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"Gee, and a tigress." Jeffrey patted his trouser leg and turned to look at her. "Did you find the person who deliberately manipulated the explosion on the set? How did you handle it?"

In the dim light of the lamp, his handsome face was full of laughter, but in an instant, endless vicissitudes and inexpressible complexity flashed through his face.

Jessica did not notice the change in his look. She kicked the pebbles on the ground with her head down, and simply told him the story.

"Are you sure he handled Carol?" Jeffrey entered the living room and collapsed on the sofa at will.

Jessica just grabbed an orange and put it in her mouth when she heard him and looked at him stupidly. "What?"

She swallowed. "What do you mean?"

Did he not punish Carol for nearly killing her and her brother? Unlikely, her brother was not vindictive, but he couldn't stand it.

"What do I mean? It means literally. Can you understand me if I go a little further with your pig's head?" Jeffrey hissed.

Jessica grabbed a handful of grapes and threw them at him. "Who are you talking about? You despised my body just now, and then despise my intelligence. Can't you just stop?"

But she did not believe him.

She would inquire later about Carol.

"Thanks. The grapes are sweet." He was not angry, took one, peeled and ate. "Eat less at dinner or you'll look like a pig on camera. I'm going."

He stood up.

"We've made a full table of dishes. Why don't you eat here?" Jessica asked.

Jeffrey raised the tip of his brow and smiled at her vaguely. "No, I've got a date."

Jessica walked him to the door. After some hesitation, when he got in the car, she couldn't help but asking, "Jeffrey, what do you think of my brother's relationship with Amy?"

"Do you want the truth or lies?" His eyes flickered as he leaned out of the window to look at her.

She froze for a moment, and felt a little worried suddenly. "Of, of course truth... Forget it. I don't want to hear it. Do you think that Amy is fit to be with my brother?"

Jessica did not know why she would ask the second sentence, but when she realized, she already asked.

There was a sudden inexplicable feeling of guilt in her.

Jeffrey looked at her slightly flustered look, and darkness flashed in his eyes.

"That's not the point. If only he likes her."

The first thing he discussed with Ryan was to make the Jessie think that Ryan liked someone else, and he was right to say so.

"...Yes, yes." Jessica managed to force a smile. She felt like a soaking sponge in her throat, which made her feel uncomfortable.

Her brother and Jeffrey were good friends. Since he said so, her brother was really like Amy?

Jeffrey asked again, "Is there anything else you want to ask?"

"No. Be careful on the way." Jessica said absent-mindedly, and then turned back to the old house.

Jeffrey looked at her back with an undefined curve in his mouth. He pulled out a cigarette and lit it. The smoke filled the air, and his brow was tinged with what seemed to be grief and pain.

When the cigarette was finished, he threw the cigarette end out of the window.

"Things change."

The car started. A few wisps of invisible black smoke rose, and then disappeared into the night, which almost merged with the darkness.

Jessica sat in the living room for a long time. Her mind was in a mess, and she couldn't even tell what she was thinking, or... nothing.

Then she took a light breath and dialed Clara's number.

"How can you call me when I have an incredible explosion of ideas at six thousand hand speed ? ! Believe me, if it was someone else, I wouldn't answer it?" Clara said.

Six thousand hand speed meant to write six thousand words in an hour.

"Come off it. Your maximum hand speed is 2000. Your average hand speed is 1500, and you haven't even reached 2500." Jessica refuted weakly.

Clara, "..."

Was this a mockery of her slow speed?

"I want to ask you something." Jessica ignored her complex mood and asked, "How is Carol recently?"

Her best friend, like her grandmother, was a gossip porter. But her grandmother was concerned about the gossip of the upper class. And her information came from other elderly ladies.

And Clara was concerned about all the things of those stars. Her information came from various contacts she had made as a deputy editor of the newspaper.

"Carol? Which Carol? Oh, the one who always makes trouble for you, right? Wait, I'll ask."

There was a cracking of typing. After a while, she said, "My hand speed is definitely over six thousand when I am chatting."

Jessica said , "... Have you asked?"

She wanted to know, but she was afraid of knowing. Her feeling was contradictory.

Just like when she just asked Jeffrey, she wanted to know her brother's relationship with Amy, but she didn't dare to ask.

"Yes! Yes!" Clara answered after a moment, "Why do you think of asking Carol? I don't know why but her luck is in. After the "Spy", she appeared in the same movie with Amy."

"It's only a woman number four, but it's good enough for her!"

No punishment, but a good resource?

Jessica's throat tightened, and she held the phone a little harder.

How did that happen?

"Hello, hello, hello? Why don't you talk? Can't you hear?"

"Yes. Aren't you writing a story? Go ahead and write, for your little cuties are in a hurry." With that, Jessica hung up directly.

Clara sent her a message.

"Throw away after use, what's the difference between you and the ruthless cheating man who plays with women's feelings?! (shit)"

"The difference is that I have no penis."

Jessica replied, and then threw the phone aside. Her mind was a mess. She couldn't understand why her brother did it!

"Are you eating now, Miss? Or after a while?" Seeing that she was not in the right mood, the servant spoke cautiously.

She had something on her mind, so she had no appetite. But she did not dare not eat. If the servant told her grandmother that she didn't eat, her grandmother would ask her what was the matter, and then her grandmother'swild speculations would be more troublesome.

"I have to lose weight. Just give me a small bowl of millet congee." She said.

The servant said, "You are quite thin now. You don't need to lose weight."

Jessica said nothing, and when the servant brought her millet porridge, she finished it silently and stood up. "Tell my grandparents I'm going home."

The driver took her home.

It was only 9:15. Her mom and dad were there. Usually Ryan was there, but this time, she didn't see him when she glanced around and even came back from the bathroom.

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