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She really thought she looked good when she was smiling, but when they said that, she began to wonder if she was really silly.

Jessica thought about this question all the way, so when she got off, she was absentminded.

"Watch where you're going!" Ryan was driving a Land Rover today. She needed to step on the pedals to get off the car and onto the ground.

But she did not look down, and directly missed her step. He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her directly into his arms.

Jessica hit her face on his chest. His body was full of muscles, which made her nose hurt.

"Ryan, are you made of iron?" She looked up at him. There was a layer of tears in her eyes because of the pain, and there was a faint cry in her voice.

Ryan met her reddish eyes. He felt sorry for her, but at the same time, a stream of heat ran down his body.

He did not know how many times he had dreamt that he pressed her under his body. In the dream, her eyes were reddish and she was crying and begging him to be gentle and slow.

The dream coincided with reality, and he could not even tell where he was for a moment, except that he felt hot.

"Work hard." The body's instinctive reaction was far faster than expected. He said hastily, frowning, and got in the car to leave.


Jessica watched the Land Rover away, still wondering.

Her brother left in such a hurry. What was the matter with the company? Besides, his muscles were really hard.

"It hurts! " She touched her nose. If her nose had been false, it would have been crooked.

At this time, Clara came, and they went together into the building where the show was filmed.

Jessica thought it would be the same as yesterday. She had to wait for the other two people. However, Alan had arrived, and judging by the way he took notes, he should have been there for a while.

She was surprised and hurriedly said, "Sorry, Alan, I was late."

"You weren't late. I was early." Alan looked at his watch and said in earnest, "Jessica, please come here. Let's discuss the script."

Jessica put her stuff in Clara's hands, took the script and discussed it with Alan carefully.

At eleven o 'clock in the morning, Stella arrived. "Well, you guys don't practise the line any more. According to your standards of yesterday, it is the same even if you practise it dozens of times."

Jessica smiled and said, "This is not the same. Practice makes perfect. With Alan's guidance , I have made great progress compared with the first time."

She was a junior, it didn't matter to be scolded. But it was not very nice of Stella to scold Alan like that.

When she heard that, Stella looked sidelong at Jessica. "When the seniors talk, don't interrupt. Do you have good manners? Great progress? Progress is measured by others, not by yourself."

Alan winked at Jessica, indicating that she should not continue. Otherwise, the more she said, the harder Stella would be.

Jessica knew that and she just couldn't cool down. But she still restrained her anger and kept silent.

"It's almost time for lunch. Jessica and Alan, please turn to the first page. Let's check the lines first and then start rehearsing." Stella gave orders.

Jessica couldn't stop rolling her eyes upwards in mind. If she hadn't come late, would the time be so tight?

Yesterday she had refused to practise the lines. But now she said we should practise?

But no matter how much she disliked this person, she still had to work.

However, Jessica didn't expect that what she knew about the person yesterday was just the tip of the iceberg. Stella not only liked to give orders, blindly instructed people, forced people to act according to her ideas, but also arbitrarily deleted the parts of Jessica and Alan, and blindly changed the lines.

"Stella." Jessica really couldn't stand it. "There's no logic in your play if you change it that way. And you..."

"It's twelve o 'clock. Let's have lunch. We'll talk about it at three o'clock in the afternoon." Stella asked her assistant to come. She looked at the time with her phone, and then ignored them and left.

The staff probably was afraid that the show would be scolded for moving too slowly. He went up to consult with Stella.

Jessica couldn't hear exactly what he said, but she could see that the guy was cursed roundly.

"If I come across this kind of annoying people in real life, I really... don't know whether I will curse her." Clara came and handed Jessica a glass of bubble tea. "Not much sugar. You can drink it."

Jessica saw that there was only one glass of bubble tea, so she didn't drink. She gave it to Alan. "Alan, would you like a glass of tea to moisten your throat?"

"I'll drink water in a minute. Drink it yourself." Alan acted like a gentleman all the way, but you could tell he was very angry.

Jessica was also thirsty, so he did not refuse. She inserted the straw and drank slowly.

She was thinking about how to persuade Stella not to be a devil in the afternoon, when she saw several staff carrying a lot of food came in and shouting, "Jessica treats everyone to lunch!"

Jessica was confused, went up to them and said, "I did not treat everyone to lunch. Is there a mistake?"

Actors often treated everyone to dinner in order to win the favor of the staff and other colleagues. She was worried that they had made a mistake and it would embarrass her and other person involved.

"No mistake. I treat them for you." Alex came with a smile, holding a bunch of lilies in his hand. He winked at her and said, "Here you are."

Handsome boy and beautiful girl looked like a perfect match.

And now, it was obvious that Alex was chasing Jessica.

Everyone else on the spot looked at them with a mischievous look.

When they were in love before, Jessica might feel shy or happy. But now she felt nothing but disgust.

Today's disaster was a copy of yesterday's. Stella made trouble for her first, and then Alex came. If she continued to escape today, maybe Alex would still come and make her sick again in the next few days.

"Jessie, the most beautiful flowers for the most beautiful you." Seeing that she didn't took the flowers after a moment, Alex suppressed his unpleasantness and said affectionately.

These things cost him a lot of money today, and he didn't believe he could not conquer her!

"Thank you for complimenting me, but I'm sorry, you're not my type." Jessica's voice was loud enough for everyone to hear, in case some people misunderstood.

She really didn't want to have any relationship with him at all!

The smile on Alex's face stiffened and he gritted his teeth and said. "I don't force you to like me, but you have to give me a chance, don't you? Besides, I've spent my money, and I can't give them back."

"How much, I transfer to you." Jessica took the phone from Clara. "But don't buy it next time. I'm very poor, and I don't have enough money to give you."

She was going to let him bring the receipt, so he couldn't ask for more money. After all, when he bought a computer and asked her for money, he asked for twice as much.

But she was worried that people would say she went too far in bullying others, she didn't say anything.

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