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Ingrate! If he didn't know she was the daughter of the Howard family. She thought he would be keen on her?

Jessica was worried that he might make trouble, so she quickly picked up the script and said in a fast tone, "You must have something to do. And you just drop in on me while you are passing, right?"

She said ahead before he could speak again. "If you have anything to do, hurry up and do it. I'm tired from rehearsing all day. I have to leave now. Go to bed early everybody. Bye bye!"

She waved her hands at the workers, and after she said that, she was out of sight.

Alex saw the situation was wrong and ran to catch up with her, but as soon as he left the house, he was stopped by the roses. When he paused, Clara had passed by him and got into the car and drove off with Jessica.

"Damn it, bitch!" Alex spat on the ground, held up the flowers and wanted to throw on the ground, but he realized that he had bought the flowers for hundreds of dollars, and he was reluctant.

He stared gloomily at Jessica's car, which was getting farther and farther away, and dialed a number. "I miss you, sweetheart. Just take a shower and wait for me at home. Love you."

Clara drove a long way, making sure that Alex was not following, and then returned to normal speed.

"What's the matter with this philanderer? You already broke up, and he came to pretend to be affectionate?" She turned to ask.

"Drive your car!" Jessica pressed her face and told her to watch the road again. "Who knows what he was doing? Bother!"

If he could make a thorough break with her after he had cheated on her, she would look up to him.

But he cheated on her first, then sexually harassed her, and now wanted to pretend to be a soulful person... The little nostalgia she had for him at the beginning was gone, and there was nothing left but revulsion and disgust.

Clara suggested, "I feel sick for you, or we call the police?"

"Call my foot! Before he sexually harassed me in front of the camera, and I couldn't get evidence against him, let alone now! What did I say to the police? Sue him for sending me roses? The police will send me to the mental hospital!"

Alex was like a green-headed fly around Jessica who couldn't inflict mortal damage, but was annoying and disgusting.

Clara had written a lot of novels, so she had a lot of ideas in mind. Since they couldn't call the police, Clara directly put forward a most simple and rough method. "Let your brother look for someone to beat him up, and then squeeze him out. Then he won't bother you again!"

Speaking of this, Jessica felt more upset. "It's not that simple. My brother has beaten him and cut him off his resources, but after he recovers, he will do as he pleases."

Last time, his tendons were cut. She couldn't think of anything more cruel.

She sighed. "This is not the same as the old mafia novels. You can't kill him, can you?"

Reality was a lot more troublesome than novels or TV shows. It was the easiest way to kill someone if you wanted to avoid any future troubles, but this was a society ruled by law. You could't just kill people at will?

Clara, "..."

"Forget it, don't talk about him. It will affect my mood." Jessica said, "What I am most worried about now is the show. According to Stella's temper...she didn't know how it will turn out."

As a newcomer, she was no match for those veteran actors. She didn't think about promotion from the very beginning. She just wanted to perform well and leave a good impression on the audience.

But Stella...

Clara comforted her and sent her home.

"Come in and sit for a while." Jessica said as she got out of the car.

"Ok..." Clara was ready to park her car, but when she saw Ryan standing nearby, she changed her mind. "Good idea! But it's getting late, maybe another day!"

After she finished, she drove away.

"I just invite her in, but why she looked like she had seen a ghost..." Jessica whispered. She turned around and when she saw Ryan under the cypress tree at the door, she suddenly looked like Clara.

The moon shone brightly on his tall figure, and his fine features were outlined like a noble vampire hunting at midnight. The picture was very beautiful, but when she saw the cold on his face, Jessica was in no mood to appreciate it.

"Ry...Ryan." Jessica was like a duck whose throat was squeezed by the fate.

The man under the cypress tree did not move, but just raised his delicate chin and said simply and coldly, "Come here."

There was the coolness of the moonlight in his voice.

Jessica swallowed a mouthful of saliva hard, moved over, and smiled obsequiously. "Why are you still out at this late hour? It's so cold, and you wear such thin clothes outside. If you catch a cold, I'll feel pity for you."

Ryan looked down at her and gave her a slight sniff.

His voice was not loud, but it was clear in the silent night. Jessica's body was tense and she straightened her back unconsciously.

"You know it's cold but why you don't wear thick clothes?" He took off his suit jacket, threw it at her, and walked in.

With his temperature still on his coat, Jessica was momentarily stunned.

She thought he was going to criticize her...

"What are you doing standing outside? Come in. Want to get cold?" Ryan stopped, turned around, and frowned at her.

"O, o, ok." Jessica stuttered and trotted to keep up.

They entered the parlour one behind the other.

Ryan sat down on the sofa and gave the servant a look. The servant nodded and quickly brought a cup of brown sugar ginger soup to Jessica.

"Drink it." Ryan said.

Jessica could dim sum, but she had never been a fan of sweet things, and she resisted the ginger soup, which was loaded with brown sugar.

"I don't have a cold." She muttered under her breath.

Ryan glanced at her. Most of the people had already put on their coats, but she was only wearing a long skirt.

His eyes paused on her slender waist. He frowned slightly, and repeated, "Drink it."

Jessica bit her lip and tried to resist. "I... I ate something before I got back. I couldn't drink any more."

"Drink as much as you can and then tip it up."

"Yes. "

Jessica curled her lip and could only reluctantly pick up the cup. She held her breath and drank half a cup, then stared at the cup.

Glancing at her, Ryan grabbed her cup, pressed his lips against her lip print, and began to drink the brown sugar ginger soup.

He still looked at her as he drank, whose eyes were black as ever, but she felt that were a bit seductive.

Jessica was stunned, watching his Adam's apple roll stiffly, her eyelashes fluttering like butterfly wings.

When she spoke again, her voice was a little dry, and she could not stop stuttering, "Ryan, you you you..."

Why did he drink the rest? Didn't he say tip it up?

And when he drank it, why did he pressed against her lip print?

"What's the matter?" Ryan put the cup down and licked his lower lip. He usually looked like the kind of ascetic man. But when he did it, he did it with an ineffable air that was tantalizing.

Jessica was so shocked that when she realized, she stood up and didn't dare to look at him.

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