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She shrank her neck, pulled Clara, and flew away. Who knows how careful she was every night! How did the director find out!

This time, the two seniors in "Acting Supremacy" were all very nice and nothing unpleasant happened during the shooting. Instead, because the three people cooperated well, they finished it in one day.

Of course, the result was that Jessica was eliminated. But she had expected it, and she was not sad. At best, she felt that there was a big gap between she and the seniors, and that she needed to work hard.

Tina had been worried that it would undermine her confidence, but now she looked so happy that Tina did not know whether to be happy or sad.

"Mr. Howard asked me to tell you to go home for dinner today. And then there's half a day, which you can arrange flexibly. But at 10:30 tomorrow morning, you must be home. Clara and I'll come and get you back."

"All right, no problem!"

When Jessica got home, it was already eight o 'clock in the evening. Her family members were sitting in the living room.

"Dad, when did you come back? You've lost a lot of weight. Didn't you eat well abroad? " She rushed to her father and gave him a hug sweetly.

Her father had lost a lot of weight. He cheerfully hugged her back and answered her.

Ryan was sitting next to them. Seeing this scene, he stretched his slender legs. His polished shoes seemed to touch Jessica inadvertently.

Jessica gave a cry of surprise. She called her brother stupidly, moved his leg aside, and went on talking to her father, with no intention of responding to him.

Ryan turned to look at her and leaned back. When she felt squatting was uncomfortable and was about to get up, he stuck his foot out at the right time in front of her.

She gave a yelp, stumbled and fell to the ground. He grabbed her by the back of her collar with a deadpan look and quipped, "Can't you walk steadily?"

"..." Could she have tripped if he hadn't stretched his legs?

Jessica gave him a furtive glare, held on to him and tried to stand up. Thinking of the awkward scene when she accidentally held onto his private parts, she was very careful this time, just holding his waist and slowly standing up.

"So slow. Haven't you eaten?" The waist was a sensitive area of his body. Lest he should have an awkward physiological reaction, he put his hands under her armpits and pulled her up with a straight and handsome face.

After Jessica steadied herself, she murmured, "How do you know? Our workplace is not a place for people. The extras and the staff always ate substantial meals, while we protagonists could only eat fat-free food!"

And the explanation was that they would have acne and get fat if they ate greasy food. That was the same for everyone!

The mother had thought her daughter worked too hard every day, so she took advantage of the opportunity to say, "Since it's so hard, stop being an actress. Let your elder brother arrange a position for you in the company."

The father nodded. "Well, in our own company, you can do what you want. The entertainment circle is too disorderly. Your mother and I will not be at ease."

"!" Jessica just complained casually. She had never thought that her parents had that idea, so she hastened to praise the crew and the director against her will.

But her parents were still worried that she would suffer from injustice, saying that even if she stayed there, she would have to bring a nutritionist and four or five bodyguards.

Jessica was so scared that she secretly pulled Ryan's sleeve for help. "Ryan, help me, please."

Her voice was soft with a prolonged sound which was like a feather tickling the heartstring.

Ryan's eyes looked darker. He did not answer, but looked down at her hand tugging at his coat, whose thin lips pressed.

Jessica was so anxious by his gaze that she let go embarrassedly. She hung her head and dared not ask him again. He probably meant that he didn't want to help her, because she had been having a bad time with his girlfriend.

When Jessica thought of it, she lowered her head in frustration.

When she gave up the hope, he withdrew his eyes, and said in a cold voice, "Even if the entertainment circle is disorderly, I'm protecting her. What are you afraid of?"

Hearing this, Jessica suddenly raised her head and looked at him in surprise.

Her brother actually helped her?

Their parents wanted to say more, but Ryan said before them, "I've arranged everything about Jessie. You don't need to worry about it."

Jessica nodded like a chicken pecking at the rice. "Yes, yes, yes! With my brother around, no one dares do anything to me!"

Hearing her words, Ryan glanced at her and gave a sniff softly. Jessica could not make out what he meant. She curled her neck like a quail and gave him an ingratiating smile.

He was always conscientious, so his parents also did not say anything but told Jessica to be safe and let them know if anything happened.

The matter finally came to an end.

Dinner was already ready, so they moved to the dining room.

Jessica told them the interesting things happened on the set. She hyped those things up and made them laugh. Towards the end of the meal, she suddenly remembered something...

"Dad, do you know the news of aunt Louisa's death?"

Her father was helping her to some food when he paused and said, "Your mother told me. During that time, I was so busy with work that I didn't get back to attend the funeral."

Ryan glanced at him thoughtfully and frowned slightly.

There was always a lot of business in the group, but it was unlikely that he didn't have time to attend the funeral.

"Well, aunt Louisa died so suddenly. Mom was so emotional that her blood pressure increased." Jessica said dejectedly.

The father suddenly coughed, turned his head and asked, "Your mom was emotional?"

He spoke a little faster than usual, looking flustered.

"Yes, after all, aunt Louisa has been a good friend of mother for many years. But don't worry. The blood pressure dropped that day, and the doctor says it's all right." She could not even imagine the scene of her good friend's death when she was old.

After the father listened to her answer, he relieved, and continued to eat. "I see."

"Otherwise, what do you think?" Ryan put down the chopsticks and looked at him with a spurious smile.

The father ate a mouthful of rice and said, "I thought your mother's blood pressure increased seriously, but she didn't tell me because she was afraid of upsetting me."

He turned to look at the mother, and said helplessly, "After all, life lies in movement. You should take some exercise in the future. Don't just sit and watch TV all day. It's bad for your health."

Ryan sneered. There was a cold glint in his eyes and a touch of anger in him. Jessica didn't think Ryan was in the right state, so she didn't dare to speak and even breathed a little more quietly.

She didn't know what was wrong with her brother.

"I'm an adult, and I know it." The mother grumbled, and then sighed with emotion, "She died too suddenly. She suffered from depression for so many years, but why didn't she tell me? Maybe I spend a lot of time with..."

The father interrupted her, looking a little impatient. "Jessie seldom comes back, so don't say those unhappy things."

Ryan continued his meal gracefully, only with more mockery in his eyes.

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