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Under the circumstances, Mrs. Jones didn't have other choice. After she saw brother Fat out, she told them the truth.

Seeing that, the elder Mrs. Howard was getting unhappy. Mrs. Jones hastened to say, "In fact, my grandson cannot hold a candle to Chris. Chris is a popular star now. He can make tens of millions a year, who is much better than my grandson."

Ryan seemed to be in a good mood. He said before his grandmother could say, "Actually, Jessica knew your adopted grandson, and he helped her on the set."

"Really? This is the fate!" Mrs. Jones' eyes lit up. She said excitedly.

Jessica paled at her words.

She didn't want to go on a blind date with Chris. It was too embarrassing! But how could she refuse now?

Before she could think it over, Ryan frowned invisibly and said coldly, "They have known each other for some time, but they are just friends. Chris isn't attracted to Jessie and nor does Jessie."

"So don't try to fix them up, thank you."

Listening to this, Jessica relieved. Her brother was awesome!

Since Ryan said so, Mrs. Jones had to give up and apologized to them again and again, saying that her grandson had messed things up and she would go to their house to apologize someday.

In order to express the apology, Mrs. Jones wanted to introduce several boys to Jessica, which scared Jessica.

Fortunately, the elder Mrs. Howard was in a bad mood and refused her directly.

After sitting in the car, the elder Mrs. Howard couldn't stop complaining, "Her grandson is not here, so she wants to introduce Jessie to her adopted grandson whose parents are dead. Who are they? Does she think nobody wants our Jessie? After a few days, I'll introduce Jessie to a better one."

Once again?

Jessica's mouth twitched. She asked her mother for help.

Mrs. Howard patted her arm reassuringly. "Mother, I think Jessie is still young. She is in no hurry. Don't rush her into a blind date. You know Mrs. Jones' grandson is unreliable. Wouldn't Jessie suffer if she married him?"

"Isn't that an exception? He's a painter, so he doesn't look very reliable. Next time we don't want a freelancer!"

The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law were arguing here. Ryan who had been very quiet said in a cold voice suddenly. "Grandmother, every time when you talk about me and Jessie, have you ever considered Jessie's feelings?"

The grandmother was suddenly called, and she felt confused. "What? Everything I say and do is good for you."

Jessica was also confused, not to mention the grandmother. She often came into conflicts with Amy during this period. She had been afraid that Ryan would come after her, but she did not expect him to speak for her.

"You said it was good for us, but when you said that in the Jones' house, do you know how embarrassed Jessie was?" His delicate and sharp-featured face filled with coldness and his cold eyes were like sharp blades.

The grandmother opened her mouth slightly but did not say a word for a long time.

Jessica was more overwhelmed by the silence in the car now than by the awkwardness in the Jones' house.

The air seemed to be squeezed together at the moment, and the car began to get cramped, making it difficult for her to breathe. She gently tugged at Ryan's sleeve and mouthed, "Stop."

"Let go." Ryan's glum eyes were fixed on her.

Jessica's palms sweat under his gaze, so she unconsciously let him go.

Ryan looked at the grandmother again. "You always said that we should keep a distance from each other, so that people outside would not gossip about us."

There was a pause before he continued slowly. "But who would say that, except one or two people you met before? Jessica and I have heard that more often from you."

"Yes, mother." Mrs. Howard said, "I never heard anyone say that about Jessica and Ryan. You are too nervous."

Jessica lowered her head and her eyes, waiting for her grandmother's answer. Her heart beat so fast.

"I admit I didn't consider Jessica's feelings. But anyway, it's for your own good." The grandmother still insisted on her view, but her momentum weakened.

Ryan twitched his lips, and his eyes were stained with a little sarcasm. "You said it was for the sake of Jessie, but in the end, it was you who hurt her the most..."

"Ahem, ahem." Jessica kept coughing. She bit the bullet and gave him a few pinches on the waist.

She didn't want her grandmother to talk about sibling incest all the time, but she didn't want to argue with her grandmother because of that. Ryan pressed his lips and did not go on, but he definitely didn't look good.

The grandmother was criticized by her grandson suddenly, so she also felt wronged. She bothered herself about it just for the good of Ryan and Jessica. If it were someone else, she wouldn't bother.

"Well, mom," Mrs. Howard said , hesitating, "Actually, I think, You don't have to think that much. Jessie and Ryan are not related by blood, even if they really get together, it is ok. Jessie just doesn't have to marry..."

Jessica had never expected that her mother would say so. Her heart missed a beat when she heard her grandmother interrupted in a loud voice suddenly. "Lucy, do you know what you're talking about?"

The grandmother's face was blue, and the wrinkles on her face were piled together, making her look very old.

"I know. You always said what would happen if the two children got close, and I thought a lot before I told you." The mother tried to comfort her. "Don't be so emotional. Just listen to me..."

The grandmother was not a domineering person, and had a good relationship with Mrs. Howard.

But this time she interrupted Mrs. Howard again. "It's not negotiable. Stop it! You know Mrs. Miller's family. What do people say about their family after her son and adopted granddaughter get together?"

She was very agitated and looked very angry. Mrs. Howard did not dare to say anything for fear of angering the old lady.

But Ryan, who had just quieted down, answered in a cold voice, "They are nominally father and daughter, and there is an age difference of twenty years between them. And Uncle Miller had a first wife. Jessie and I are only brother and sister. We are both unmarried. Can this be the same?"

This was why the Miller family's issue was more controversial.

Not only were they father and daughter, but the Mr. Miller had a first wife and they had been married for many years. Because Mrs. Miller had no children, she was especially kind to her adopted daughter.

Mrs. Miller broke down when she caught adultery in the act, and the adopted daughter was said to insult Mrs. Miller, so Mrs. Miller attacked the daughter with a vase.

Later Mr. Miller and the adopted daughter sued Mrs. Miller together. Even if the family pleaded, they did not waver at all. And now the Mrs. Miller was still in prison.

When Ryan said that, the grandmother froze and stared at him in disbelief. She shaken,

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