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Ryan said coldly, "Carry him back."

"Why? !" Mark was unwilling. "You are taller than me, stronger than me, so you should ..."

His voice faded under Ryan's gaze. He finally succumbed to Ryan's pressure and carried Jeffrey indignantly.

They took Jeffrey to his private villa. There was a patient in urgent need of surgery in Mark's hospital. It was so difficult that other doctors couldn't do the operation, so he left without stopping.

Ryan called home and stayed there.

The next day, when Jeffrey just woke up, he went the bathroom to find Ryan. "Ryan, you took me home last night?"

His hair was disheveled and he wore nothing but a pair of underpants, which was not at all in accord with his usual delicate look.

"Doctor." Ryan spit out the water and threw the toothbrush directly into the trash can.

Jeffrey's eyes flashed, and asked casually, "I was drunk yesterday. Did I say anything I shouldn't say?"

"What is that you shouldn't say?" Ryan bent down to wash his face, but did not see a flicker of tension in Jeffrey's eyes.

Ryan didn't hear the answer. He dried his face and asked Jeffrey, "You say that you had premature ejaculation when having sex the first time, and your size is less than 18 centimeters. Are those words regarded as what you shouldn't say?"

Jeffrey sighed invisibly. He punched Ryan on the shoulder and said with a smile. "If your sweetie hears that, she's 100 percent scared off."

Jeffrey had a headache because he drank a lot of alcohol the night before. He rubbed his brow.

Hearing the words, Ryan paused for a moment, and then sneered, "Even if I do not say that, she still stays away from me."

She didn't even give him a chance.

Jeffrey lowered his eyes and yawned thoughtfully.

Ryan did not notice his actions, but said, "She's going to sign a new variety show today, so I'm going to leave."

He had to go to the office first to catch up on all the paperwork his father needed to do. Then he could make the time to accompany his little girl.

Jeffrey was using the toilet with his back to Ryan, and said lazily, "Isn't there an agent?"

"I'm not at ease." Ryan went out of the bathroom, closed the door, and opened it again. He said, "Take a bath. Smelly."

Jeffrey was amused and angry so he gave him a kick. "Get out of here."

Ryan smiled, took his things, and rushed to the company.


Ryan had told her last night, so Jessica wasn't surprised when Tina called her.

But when Tina told her about the variety show, she was still surprised and said, "You didn't lie to me, did you? Isn't that a show only for the big names and those popular actor and actress? "

Was her performance in "Spy" so eye-catching that it attracted the attention of many big shots, and the show's director was one of them?

Jessica couldn't help smiling, but before she had time to be happy, it was strangled by Tina. "But you are Mr. Howard's sister."

The reality was always disappointing.

She felt frustrated for a while, and soon cheered up. Then she notified Clara, and went to FC Entertainment to find Tina.

Tina was talking with the person who was sent to sign the contract. Seeing her come in, Tina just motioned her and Clara to sit down without any courtesy.

When the conversation was almost over, Tina said to the person, "This is Jessica. Jessie, come and see the producer Mr. Thompson."

"Hello, Mr. Thompson." Jessica smiled and greeted the producer.

The producer extended his hand to her, and she followed the protocol and shook hands with him. Only when she wanted to let go, the other side was still holding. She looked up at him. Then he smiled apologetically, and let go.

"I'm sorry, Jessica, I was distracted because I've never seen such a beautiful girl as you. " The producer said.

He looked like that kind of refined and introverted person. And he said that naturally, so Jessica did not think much. "You must be joking. You have seen so many actresses at home and abroad. I'm really nothing."

In fact, even if Tina did not introduce, she could recognize the producer. The main thing was that he was so famous. He used to be an international producer, and in the last year or two he had returned home from abroad for further development.

And his shows, movies and TV series, were very successful.

"You are too modest." The producer said sincerely, "I do see a lot of big female stars, but they are only good looking on the screen. No one has ever looked so beautiful in reality like you."

She had a very good appearance and body, and had heard a lot of praise since childhood , either explicit or implicit. But few people was so sincere like the producer that made her wonder if she was a peerless beauty.

This topic did not continue. The producer quickly moved on to the work.

He spoke slowly, not as strong as Tina. He also explained what needed to be paid attention to in the cooperation between the two sides in detail. And from time to time, he asked for comments from Jessica and occasionally made minor modifications.

She was genuinely comfortable with the way the producer acted. No wonder he had such a good reputation in the industry.

"If you're satisfied with the terms I've just mentioned, please sign the contract." The producer smiled gently and pushed the contract to Jessica.

Jessica took it and looked at Tina. Seeing that Tina did not want to stop her, she signed the contract happily.

"Good cooperation." The producer took the contract, stood up and extended his hand to her.

But before Jessica could make a move, Tina stood up and shook his hand. "Well. Good cooperation."

He glanced at Jessica, let go of his hand, and invited them to have lunch together. After being declined by Tina, he smiled and said, "That's a pity. I hope I can have lunch with you two beautiful women next time. Of course, dinner is also ok."

He didn't stay much longer, smiled at Jessica, exchanged business cards with her, and left.

"You look at the process of the show and the matters needing attention first. I'll run an errand and be back later." Tina threw a few pieces of paper to Jessica and walked into the office of FC Entertainment's general manager in high heels.

But the general manager did not sit in the seat as usual, but respectfully stood in front of the desk, simply reported FC Entertainment's several important decisions and financial status for the quarter.

Wearing an expensive suit, Ryan was sitting in an office chair with a disdainful look on his handsome face. He seemed to be listening to the general manager's report carefully, but his attention was all on the computer surveillance video.

When Ryan saw Tina came in, he turned off the monitoring screen, and then tapped on the table a few times, signaling the boss to stop. "I have something to discuss with the agent alone."

The general manager was sensible. "The finance director just said there is something to discuss with me. I'll talk to you later."

Then he went out and closed the door quietly.

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