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"I still have wound on my body. Do you think I'd choose to fight with him now? Am I so stupid?" Ryan asked.

His voice was not loud, but Jeffrey, who was standing opposite him, could definitely hear him.

Jessica smiled embarrassedly when Jeffrey looked at them.

"We don't fight. Go down." He smiled helplessly and pointed in the direction of the stairs with his mouth.

They both let her go. Jessica curled her lip and walked downstairs. But she turned to look back repeatedly at every step.

If you linger like this, I can't promise you that we won't fight." Jeffrey leaned against the wall with his arms crossed, looking sidelong at her.

Jessica, "..."

She pressed her lips, looked again at her brother's cold face, and quickened her pace with


Obviously everything was fine when they just came. Why were they suddenly like this?

Jessica was puzzled. She sat down on the sofa in great depression.

"Jessica, would you like juice as usual?" The Wagners had a good relationship with their servants, so the old butler looked haggard because of Mrs. Wagner's death.

"No, thanks, uncle." Jessica said vaguely, "My brother and Jeffrey asked me to wait for them for a while. They have something to discuss alone together."

She stressed the word 'alone' especially.

Then uncle butler must have realized that the situation was not right. He would go upstairs to have a look, wouldn't he?

But the old butler didn't seem to catch her meaning. "Well, sometimes their men's talk isn't fit for you to hear, so you just wait for them here quietly."

Jessica cleared her throat, and raised her voice with anxiety. ""It's not because it doesn't fit for me. They just don't want me to hear it, because they're afraid I'll mess up there!"

"They didn't let you listen because it's not fit for you. For example, if they watch a blue movie or something, they will definitely send you away."

"But..." That was not the case at all!

"Well, Jessica, since they told you to wait here, please just wait here. Call the servant if you want to eat or drink anything. There are many distinguished guests at home, so I'll go and get busy." The old butler interrupted her and left in a hurry.

Jessica was very depressed and exhaled deeply. Why couldn't she make sense to the butler?

She stood up, walked up to the spiral staircase, and peered up on tiptoe. She didn't know what was going on up there, so why didn't she sneak up and have a look?

Making up her mind, Jessica crept up the stairs.

"I heard the rain drop on the green grass, I..." When the phone rang suddenly, she trembled all over and almost fell down the stairs.

Jessica hurried to hold the stairs. She was flustered and quietly connected the phone. "Hello, which..."

After just saying two words, she was rudely interrupted by the man on the other end of the phone.

"Jessica, I put up with you for letting that Chris humiliate me in public! But is it necessary for you to complain to Mr. Howard and have him come and beat me?"

It was Alex.

Jessica was confused by his roar. "What's wrong with you? When did I let...?"

"You don't have to make excuses. I don't want to hear them! Jessica, I misjudged you. You're a femme fatale! Last time you let Mr. Howard cut my tendons, but I didn't make a fuss about it. But this time he came and hit me harder. Are you going to look for someone to kill me next time?"


"Jessica, we are finished! You've consumed all my love for you! Beep beep beep..."

What the hell? Did her brother hit Alex again?

"It serves you right." Jessica muttered under her breath. Her bad mood eased up a lot.

She finally got rid of this repulsive nuisance.

As for the matter of taking revenge on Alex, since her brother had already beaten him twice, they were quits. She really didn't want to see her ex-boyfriend anymore.

Meanwhile, in a ward.

Alex was lying on the bed with a black and blue face. His arms and legs were in plaster, and his ribs were broken. He looked exceptionally bad.

He looked his new agent at the bedside and asked suspiciously, "Penny, Is that ok? What if Jessica doesn't behave as you expect?"

"Impossible." Penny said solemnly, "You said she loved you so much and would do anything for you. You've been chasing her hard enough during this period, so when you suddenly say you've given up, I'm sure she would panic and find that she can't live without you."

That was playing hard to get.

During this period, Alex adopted the ways of sending flowers and being considerate, which were also taught by her. His ex-agent Peter knew nothing and couldn't even keep Jessica this wealthy woman!

He was still unsure. "But..."

"No but, even if Jessica did not come to you as I expected, I have other plans."

"You don't have to worry about that. Just control your desire and don't sleep with other women. Otherwise even if Jessica agreed to make up, her family members will not agree!"

This Alex had nothing but a handsome face. Besides, he had a lot of scandals and a capacity for making trouble.

If he hadn't been Jessica's ex-boyfriend, she wouldn't have taken over this junk!

When Alex heard her promise, he just felt a little relaxed and buttered Penny up. "Don't worry. For the sake of our future, I will keep my nose clean during this period."

As for Jessica, he hoped she would come to make up with him as Penny expected, so he could suffer less. After all, it was too hard for him not to find a woman and have sex!

In Wagners' house, Jessica gave a violent sneeze. She wiped her nose with a tissue, and then threw it casually into the trash can.

"Who's scolding me?" She grunted, and looked upstairs again. Why didn't her brother come down?

It had only been ten minutes, but she was having a hard time waiting downstairs, afraid that the two men upstairs would suddenly fight.

There were a lot of people coming and going in the Wagners' house. There were footsteps approaching, but Jessica ignored them until a hand fell on her shoulder.

"Little silly?" A familiar and infuriating voice.

Jessica, "..."

She turned her head. It was Chris, the fool. What was this evil fate? How could they meet everywhere?

"Didn't you fly away last night?" She asked.

Chris tugged at her hair, as if he was looking an idiot. "So I can't fly back this morning?"

"..." Jessica slapped his hand away and stayed away from him so he won't tug her hair again. "What are you doing here?"

Chris looked sidelong at her. "If you little silly can be here, why can't I be here?"

"Will you die without personal attacks? You are silly, silly, silly!!" Jessica scolded him angrily and realized that she seemed too naive.

She moved away from him in silence, not for fear that he would tug her hair, but for fear of being infected by his silly temperament.

Silly Chris didn't notice her movement at all. He elbowed her and asked, "Why are you here?"

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