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Other people did not expect Jessica would directly refused, so all eyes were on the Alex suddenly.

Alex's face was burning. He wanted money, but he didn't want to lose face. "I just like you. I want to chase you. Whether you accept it or not, don't put too much pressure on yourself."

Anyway, after he got back together with Jessica, he would have plenty of money.

He was afraid that Jessica would say something to humiliate him again, so he hurriedly went to talk to Alan.

"Upgraded..." Clara sighed, "He used to behave like a hooligan, and it was easy to handle because we could directly drive him off. But now, he didn't do anything outrageous, so you are wrong to drive him off."

She was right, and Jessica was so worried. "He saw my brother twice and thought he was my sugar daddy, so he used to fight with us directly. Now...I don't know who gave him these plans."

Hooligan was not horrible, but literate hooligan was horrible. It was a perfect description of Alex.

Clara looked at Alex, who was busy not far away, and comforted her. "From what I know of him, he's one of those mindless, impatient people that might leave you behind in ten days or half a month."

"That's the only way." If it didn't work, she would let her mother or her brother arrange a bodyguard for her.

However, they didn't know at the moment. Alex was really impatient with the general people, but if that person was the daughter of Howard family, who could make him become successful and rise to an exalted position, he had more patience than anyone else.

Fortunately, Alex left after two o 'clock, and did not come the next day. And the scene that Jessica was going to play was also rehearsed in a halting manner.

But when it came time to perform in the evening, she was a bit nervous and went to the bathroom four or five times in an hour.

In fact, if her partners were Alan and another person, she would not be so nervous. It was mainly because of Stella who was troublesome. She changed and deleted the play, which made a mess of it.

She kept the same lines with Alan, but Stella changed the lines. She was afraid that if she didn't say her lines when she should, she would be finished.

"Hey, can you do it? Constipation?"

When Jessica came out of the bathroom for the sixth time, she was about to wash her hands when a male voice rang behind her suddenly.

She was startled. She looked carefully and saw the bully standing behind her. It was he who spoke just now.

"You're constipated!" Jessica complained. "Didn't you make a sound while walking?"

Chris had put his hands around his chest against the wall, but when he heard this, he rushed forward and blocked her in front of the washbasin.

"How dare you? I've been calling after you for most of a day, and you're like a deaf person! Are your ears for ornament?"

He reached out and grabbed her ear. He squeezed it a few times. The softness of her ear made him freeze. Before he realized it, his hand was slapped away.

"Don't touch me!" Jessica slapped his hand away and pushed him away. "Get out of the way! I'm not available now!"

Chris looked at his red hand and thought, "The little silly's hand strength is really big!"

"It sounds like I am available! I have such a busy schedule. If I have nothing to do, can I be here? Ran into you on purpose?" He followed her closely with one hand in his pocket.

"I'm not as narcissistic as you are." Jessica said while walking. "Now that you have something to do and I have something to do, stop talking and get on with it!"

His presence made her more nervous. She pushed him away and went to the waiting room hurriedly.

She had to read the script again, so she wouldn't forget her lines when she got nervous!

"..." Chris looked at her back as she hurried away, swearing gloomily, and went back to his dressing room. What a fool he was to comfort the little silly!

When Jessica came back, Alan was talking to Stella under his breath. "Didn't we already agree? If you improvise now, it'll throw us into total confusion."

"Just two lines. There's no confusion." Stella waved at Jessica as if she were a puppy. "Who is that? Come here for a minute. I need to talk to you."

Jessica wanted to swear when she saw Stella's gesture. With the show on the horizon and the camera on, she managed to control her temper.

"What's the matter, Stella?" She couldn't smile at all. At most, she kept her voice calm.

Stella took out the script, turned to one of the pages, and pointed out a few lines to her. "Say your lines, when I finish these lines. Do not make a mistake, or you'll ruin the scene."

Changed again unexpectedly!

And those lines she added was a slur on the role that Jessica played.

She suppressed her anger, and said as calmly as possible, "Stella, or we don't change it? My grounding is not that good, and I'm afraid I'll make a mistake."

Stella scorned her. "Just added a few words, and you do not have to memorize. Can't you remember?"

"Yes, I am stupid. Besides, there's too much content in the script. You have changed so much that I am a little confused and nervous, so I cannot remember." Jessica could remember, but she just didn't want to do as she wanted.

This old woman was too aggressive! Angry!

"Don't change, Stella." Alan said.

"All right, all right. Agree with you." Stella waved her hand impatiently and said, "That who, don't blame me, as a senior, for not reminding you. You have no spirit of suffering, and you can't go far."

She snorted, and then muttered, as she turned to leave. "Poor aptitude and don't know how to work hard."

Jessica was filled with anger and almost threw the script at her.

Oh, hell! So angry.

"Don't be impulsive. You are a junior anyway. Endure it. There will be many more like it." Alan turned off the radio and tapped her on the shoulder. "Look on the bright side. You should be less nervous now."

"It seems so. Thank you for reminding me. I will keep it in mind." With the benefit of hindsight, she realized that she had been too angry to be nervous.

She took the time to read the script again, and as she finished it once, the staff happened to get them ready to go onstage.

"There are so few people, and you're so nervous. Worthless." Chris slipped over from somewhere and put his arm around her shoulder.

Jessica slapped his hand off. "None of your business! Get out of the way!"

After all, this was her first live performance. How could she compare with him who was a popular young boy?

Chris staggered and kept his feet when he was pushed away suddenly. He looked around quickly, and shouted at Jessica unnaturally when he saw that no one was paying attention to him.

"Little silly, if you are really nervous, think of those people below as Chinese cabbage!"

A staff member happened to come and said laughingly, "Chris gets along well with Jessica."

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