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"Mr. Howard, we have reached an agreement about the new show. Here is the contract." Tina handed over the contract with both hands. "This is the best offer I can get for Jessica as a newcomer."

Ryan opened the contract and turned the pages. "Ok."

Without revealing Jessica's identity and winning the show for her , Tina had a really good capacity for work.

Hearing this, Tina's nervous tension finally relaxed. "Ok. Jessica is still waiting for me in my office, so I'll ..."

"Who is the man who came to sign the contract?" Ryan interrupted her. The man looked at Jessie in a way that made him uncomfortable.

"The producer, Adrian Thompson."

Ryan pushed the contract toward her. "What's his reputation and what's he like in private?"

He was clearly sitting and looking up at Tina, but he was still so imposing that she did not dare to look at him.

"His reputation is very good. Almost every director who has worked with him praises him. As for his private behavior, when I took on Daniel Lauren, I had a lot of contact with him. Both Daniel and I thought he was good."

In addition to Jessica, there was a best actor under her, Daniel Lauren.

Daniel had all kinds of titles which were very famous. He had an equal status with many veteran artists. But he was only thirty, and he was gaining momentum. In the next few years, it was expected to compete for a place in the international arena.

"Alright." Perhaps he was too sensitive. "Don't tell Jessie I'm here. You can leave now."

"Okay." Tina did not understand why he deliberately kept it back from Jessica, but she did not dare to ask more, and left with the contract.

The show that Jessica would take part in was called "Acting Supremacy". Three to four actors would be invited to perform in each episode. The judges and the audience would mark each other and choose one who qualified for the second round. Those who qualified would compete again and the winner would be chosen.

The show had been running for one season. The response was great.

This was season two.

On the day the contract was signed, Jessica was told to take part in the shoot.

She wasn't qualified to enter the group as a Z-list nobody. In case the seniors who played with Jessica would be dissatisfied with her, Tina immediately sent her to the group as soon as she received the notice.

As a result, after Jessica arrived, those seniors who would be on the same stage with her had not arrived.

She had listened for about two hours to those whispers such as "Who's that little actress?", "Never heard of her?", "How did she get in?" And finally she saw one of her partners ...

A veteran who was known for his role as a classic costume villain and had played an important supporting role in costume dramas for decades.

Jessica quickly stood up. She had seen him play a lot of villains, so she was worried that he was arrogant and contemptuous. She was quite perturbed when she greeted him.

Unexpectedly, the old actor Alan Smith was surprisingly easy to get along with, and he also comforted her and told her not to be too nervous and if she couldn't understand the script, she could discuss it with him.

Jessica relaxed after that. After all, there was retake when shooting a TV series and it could be modified later. But in this show, they were directly performing in front of the audience. How was it possible to say she was not nervous?

She quickly asked a few questions she couldn't understand and took notes carefully.

Then, when another partner arrived, they could practise playing simply.

"Hey, Jessie! Here she comes! Is Stella!"

When Jessica finished reading the script, Clara patted her on the shoulder.

Stella was Carol's aunt who was also a senior actress.

"Hello, I am Jessica!" Jessica quickly stood up. She had some disagreements with Carol, but it didn't concern others.

But Stella didn't seem to think so. She gave Jessica a sidelong look. "You are Jessica?"

The look in her eyes made Jessica very uncomfortable, but after all, she was a senior, so Jessica just smiled and nodded.

"Plain-looking." Stella sniffed and said unkindly. "I have seen a lot of young actresses like you, who found a sugar daddy and feel invincible. I advise you not to take yourself too seriously."

After she finished, she ignored Jessica and went straight to the center of the rehearsal room with a wiggle of the waist.

"Damn. What kind of people is she?" Clara said in disgust.

Jessica didn't care. "I don't know exactly what kind of people she is, but I'm sure she is a fool."

If it were her, she would never go against a junior in front of so many people.

"All right, what are you guys doing?" Stella clapped her hands and gave orders, "Hurry and bring me a script. Alan, Jessica, let's run over our lines first."

Frankly speaking, she was a senior to Jessica, but in front of Alan, she was not senior enough.

The atmosphere in the rehearsal room was subtle.

But Alan didn't care about anything and handed her a script in good temper.

The script, written by the show's staff, was simply the story of a middle-aged couple who start from scratch, but the man ceased to be faithful, fell in love with a young woman and wanted to get a divorce.

Unlike those campy idol dramas, the young woman and middle-aged man were truly in love. And when the man decided to divorce, he chose to leave the house with nothing because he felt guilty and wanted to make up for his ex-wife.

This also referred to the current situation of today's society. It was really difficult to make it clear that who was right and who was wrong among these three people.

However, soon after they began to read the lines, Stella sneered, "Young woman like you only know how to hook up with a married man and eat free meal without any pride."

Jessica was not happy to hear, so she explained seriously. "Mrs. Stella, I just play the role. And in this play, it's the wife who keeps doubting the husband, forcing him..."

Stella interrupted her impatiently, "Enough is enough, I did not say your name. What are you fighting about?"

Then, ignoring Jessica, she turned to Alan and said, "It's a waste of time to read the lines together. I have something else to do in a moment. Let's just try it out!"

Jessica and Alan more or less read the script several times, and studied it, but she only read the script once, who couldn't even read the lines smoothly. Apparently, if they played directly now, it wouldn't work.

But as senior Alan did not say anything, so Jessica also nodded silently.

At the beginning of the script, Stella played a wife who found Jessica, a young woman at work. In fact at this time her husband had not cheated, but she maintained that Jessica was the mistress, so she pestered Jessica, and also wanted to complain to the latter's superior.

Jessica had a good memory, so she could act the content on the first page without the script. But as soon as she was in the right mood and had said two lines, she was stopped suddenly.

"Stop! No, you're wrong!" Stella walked to her side, frowned and said, "When you face the wife I play, you should not be angry and confused, but you should be guilty and jealous."

"You are with my husband, so you are sorry to see me, but my husband's heart is still in me, so you're jealous."

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