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Too tired!

Hearing the exact negative answer, Ryan withdrew his eyes, said "well" lightly, got into the car with her, and drove to the hospital.

Their mother was in much better shape than when they left. At least she didn't choke up when she spoke. She just continuously regreted that Jeffrey's mother died too suddenly and she was totally unprepared for it.

No matter what Jeffrey's mother thought of their mother. It was obvious that their mother really regarded Jeffrey's mother as a good friend.

He thought twice about it and did not tell his mother the contents of Jeffrey's mother's suicide letter.

Just as he was about to leave, he asked casually, "Mom, I had a quarrel with Mark recently. You and aunt Louisa have been friends for a long time. Have you ever had a quarrel like us?"

Jessica looked at him blankly.

Didn't her brother have a quarrel with Jeffrey? Why did he say he had a quarrel with Mark that stupid guy?

"How can you children be like us?" Mother retorted, and then sighed with emotion, "But don't take it too seriously. The year when aunt Louisa and I first met, we often quarreled, and then we got on better and better."

Ryan looked thoughtful and asked again. "You had quarreled with aunt Louisa so many times and you were on good terms?"

"Ryan, you don't know anything about women. The more women quarrel, the better their relationship will be, and so will some couples. That's why there is a saying goes, beating is a sign of affection and scolding is a sign of love."

Jessica was afraid that he would mention Jeffrey's mother again and again, and their mother would be sad, so she proposed boldly, "Brother, the day is almost over, so you have to go to the company to have a look, right? Just go."

"Yes." Ryan did not ask again.

Jessica breathed a sigh of relief.

The mother did not notice the subtle atmosphere between the brother and the sister. She said to Jessica, who kept pushing Ryan behind, "Jessie, you can go home too. You can't sleep well in the hospital at night."

Besides, she only had hypertension, and nothing else.

"It's okay. I'm not fussy about the bed!" Jessica pushed Ryan out of the ward, shut the door, and couldn't help muttering, "What's the matter with you? Don't you know that aunt Louisa just died, and mother is very sad? Why do you still keep mentioning aunt Louisa?"

Ryan didn't answer but asked, "You just said that the more women quarrel, the better their relationship will be. Is that true?"

"Of course... Just like a lot of your guys fight their way out of problems." Jessica didn't feel quite right. "Ryan, why do you ask this all the time?"

"Forget it." Maybe he thought too much.

Aunt Louisa not only said sorry to his mother, but also said sorry to Jeffrey and uncle Wagner. Probably she felt sorry for those who cared about her.

Jessica felt that he did not tell the truth. She followed him to the elevator. "You had a quarrel with Jeffrey. But then you said you had a quarrel with Mark the idiot. And now you are strangely concerned about women's friendship..."

She paused, darted up to him, forced his head down by dragging his collar, and whispered in his ear, "Ryan, tell me the truth! Are you keeping something from me?"

They were so close that she breathed the heat on his ears and neck as she spoke, giving him physiological goose bumps.

He broke free from her hand and stepped back. His voice was hoarse. "No."

"Then..." Jessica wanted to ask again, but she bit her tongue as she met his deep eyes.

She shrank her neck. She did not dare to nag again, but finally she said, "Ryan, if you have any problems, you must tell me."

She was quite frightened by aunt Louisa's death, so she really had to care about the mental state of those people around her.

Ryan gave a slight sniff and looked down at her. "If anything really happened to me. Can you tell with your brain?"

"..." Damn it, heartache!

But it did seem to be the case.

Jessica relieved, secretly stared at him, and trotted back to the ward. She also told her grandmother that tomorrow was aunt Louisa's funeral and she couldn't go on a blind date.

The grandmother didn't impose on it. After she sighed with emotion, she made an appointment with Jessica for the day after tomorrow. But Jessica had a last-minute errand that day. She had to attend an audition for a movie.

The movie was called "Coloured glaze", which was fantasy movie with a big production budget. The original cast had been booked. But one of the supporting actresses had a sudden problem, so the director had to look for another actress again.

The director of the "Spy" happened to know this director and liked her acting, so he introduced her to him.

Because an actress was urgently needed and because of Mr. Johnson's honor and Jessica's strength, Jessica was chosen for the role. But she wasn't really qualified enough, and the director said she had to leave immediately if she didn't do well.

Even so, Jessica was still overjoyed. She entered the group that day directly at the director's request and was ready to shoot. The blind date could only be postponed.

However, when she got to the set, she found that the supporting actress in the movie was Amy. No wonder the name of the movie sounded familiar at that time.

The director of this movie was also a famous director. Unlike Mr. Johnson, who was known for his fondness for new actors, while this director was known for his strictness.

The second day after Jessica joined the group, she had just started shooting and was directed a torrent of abuse...

"It's pure but seductive, not only sexy, understand?"

"Stop! Stop! I said you have to be simple here, but I'm not asking you to be a fool. Do you understand?"

If you don't understand, just ask! What kind of crap is this! Are you sure the script you're reading is the same as mine? Stop here. Go and think about it. The leading man and the leading lady come and shoot, hurry up!"

Jessica made a few apologies awkwardly and left. She was wearing only a layer of gauze, so Clara came hurriedly and put the coat on her.

"He scolds everybody, so don't take it too seriously!" Clara comforted.

"I'm okay..." Jessica lowered her head and whispered. But as soon as she spoke, tears fell down uncontrollably.

It was really humiliating.

Besides, she didn't want to cry. But when she spoke, she just couldn't help it.

"Oh, don't cry. My heart is breaking!" Clara hurriedly hugged her.

"What you play is the second personality of the supporting actress. Playing a psychopath is as difficult as playing the roles of the leading lady and supporting lady. And you just got the script yesterday, so it makes sense for you to act like that."

Jessica wiped her tears, pushed her away, and looked around. Fortunately, no one looked at her. "I'm fine. I just felt so embarrassed. My face is still burning."

And it was a blow to her.

She had been praised all her life. It was the first time she had been scolded so badly.

"Don't be embarrassed, really." Clara furtively lowered her voice. "Didn't I see them filming yesterday? Amy and the other supporting actress were also scolded terribly. The leading actor and leading actress were also scolded from time to time."

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