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Ryan put down his chopsticks, took a tissue and wiped his mouth. "Do you think Jessie is a gentle and ladylike woman?"

"No! If she isn't always boisterous, I won't remind her to be a graceful lady!" The grandmother said without thinking.

Jessica wanted to retort, but she held her tongue and decided to see what her brother was up to.

"Jessica is a lively girl. If you let her pretend to be a graceful lady, it is a deceit to Mrs. Jones and her grandson. Maybe they are satisfied with Jessie this time. But if they find out the truth after in-depth contact, it will affect the relationship between our two families. Don't you think so?" Ryan said.

Jessica, "..."

Why did she feel that she had been described as a unsalable product? It should be an illusion...right?

The grandmother thought her grandson was right, and said no more. After dinner, they set off to meet Mrs. Jones.

The mother was free, so she joined the team temporarily.

Meanwhile, at the Jones' house,

Everyone was busy.

Mrs. Jones who was elegant with a head of silver hair was fuming with anger at the moment...

"Have you searched every place of his room?"

"Why did he disappear? Check the cupboard, the bedstead and every corner he maybe hides in!"

"Take a look at the ceiling, just in case, he's hiding in the ceiling like in the movie!"

The servants searched every nook and cranny. At last the housekeeper trotted over, trembling, with a piece of paper in the hand. "Madam, young master left a piece of paper."

"Bring it here!" Mrs. Jones took the paper and unfolded it.

"I'd rather die than go on blind dates. Let me tell you another secret. I arranged the car accident last time on purpose! I went to France to paint from life, don't miss me!"

Mrs. Jones nearly fainted. "What a bad guy! I already made an appointment with them, and this is the second time! Piss me off! How can I explain it to the Howards?"

"Well, you have an adopted grandson, don't you?" The housekeeper had a keen mind and soon made a suggestion.

Mrs. Jones's eyes lit up. "Yes! I made an appointment with Chris yesterday, and it was about the right time. Ask him to come here now."

"Yes, Madam"

Just then, someone rushed in again. "The Howards are here, madam!"

"Twenty minutes to go. Why did they come so early? Call Chris now! Tidy up hurriedly!" Mrs. Jones hurried out to receive them.

When she saw Jessica, who was dressed up and good-looking, her eyes lit up, with a mixture of delight and regret.

What a beautiful girl! She didn't know why her dim-witted grandson ran away! But it was not bad to be her adopted grandson's wife!

Mrs. Jones was cheered up by the thought and invited them into the house enthusiastically.

Her strong eager and gaze gave Jessica goose bumps. She swallowed and moved, shutting out the overeager gaze with Ryan.

At the same time, Mrs. Jones noticed that there was a handsome young man here. She said in surprise, "Who is he?

"Sorry, I forgot to introduce him. This is Ryan, my grandson." The grandmother smiled and said, "Ryan, this is Mrs. Jones."

Ryan said a distant greeting. He tried to be in a low position, but he still looked threatening.

But Mrs. Jones had heard all about him dominating the business, and was not dissatisfied with his cold manner. Instead, she praised him very highly.

Ryan was already used to this kind of scene, but his mother and his grandmother always enjoyed it, and praised him with Mrs. Jones for a long time before they entered the living room.

"Ryan is so busy at work but he still come with Jessica. Their relationship is good."

Mrs. Jones just made a casual remark, but the grandmother was very sensitive about it. "Although Jessica was adopted by our family, she came to our family when she was three years old. She has always treated us as family, and also treated Ryan as her brother."

She tugged at Jessica anxiously and asked with aggressiveness, "Is that right, Jessie?"

The grandmother suddenly said this. Though it was not too obvious, everyone present knew what she meant. For a moment, the atmosphere was awkward.

And the most embarrassed person was Jessica. Her face was burning and she blushed as if it were about to drip blood.

Seeing this, Ryan frowned and his heart seemed to be clenched by an invisible hand. Even if he thought about it, he couldn't take her in his arms now. That would only make her feel more embarrassed.

At the moment, the air seemed to freeze.

"There is no doubt that the brother and sister are on good terms." Mrs. Jones froze for a moment and broke the silence.

Their mother made stilted conversation for a few moments, trying to cover the sudden awkwardness, but the more she said it, the more awkward it became.

"My grandmother is getting on in years, and when she heard about the other family's mess, she started thinking wildly about it. Please don't laugh at her." Ryan, who had been silent, suddenly said.

Ryan didn't say which family it was, but everyone in the room knew it was the Millers.

Mrs. Jones said kindly, "There's nothing to laugh at. Not to mention your grandmother, I usually let my family notice the distance. After all, it does well to you."

"You're right." Ryan said humbly. "But personally I don't think it's advisable to give up eating for fear of choking."

Mrs. Jones nodded at the elder Mrs. Howard repeatedly and said deliberately, "Your grandson is right. We can't stay out of bed for the rest of our lives just because someone died in bed, right?"

And since their situation was not the same as the Millers', she did not agree with elder Mrs. Ryan and Jessica were not related by blood, so it doesn??t matter if they get together. And it??s quite good that they knew each other well.

But she was not convenient to tell the elder Mrs. Howard directly.

The elder Mrs. Howard made a symbolic admission that she had made a mistake and then changed the subject, which lightened the atmosphere.

At this time, a servant reported that Brother Fat came.

"You are entertaining guests? I'll come another day." Brother Fat was a little surprised when he saw Jessica in the living room. But he wisely looked away and did not size her up.

Mrs. Jones stood up quickly, stretching her neck and looking out. "Doesn??t matter, where is Chris?"

Jessica finally relieved, but when she saw Brother Fat, she had mixed feelings. Mrs. Jones had said her grandson would come in a moment. Now brother Fat arrived, so the Chris probably was here, too.

Was the Chris Mrs. Jones' grandson?

But the surname of Mrs. Jones' grandson was Jones and the bully's surname was Haywood. They didn't match!

"Chris had a hectic schedule today and was so busy that he asked me to come and get the tape first. He'll come another day to apologize to you." Brother Fat said.

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