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As he spoke, a warm breath sprayed in Jessica's ear and swirled down her cochlea. She held her breath and recoiled, whose heart was beating fast.

"Thank you, brother, I will be careful." She whispered.

Ryan sneered, glanced at her up and down, and said ironically, "Dress up for a blind date. You are considerate."


She didn't mean to retort at all. Ryan's eyes looked colder. "You are in such a hurry to get married?"

"Grandmother wants me to get married soon." Jessica lowered her eyes and said.

Ryan leaned against the wall and looked at her, his dark eyes were bottomless. "What about you? Do you want to get married early?"

He asked seriously.

Jessica raised her head, but just met his eyes, so she hurriedly lowered her head again. She shifted the topic embarrassedly. "Why did you ask me to come?"

She was still young and she didn't have a love. How could she be anxious to get marry? But she was afraid that if she didn't get married, she would upset grandmother.

After all, none of her relatives had blood relationship with her.

Did not get an answer, so Ryan was somewhat agitated, and he did not answer.

The silence made Jessica a little nervous. She smiled awkwardly, trying to hide the suffocating atmosphere by talking more.

"Ryan, yesterday Amy... When Miss Scott called me, I didn't tell her where you were and had a bad attitude towards her. But I don't want her to come, because I'm really afraid she'll have a baby and threaten our family with it."

After all, in the rich and powerful family, this kind of thing was not good, and it happened frequently.

Ryan changed a posture to look at her, whose eyes darkened, but he still did not speak.

The unilateral silence made Jessica a little anxious. She swallowed several time and said hurriedly, "I ran into Miss Scott when I was chasing dad tonight. I wasn't really following..."

"Shut up." Amy, Amy, Amy. She kept saying other people's name. Even if it was a woman, it still bothered him.

She had never heard him say such words to her in her life, and for a moment she was stunned.

Ryan softened his tone a little when he saw her reddish eyes, but it sounded still indifferent. "I did not ask you, do not need to explain."

"OK." Jessica was like walking on thin ice in front of him. She just wanted to leave quickly. "Why did you ask me to come?"

Ryan looked at her cautious look and asked, "Why mom looked so nervous when she talked about dad's things ?"

"Dad just went out, and mom and I thought he went to work, but he didn't, and the secretary said he wouldn't go to the company for a week. I dare not tell the truth, for fear that mother would think too much." Jessica was very depressed.

As a result, she had just lied, and was caught, but fortunately backed it up finally.

Ryan frowned tighter. "I just told you that dad went abroad to deal with J.K. 's business, didn't I?"

Listening to this, Jessica suddenly looked up. "Is this true?"


Jessica was relieved that she had lied correctly. It turned out that dad had just gone abroad to deal with things. She thought too much.

Seeing how nervous she was, Ryan wanted to ask her why she was lying to his mother, but before he could, his phone rang.

He picked up the phone and let Jessica know that Tina would come to meet her tomorrow, and then left hurriedly.

Ryan drove to the bar. When he found Jeffrey, the latter was as drunk as a lord. Jeffrey was being unreasonable in private life, but he always had a sense of propriety when he was drinking. He didn't even get drunk, not to mention getting so drunk.

"R... Ryan... Burp, you're here?" Jeffrey still had a woman's lip print on his face and couldn't even pull his tongue straight when he spoke.

"Do you want to die by drinking like this?" Ryan frowned and went to help him.

If the bartender hadn't called him, he wouldn't have known his friend was so drunk.

But Jeffrey pushed him away. There was pain in his coquettish eyes that could not be concealed. "I'd like to drink myself to death, so I don't have to think about anything."

He snapped his fingers at the bartender. "Two..."

"You go and do something else, and leave him alone." Ryan waved at the bartender, grabbed Jeffrey by the shoulder, pushed him back into his seat, and deadpanned, "She's dead. No matter how much you miss her, it's useless."

She was referring to Jeffrey's first girlfriend, who died in a car accident shortly after breaking up with him.

Even though after breaking up, he never mentioned the woman's name, Ryan had grown up with him and knew what he was thinking.

Jeffrey originally bowed his head. When he heard this, he suddenly looked up at Ryan, whose eyes were dark as if to drag people into an endless abyss.

There was malice, despair, resentment, with endless struggle and pain.

Ryan frowned and felt uncomfortable under his gaze. "Jeffrey?"

"You know... she is dead?" Jeffrey looked at him, said slowly, whose hoarse and sexy voice was low.

Ryan reached out his hand to test the temperature on his forehead. "She has been dead for several years," He said coldly, "Don't cheat yourself any more."

Listening to this, Jeffrey suddenly smiled, "I thought you... you know. Actually, you and I...do not know anything! You ...you don't know ...as much as I do..."

Know what? Don't know what?

His words were really confusing.

Ryan pressed his lips and was about to ask him what he was talking about when he fell headlong on the table and fell asleep.

At this time, Mark also came. He was still wearing his white overall, so people at the bar probably thought he was cosplaying, and several women were interested enough to ask for his contact information.

He managed to squeeze through the crowd and came up to Ryan and Jeffrey, whose heart still fluttering with fear. "Those women are horrible!"

And he said, "Ryan, aren't you abroad? When did you get back?"

Ignoring his meaningless questions, Ryan simply repeated what Jeffrey had just said and what he had done. "Do you know what he was saying?" He asked.

Jeffrey was not in the right mood today.

"He talked rubbish because he was drunk. Just ignore it. " Mark did not mind. "When he is sober, he is always playful. If he is drunk, even if he said he came from the Qin dynasty, I wouldn't be surprised!"

He patted Ryan on the shoulder and sighed, "Unexpectedly, you would pay attention to what a drunkard said. You will lose if you are serious with him!"

Ryan also felt that he was too serious. He actually thought about what a drunkard said. He curled his lips ironically and then pointed at Jeffrey with his chin.

"What?" Jeffrey had a puzzled look on his face.

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