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"No, nothing. I have to go to show group to shoot tomorrow. I'll go to bed now. Ryan, good night!" She spoke quickly and ran down the stairs.

She ran so fast that when she reached the second floor, she stumbled and almost fell.

Ryan watched her run away in a panic, picked up the cup to drink the remaining brown sugar ginger soup. There was not a drop left.

In the room, Jessica was panting against the door, her heart beating fast. She touched her face. It was very hot.

"What are you thinking..." She muttered, covering her face in her hands, and then locked the door and flung herself onto the bed.

Her brother now had a girlfriend, and he was so magnanimous usually. When he drank the brown sugar ginger soup just now, it should be an unintentional move. She thought too much.

She rolled over on the bed and shouted irritably under the quilt in a low voice. Suddenly there was a knock on the door of the room, and her brother's voice rang outside.

"What happened?"

Jessica threw the quilt away and sat up in a hurry, "I'm all right! Just... just practicing the script, ah, yes!"

"Go to bed now, or I'll ask Tina to turn down all the work. You choose." His voice was not loud, but it came clearly through the door.

Jessica said hurriedly, "I'm going to bed now. Don't tell Tina!"

She sat and listened for a while until the footsteps had gone, and then she took a gentle breath and relaxed.

At that moment, the phone suddenly vibrated.

It was a message from Alex.

"Jessie, do you like the flowers I sent to you today? (kiss) (kiss)"

I had thrown them in the trash can and had stepped on them!

"It's 120 days, 13 hours and 28 minutes since you left me. And I miss you every minute. I want to kiss your lips, touch your sweet and tender cheeks, have sex with you, and want you to give me a baby.

Since you left, I've been rethinking, I'm sorry, I made you sad by sleeping with another woman. But you know, I only slept with them for resources, for better development, for giving you a better future.

And I just vented the desire on them, but my heart is still yours. If you don't believe me, you can ask your male friends around you. Or you can ask online. Love and sex are separate in men's eyes. They are not the same thing.

So, baby, stop being so grumpy, okay? Love you (rose) (rose) (kiss)"

"What the hell is he talking about!" Jessica was so disgusted because he sent her flowers that she didn't even eat dinner. Now when she looked at this long message he sent, she wanted to vomit her yesterday's supper.

She put his number on the blacklist quickly, in case the scum continued to send her any weird message.

No matter what other people thought, she couldn't stand her man messing around with other women! Too dirty! What if she had AIDS?

She couldn't stand it even if she wouldn't get AIDS. It made her sick!

Jessica got mad about Alex's messages and she wanted to swear loudly. But she could only restrain her anger because she was afraid that the noise would be too loud, and bothered her family.

The next day early in the morning, after having breakfast, Ryan said, "Just today I have enough time. Get your things, and I will drive you to meet the group."

Jessica was so surprised that she froze.

She felt that he was angry with her because of Amy, so he should not want to talk to her.

"Any problem?" She didn't answer for a long time, so Ryan frowned and asked.

"No, no problem." Jessica suppressed her joy, and said hurriedly, "Then I'll tell Clara not to pick me up, but to go straight to there! "

She hurried upstairs to get the script and her bag, but before she could get in the car she was worried again.

She wanted to sit in the front passenger seat originally, but her brother had a girlfriend now. She didn't know if he would mind if she sat in the passenger seat.

But if she sat in the back, it was like her brother was the driver...

Mainly because the question had become a hot topic on the search engine, many women particularly minded other people, especially other women, sitting in their boyfriend or husband's passenger seat.

"Why don't you get in?" Ryan fastened his seat belt and glanced around at her.

Jessica cleared her throat. She felt uncomfortable when she mentioned Amy. "Wound Amy mind if I took the passenger seat?"

"What does it matter to me?" Ryan answered coldly. Seeing her staring at him, he added, "She won't mind. Sit down."

No woman's thoughts were as important as her senses.

Jessica was relieved and then she got into the car with her bag in her arms. But she felt like her heart was stuffed with a piece of waste paper. She was dejected and uncomfortable.

She used to have everything her brother had, but now... She had to consider the feelings of another woman.

"What are you thinking?"

The man's voice was so close that his breath even sprayed on Jessica's face as he spoke. She was stunned for a moment. Then she recovered and her whole body pressed against the seat.

"No! I'm going to act the play soon, so happy!" She said.

Ryan fastened her seat belt, his eyes resting on her lip. Her lips were typical M shape lips, which were very nice, especially the middle part of her upper lip, which looked very sexy.

"Don't smile at people like that." He swallowed and got back in the driver's seat.

She was beautiful and voluptuous, but there wasn't any amorous feeling in her eyes. She was pure but sexy, which made her smile provocative.

"Why?" Jessica looked round at him. He was wearing his seat belt, whose eyelids drooped, his thick and curled lashes casting a shadow under his eyes.

Her brother was really handsome! Those male stars who deliberately pretended to be handsome couldn't hold a candle to him.

Then the man whose handsomeness was praised by Jessica secretly turned to look at her, and said coolly, "Silly."

After a pause, he added, "Too silly."

Jessica, "..."

She had no other thoughts. She quickly took out her phone, put it on selfie mode, and smiled at it many times.

"Really silly? But I think I look good laughing like this! A lot of people also praise me. They said I have a good smile!"

"Oh, don't take the compliments of others seriously."


Jessica looked at the selfie camera all the way. She couldn't help but taking a picture with a bright smile and posting it to her Instagram.

"Do I look silly when I smile? Honestly!!"

Chris gave a like in a second.

The bully, "Finally you have self-knowledge. Will I call you little silly if you are not silly? (smoke)"

She got a lot of likes. And the comments were all "silly" except for Chris's. Even Alan who followed her account yesterday quietly clicked a like.

Jessica, "..."

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