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"What do you mean, Ryan? You... you like Jessie?"

When the grandmother heard that, she was almost hysterical and shocked.

Mrs. Howard also froze. She haven't recovered, but just stared at Ryan blankly. Even if she said they could be together, she had never considered the possibility.

When Jessica saw her grandmother and mother's reaction clearly, her heart missed a beat, and her mind went blank.

Then the blood rushed against the current, which made her face burn.

She swallowed hard and looked at Ryan in panic. She was afraid that if she said something, she could not stay in this family any longer.

When Ryan saw her frightened look, he clenched his fist, and said dully, "You misunderstood. I just regard Jessie as my sister."

"That??s fine. Anyway, you remember that our family can't be gossiped about like the Miller family." The grandmother heaved a sigh of relief and relaxed.

No one spoke anymore.

Jessica was clutching her clothes. Her palm was full of sweat. When she heard the result, she couldn't tell what it was like. She just felt kind of uncomfortable.

Then the grandmother took her by the hand and said a lot, which seemed to console her by telling her not to think any more, but she didn't listen. She just nodded absently.

When the car stopped in front of the filming site, Jessica got out of the space where she was suffocating, like she was running for her life.

"Goodbye grandmother, goodbye mom, goodbye Ryan!" She said hurriedly, then turned and ran to the set.

But after she just took a few steps, she was gripped by a hand.

She looked round and saw that it was her brother who was pulling her. The golden light framed his strong profile, which was exceptionally handsome.

She unconsciously clapped his hand away and looked in the direction of the car. "What's the matter, Ryan?"

"Did you..." turn me down a year ago because of what grandmother said? The words died on his lips. "forget something?"

Jessica looked down to check. She had got her bag and her phone. "There's nothing missing."

"Well." Ryan reached out his hand, which had reached above her head. His hand looped around and returned to his side.

Jessica nodded, took two steps, and came back, saying in a small voice, "Ryan, thank you."

Thanked him for making her less embarrassed in the Jones' house, and for standing up for her in front of grandmother.

"You don't need to thank me. I just don't want to be always talked about by grandmother." Ryan said coldly. Then he turned around and got into the car.

Jessica watched him leaving with a faint sigh, feeling kind of lost.

Her brother was not to help her. He did it for himself.

In the car,

The grandmother was far from as strong as she had just shown. Now she was still in a tangle. Seeing Ryan come up, she asked, "Ryan, did I really annoy Jessie?"

"It's OK if you don't force her to go on a blind date." He was kind of upset, but he didn't show it on the face. He took the handbrake off and started the car.

After hearing him, the grandmother wavered and finally made a compromise. "She's just in the right age now. She can go on a blind date first and see if there is someone she likes. If someone caught her fancy, they can get engaged first. There's no hurry to get married."

Ryan did not answer, but his handsome face looked kind of gloomy. Mrs. Howard was afraid that if she kept opposing the old lady, it would make her unhappy, so she agreed vaguely.


The car stopped with a squeak of tires rubbing against the ground.

The grandmother and Mrs. Howard were sitting in the back, and they weren't wearing their seatbelts. But they reacted quickly so that they didn't hit anything.

"Ryan, why did you stop suddenly?" Mrs. Howard asked, and hurried to check on the grandmother, "Mom, are you ok?"

The grandmother was not an unreasonable person. She waved repeatedly. "I'm ok!"

"I'm sorry. It suddenly occurred to me that there was something urgent in the company, so mom, please ask the driver to pick you up." Ryan still looked forward. His dull and indiscernible handsome face was reflected in the rearview mirror, with faint weariness and forbearance.

"No matter how urgent the matter is, you can't slam on the brakes like that. It's dangerous." Mrs. Howard frowned and said, "Your father is in the company. Whatever emergency you have, take me and your grandmother home first. Are you going to make us wait here for the car on such a cold day?"

Ryan put his right hand on the handbrake. He did not speak, but unlocked both doors in the back seat.

"Come on, I'm not weak. Get off here. Give the driver a call and ask him to pick me up." The grandmother opened the door and got off first.

Mrs. Howard took a deep breath and glared at Ryan. "Why are you such a silly boy?"

She opened the door and got off.

Ryan didn't even stop for a moment. As soon as the door closed, he started the car and it soon joined the traffic.

At the same time,

Jessica thought of all sorts of things, and kicked the rock sadly as she walked towards the set.

"One minute left, Jessica. Do you want to be late? Can you run?

When Jessica heard the director's voice which was amplified by the loudspeaker, she had no time to think of anything." Yes, yes, I'm coming!!"

She didn't even have time to relax for a while and was directly dragged to the dressing room by the makeup artist and stylist. After an emergency makeup session, she was rushed to the camera.

She was criticized again for half of a day and had numerous retakes. When she got off work at one o 'clock in the morning, she was exhausted.

What the hell! It looked good flying around on TV and in movies but the wire work was exhausting!

And she did not know whether Amy was afraid of her treatment, or she was tired out. In short, as she passed, she did not even utter a harsh word, except she gave her a glare.

"Why doesn't she sneer at me now?" Jessica turned to ask Clara.

Clara, "..."

It sounded like you were disappointed?

They talked and laughed as they walked to the rest area. However, they met Alex and another woman on the way.

Jessica was overcome with a feeling of nausea as if she was pestered by the composite of fly and leech. She quickly hid behind Clara with goose bumps all over her body.

Why was this guy everywhere? Please God! Don't let Alex see her!

But perhaps God was not there, so did not hear her prayer.

There was a cup of broken milk tea on the ground in front of them. Clara jumped away nimbly and just exposed Jessica to Alex's sight.

Jessica, "..."

Oh, God! She was so unlucky!

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