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Jessica stare at him. "Are you waving at a puppy?"

Then she smacked his hand.

"Damn!" Hit him again!

Chris looked at his hand which had turned red because it was beaten by Jessica. However, Jessica didn't mean to ask him. He said impatiently, "What can that fool do? He came with the flowers, and I drove him away!"

"And then? He didn't do anything... that... dishonor me?" Clara tantalized her but didn't answer, so she came up to him.

Chris looked down at her head. She wore her hair in a bun which looked hairy. Involuntarily, he reached out and rubbed her head.

As soft as he imagined.

"Say or not?" She protected her head, frowned at him. "Don't touch my hair. Play your girlfriend's hair if you want."

When she just finished, Clara and fat brother as well as several assistants looked at her together.

Jessica, "??"

Why were they all looking at her? Was her face dirty?

After a few fumbles, she took out her phone and wanted to look at herself.

"I don't have a girlfriend!" Chris looked at her crooked bun, hands in the pocket, speaking very fast and unnaturally.

Jessica curled her lip. "I don't care whether you have a girlfriend or not!"

The topic was changed so she returned to that topic. "Did that jerk do anything to dishonor me?"

"No." Chris withdrew his eyes and stroked the rabbit. It was softer than the silly girl's hair, but it didn't feel as comfortable as hers.

He kinda dislike the rabbit and put it in his front pocket. He was wearing a red hoodie with a pocket in the middle which was just big enough to put the rabbit in.

Jessica didn't believe and asked fat brother, "He's telling the truth?"

Fat brother thought seriously and nodded.

"That's strange..." If Alex didn't do anything to dishonor her, why did everyone look at her like that?

Chris thought she was verbose. He just said get in the car and then squashed her into the car.

The others followed, and the car drove to the new western restaurant.

And they didn't know at this time that the thing about Jessica had caused a stir on the Internet.

It was because Stella posted a tweet an hour ago.

[Stella] Congratulations @Alan promotion, @Jessica to be determined.

Below was her selfie. It said," Face life with a smile."

It was not clear if she bought the mongers and paid for the hot search, or her fans loved to make trouble. In short, as soon as she posted this tweet, there were countless discordant comments below.

[Please give me the lower part of the body] Isn't that only veteran actors were invited to the "Acting Supremacy"? Where did this woman come from? Anybody was allowed to take part in the show now?

[Only love Stella] Hug my goddess. Don't be sad!

[1] The woman just looks like a mistress. I'm sure she hooked up with a sugar daddy and paid to take part in the show. She was intent on personal advancement at the expense of Stella. What a nerve!

[Don't talk, kiss me] Dirty show! No rules for money. I'll never watch it again!

Carol then retweeted the post with the caption "Feel pity for my aunt (rose)".

After Carol retweeted, several stars who had a good relationship with Stella began to retweet that in succession. They made insinuations against Jessica. They just didn't say directly Jessica had a deal with the show.

Some netizens began to collect her information and found that she used to be a small paparazzi and acted in "Spy". They rushed to the official twitter of "Spy" and the director's twitter to verify.

They asked him whether his choice of Jessica as leading actress was forced by capital or whether there was some shady deal between them.

After the special assistant saw the news on the Internet, he went to the office to find Ryan who had just come back from the show and showed him these things.

Ryan had never paid attention to these things on Internet. This was the first time he had seen cyber bullying. And the target of the violence was the woman he cherished.

Because it was not a real-name system, those trolls were so malevolent and abusive that he couldn't bear to look the comments.

"Mr. Howard, do I need to handle it?" The assistant also knew the identity of Jessica.

"It's not enough to convict." Ryan said coldly, looking at the number of retweets and comments on some of the most popular tweets.

If he only suppressed the tweets and clarified the situation, the slanderers were treated too leniently.

The special assistant stunned for a moment, and then realized that what he said was that the number of retweets and comments did not meet the conditions for conviction.

"Then I will talk to Tina, and when the number of retweet is enough, I will ask her to arrange a lawyer to sue them. And I will clarify for Jessica." The assistant said.

Mr. Howard was so busy that he shouldn't have time to deal with such trifle.

Unexpectedly, Ryan put down his papers and stood up. "Let Tina come to meet me. In addition, call the lawyer Mr. Williamson and Mr. Hartman and ask them to come here."

The Howard group was such a large enterprise. Of course, it had its own exclusive lawyer team. Mr. Williamson and Mr. Hartman were the best among those lawyers. Unless they had very difficult problem, otherwise they would not seek help from them.

The special assistant was surprised. He knew his boss was very concerned about this matter, so he responded quickly and then went to contact Tina, Mr. Williamson and Mr. Hartman.

And Ryan frowned and sent a message to Clara.

"I'm Ryan. There are some rumors on the Internet that are not good for Jessie. Try to get her not to use her phone tonight."

He had no contact with her friends, but he had investigated those people around her, and had their contact information.

Although Jessica wasn't a serious person, she was sensitive and she cared about being an actress. If she saw all these comments on the Internet...

Ryan thought no more. He wouldn't give anyone a chance to hurt her.

Less than half an hour later, Tina and two lawyers arrived hurriedly.

When they heard that they were only going to sue those who had slandered Jessica, the two lawyers almost couldn't help swearing.

In their position, they seldom cared about the amount of the case. They mainly to enjoyed the sense of achievement in dealing with difficult events.

But now...even the young lawyers who had just graduated and were in internship could deal with the problem. And he was in such a hurry to get them here. If Ryan were not an old acquaintance and friend, they would have left directly.

"Ryan, in the language of today's young people, you definitely have sister complex." Mr. Hartman drank a cup of coffee and couldn't resist teasing.

Ryan raised the tip of his brow and said casually, "Maybe a wife slave, too."

Although Tina was a gold medal agent, but she was inferior in front of them. When she heard that, she looked up at him and felt something was wrong.

"Well, you young people can play as you like now. But the next time, if you call me here for a little thing like that again, Ryan, don't blame me for quitting my job!" Mr. Williamson said with a straight face.

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