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The handwriting of the last few words was very untidy, which you could tell that Mrs. Wagner was on the verge of breakdown.

The letter was no more than a hundred words long, so Ryan finished it at a glance. He looked up and saw that Jeffrey was still looking at him.

"I don't know about this letter, and I don't know why Louisa apologized to my mother, either." Ryan said.

He had never heard of any bad blood between his mother and Louisa, and he didn't know that Louisa had suffered from depression before.

Listening to this, Jeffrey paused slightly for a while. Then he said ambiguously, "I thought you knew what was going on."

Ryan frowned and said, "You tricked me just now?"

"...Yes." Jeffrey's eyes flashed, and said, "Both my mom and Katie committed suicide, so I lost my temper. I'm sorry. Jessica is still waiting for you there. You go home first. I want to have a rest."

Seeing him so distraught, Ryan frowned slightly. It seemed that he had something to say but stopped for some reason. Ryan finally just nodded and went out.

When he reached the door, he paused and said, "You can talk to me directly about anything from now on."

He was tired of intrigues in business, and he didn't want to beat around the bush with his friend.

Jeffrey managed to force a smile and said absent-mindedly, "Ok."

"Please call me if you need some help." Ryan told him and opened the door. When he was about to go down, he caught sight of the two people who were on the stairs.

Chris was holding on to the railing with one hand and wanted to go upstairs, while Jessica was catching his arm behind him.

They looked very familiar.

Ryan frowned because he heard Chris had said in the show that Jessica was his girlfriend. He was depressed about the death of Jeffrey's mother, and now he was more depressed.

Jessica seemly felt Ryan's mood, so she released Chris's arm subconsciously.

However, she lost her footing, swung her arms back and forth, and fell backwards comically.

Immediately, Ryan came up to her in several strides, seized her by the arm, and swept her up into his arms.

"Be careful! Jessica. You fell on the stairs last time" He said worriedly.

Jessica's heart was still pounding. Her hands clutched tightly around his collar, and she muttered, "You scared me because you come so suddenly!"

She moaned in a coquettish manner just like a little girl.

And from Chris's angle, the tall man was holding the pretty petite woman. They were so close that they looked as if they were about to kiss.

Chris drew back the hand that was about to seize her, and thrust it into his trouser pocket.

"Just separate, Jessica. You are drooling!" Chris said angrily though he didn't know why he was angry.

Anyway, he was not happy about it.

The ambiguous atmosphere was swept away in an instant.

Jessica tried to get out of Ryan's hug, but he did not let go, just hugged her tightly.

"It's nothing more than a change of clothes. I'm used to it." Ryan stood at the bottom of the stairs and looked up at Chris, saying lightly.

However, Chris felt that Ryan was clearly provoking him. He exploded. "Well, businessmen are good at playing with words. It seems that you are so familiar!"

Ryan smiled. "There is no doubt that she is closer to me than to you."

"Am I right, Jessie?" He said coldly.

One was her friend, and the other one was her elder brother, so how should she answer? Jessica coughed softly and winked at her brother.

She didn't know what was wrong with her brother. He was usually cold to her, but every time in front of the Chris, he looked like he was on good terms with her.

"Jessie is afraid that you will lose face, so she was too embarrassed to say. But I don't think it is embarrassing. After all, this is the truth." Ryan was still playing with Jessica's hair when he spoke, and Jessica seemed to be used to it.

In fact, she had goose bumps all over her now. Ryan was never so close to her before, and she did not know what he wanted to do now.

But Chris did not know the relationship between them, he just was disgusting. He felt a mass of anger because of Jessica's silence.

"You know each other well?" He asked, gnashing his teeth.

Actually, he forced himself not to ask the question "Do you know him better?"

Jessica tried to break this embarrassing situation. "Yes. Actually..." we knew each other well, too.

"Huh." Chris gave a loud snort, stared at her and then turned to Jeffrey's room.

"...." Why was the little bully's princess disease more serious than all the women around her?

When Ryan saw Jessica looking at the direction Chris left, he quietly moved his position to block her view and then hug her waist to go downstairs.

"I heard from Tina that you guys are on good terms?" He asked, with assumed indifference.

"Not bad. He has a sharp tongue and a bad temper, but he's a nice guy. Alex harassed me several times, but he always helped me. And if he doesn't like it, he says it. He doesn't play dirty behind someone's back."

Jessica was not used to being so close to him. Now because he was holding her waist, her whole body was tense and a cold sweat broke out on her back.

Hearing her say so many good things about Chris in one breath, Ryan let go of her, frowning at her. "What do you think of him?"

"What?" Jessica took the opportunity to break away from his embrace. How did she remember that her brother had asked that question before?

"I mean, how would you feel if he were your boyfriend?" Uncommonly, Ryan explained his question.

Jessica sniffed, "This assumption doesn't exist. The bully won't like me."

What kind of rubbish question did her brother ask? Why was he gossiping like those gossipy onlookers?

"What if he likes you?" Ryan continued to ask with a stern and handsome face.

Any discerning people could tell that Chris liked Jessica. It was only a very insensitive person like her who had no sense.

Jessica couldn't help rolling her eyes upwards. "He's not my type."

His princess disease was so serious that falling in love with him was exhausting!

Anyway, she had made up her mind that if she ever started a relationship again, she would never take care of her partner the way she had taken care of Alex.

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