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Ryan did not speak, but walked around to the desk, took a stack of papers, and gave to the two lawyers. "Except for Jessica's matter, I have to bother you with this, too."

Mr. Hartman opened the file and looked at it. "This is..." He was surprised.

The above was all kinds of information about the overseas companies of Howard group. And the top report was the audit report of the overseas branches which made by internal audit apartment of the Howard group.

He only took a cursory glance, but could see that the problem was not small.

"Yes." Ryan interrupted him, pressed on the cover of the file and closed it. "Please."

Even Mr. Hartman, who always smiled , stopped smiling. He seemed to have a lot to say, but he took a look at Tina, and finally, like Mr. Williamson, just nodded.

Tina was a clever person. She said, "Excuse me, I'll go to the bathroom." and left the office.

"When did you find the problem?" Mr. Hartman asked eagerly.

"Not long ago." The look of Ryan did not change too much. As if this were just a trivial matter. "Please keep it secret."

He paused. "Especially my family members."

After all, the business of overseas branches would involve his eldest brother and his father.

"Okay." Mr. Williamson put the pile of things in the bag. "Mr. Hartman and I will say that we are dealing with Jessica's matter."

The three men talked briefly, and then the lawyers hurried off.

Tina just came back and said, "What's going on?"

Standing in front of the huge floor-to-ceiling window, Ryan did not speak, but just turned around and looked at her with an uncertain look.

Outside the window, the lights were bright and bustling, which looked extremely beautiful. But at this time, Tina stood opposite him. She did not pay attention to the beautiful scenery, but only felt that she was breaking out in a cold sweat.

Her mind was in a whirl and she was in a panic.

Then he suddenly said, "This evening, I've got two lawyers to deal with the rumor about Jessica, remember?"

"Yes. They just came here and prepare to sue Stella for defamation." Tina said with trepidation.

Then Ryan nodded and discussed with her about how to deal with the rumor about Jessica.

"You probably didn't see the news, but this is half done." Tina took out her mobile phone and iPad. She found the tweets quickly and showed Ryan. "Look."

[Alex] @Jessica I believe that Jessie, she has always been a hard-working girl, but also has ability.

[Mr. Johnson] Forced by the capital? Shady deal? You have a fertile imagination, but why don't you become a scriptwriter? Even the scriptwriter can't write such a vulgar story!

According to your statement, those leading ladies and leading men I used are also newcomers, so I had slept with them? The function of your brain is to make you look tall? Ha ha ha.

[Alan] Jessica is a good actress.

Alex was a popular young actor, so even if he was banned by Ryan recently, he still had many fans.

Mr. Johnson was known for his straightforwardness, while Alan was a respected veteran actor with good acting skills and good personality.

They all made statements. And the official account of "Acting Supremacy" didn't say anything but directly posted a video. On the video, Stella changed the script, deleted the lines and put on airs, so she was suddenly a hot search.

In addition, there was a recent drama in which Stella was a female supporting role, but she had added more scenes than the leading lady and leading man. The criticism of her fans of Grace who played the leading lady was also a hot search.

Suddenly, Stella became a person hated by everyone.

Ryan's eyes stared at Alex's tweet for a long time. After a while, he looked away. Some people really had short memories.

"Mr. Howard?" Seeing that he looked unhappy, Tina called him cautiously.

"Well." Ryan picked up the coat on the hanger and draped it over his arm. "Handle the rest by the rules. You can leave now."

The night had only just begun.

Clara was thinking about the task Ryan assigned to her and tried every means not to let Jessica use the phone. But the more she refused, the more curious Jessica became.

"Why, what's on the phone?" Jessica went to grab the phone. However, Clara was taller than her, so she couldn't get it after she tried for a while.

Chris turned on his phone and directly logged on to twitter. He felt uncomfortable at once as he found out what had happened.

Why did the dirty guy support the little silly before he did? What he said tonight has not dispelled the thought of Alex?

@Stella who is a nearly 50 years old woman, please don't pretend to be poor and then do those dirty jobs. You make me sick! Alex, remember what I said tonight! Don't play dirty trick..."

"Chris!!" Fat brother saw him playing with the phone, and came to have a look curiously. As soon as he saw the contents of the phone, he was scared to death.

If he didn't watch out for the troublemaker for a while, he could absolutely bring trouble.

Jessica was startled by his sharp voice and almost knocked on the chair. "Fat brother, are you practising bel canto?"

"I am exercising my heart." Fat brother deleted the tweet which had been posted yet. After that, he relieved and said to Clara, "You can also give the phone to Jessica. The matter has been solved."

Jessica was confused about his words. She knew what had happened when she received her phone and saw those tweets.

Anyway, the matter had been resolved, so she didn't have any feeling. She felt uncomfortable only when she saw the name Carol.

Carol had fought with her in all aspects and she almost killed her in the explosion scene. But her brother gave Carol a lot of resources instead...Now, she showed no repentance and framed her with Stella!

Chris couldn't get his phone from fat brother. He looked round and saw she looked thoughtful.

He frowned, sat backwards in his chair, tapped her on the head, and said unhappily, "Hey, are you so moved because Alex tweeted to support you? Are you going to return to eat shit?"

"You went blind so young, poor thing." Which of his eyes saw that she was moved? She was clearly thinking how to tell her brother about Carol!

Chris looked better. He squeezed her hair bun and sniffed, "You are sensible! Fat brother, go!"

He had a plane to catch.

Fat brother hurried to say goodbye to Jessica. And then he and other assistants followed Chris with their things and suitcases.

"What does he mean by that?" She thought for a long time but couldn't understand, so she turned to ask Clara. "What does it matter to him whether I get back together with Alex or not?"

She had waited all night, and now she was able to say. "Of course it matters to him! Do you know how he drove the scum away?"

"I don't know. Would I ask you if I knew?"

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