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She just read the comments for a while, and when she quit, she found that the number of retweets, comments and likes had increased by tens of thousands.

"It's incredible..." Jessica swallowed with difficulty, logged onto her own Twitter tremulously. The screen was bursting with red.

There were more than 10,000 private messages, and the number of fans increased by 200,000! In one day, it increased two hundred thousand, and it was still increasing!

Jessica laughed until her cheeks ached. Suddenly she remembered a question, "Honey, there are so many topics about me all of a sudden and 200,000 followers follow me. Is it possible that Tina bought it for me?"

"Probably." Clara pushed the phone to her in shock and excitement. "The short play you played with Stella and Alan also became a hot search. Many people are discussing this social issue. What's more, one of posts about you is also on the hot search list, although it is the last."

Jessica was just a newcomer. And the TV series which she starred in was just released today, so such network traffic was too exaggerated!

Probably they were jealous that Jessica had been on four hot searches in a row. Many of her seniors even came out to interact with her for network traffic.

Jessica did not expect to see two more hot searches, so hurriedly gave Tina a phone call.

When the telephone was connected, they both said...

"A hot search or two is enough. You're exaggerating!"

"Jessica, did you secretly buy a hot search?"

There was a Silence.

After a while, Jessica put out feelers. "Well... You didn't buy the hot search?"

Her heart was pounding when she asked the question.

"... I already arranged, but before I could, you were on the hot search." Tina apparently didn't expect this either. She paused and said, "Wait a minute, I'll ask if Mr. Howard bought the hot search."


Two minutes later, Tina called back and said, "No, it??s not him"

Jessica had the resources and acting. Her appearance and figure were not bad. Tina had thought that Jessica would be popular, but she did not think that Jessica would be so popular suddenly without the operation of the public relations team!

When Jessica got a definite answer, she was so excited that she stammered, "Then shall I do something?"

"Take it easy. Just concentrate on your work and leave the rest to me." Netizens' comments needed to be guided, so as not to be misled by the trolls. Tina told her a few words hurriedly, and then hung up.

Jessica's task had been completed, so the rest was up to her! She had a hunch that Jessica would be more popular than Daniel Lauren!

This night, Jessica was too excited to fall asleep. As a result, when she went to work the next day, she had heavy dark circles under her eyes. She wasn't focused enough and wasn't in a fit state because of lack of sleep.

The director was so angry that he almost spat on her face...

"Cut, cut! Jessica, what??s wrong with you? Could you speak your lines louder?"

"Where are you looking? Is there a plane flying in the sky, or is the UFO falling?"

"Stop! Jessica, can you open your eyes for me?"

Jessica could meet the first two demands except the last one. "Well, Mr. Burwell! I have opened, but my eyes are swollen."

"Why are your eyes swollen? Don't you know we're shooting today? Why did you make your eyes swell?" The director spoke louder than he did, and he looked almost mad.

Jessica didn't dare to breathe heavily. "I didn't sleep well last night, so my eyes get swollen."

Beside them, Amy said with a gloating look, "You may not know, Mr. Burwell. Jessica got four hot searches in a row yesterday and was followed by many seniors on Twitter. She was probably too excited to sleep."

Usually, if Amy inflamed the situation like that, Jessica was sure to fight back.

But this time Amy was right, Jessica did not dare to take liberties with Mr. Burwell in case the strict director directly changed her.

But when Amy was waiting for Jessica to be criticized, Mr. Burwell suddenly stared at her and shouted, "Did I ask you? Who taught you to talk to people like that?"

Amy was bewildered. "I just give you an explanation."

"Is that an explanation? You're adding fuel to the fire. Do you think I went blind?" Mr. Burwell thundered with arms akimbo.

Amy, "..."

There was a burst of low laughter from the crowd.

Jessica also wanted to laugh, but she was afraid of being scolded. It turned out that she was right. After Mr. Burwell finished scolding Amy, the fire was aimed at her.

"You're too excited to sleep just because of a few hot searches. If you're really popular in the future, are you going to be the first actress to die because you can't sleep?"

Do you know Fang zhongyong? Oh, I guess you don't know! Don't be so proud now, in case you will be disliked before you become popular!"

Jessica, "..."

Of course, she knew who Fang zhongyong was.

After Mr. Burwell scolded enough, he asked the makeup artist to do her makeup again, trying to make her eyes look less swollen, and then continued shooting.

Probably because of Mr. Burwell's violent temper, no one dared to relax or make trouble. No one dared to intrigue against each other.

It was not until Mr. Burwell left for lunch that the crew and actors dared to relax.

Jessica didn't know why she met Alex and his companion again. But she was always a man of her word, and as soon as he talked, she quickened her pace.

She took him as the air perfectly and gave herself a "like" in her heart. Naturally, she did not see Alex's twisted face after she left.

But perhaps the God had a grudge against her and couldn't bear to see that she was happy. She had just avoided a bastard, and then she met Amy.

These two people were not quite the same. She could do whatever she liked to Alex. Even if she offended him, her elder brother Ryan could help her. She wouldn't let Amy take advantage of her, but she dared not to treat Amy as she treated Alex.

After all, Ryan??s girlfriend was very important for him.

What Jessica thought made she feel jealous. She really didn't know why her Ryan liked Amy so much!

Amy asked the assistant to put the meal on the table in front of Jessica. After the assistant finished cleaning the chair for her, she sat down.

Actually she didn't have a fetish about cleanliness. She just thought it would make her look very distinguished.

When Jessica saw what she was doing, she felt uncomfortable. "What do you want to talk to me? Just hurry up! Don't sit here, or neither you nor I can eat well. Otherwise, in the afternoon we would be hungry and scolded by Mr. Burwell."

Amy snorted, "I don't eat much, not like someone who eat as much as pigs."

Everyone on set knew that Jessica was a foodie. In addition to her three meals a day, she would have a midnight snack on the sly. It was obvious who the pig was.

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