore. She was in tears, "You don't believe me after all."

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