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Jessica's lips moved a few times, but in the end she said nothing.

"Are you scolding those female stars, or Jessie?" The grandfather put down his book and lifted his reading glasses.

"Can the others compare with our Jessie?" The grandmother grumbled with dissatisfaction. "But I do generalize. Jessie, what's your sister-in-law's name? What is her usual character?"

She suppressed the mild discomfort and thought over before she said. ""After a few days together, I felt it was not very good."

She didn't mention Amy's name.

She didn't want to get into the specific reason.

"Just a few days, your judgment should be incorrect." The grandmother walked around and then said, "Tell me your sister-in-law's name. I will invite her to come home for dinner, and look what she's like."

If she was not bad, she would let the them get married at once, so those people out there wouldn't talk nonsense all day.

Jessica pressed her lips and didn't want to tell her. It seemed that something was weighing on her mind, which made it difficult for her to breathe.

"What are you thinking, child? " The grandmother touched her forehead. "Why are your minds wandering today? Are you feeling ill?"

Jessica's eyelashes quivered and she shook her head.

"Okay, what were we saying? Oh, what's your sister-in-law's name? I want to invite her to dinner." The grandmother said.

Before Jessica answered, the grandfather put down his book and said helplessly, "The children can take care of themselves when they grow up, and you don't have to worry about them. Ryan said he doesn't want to take her home, so don't make your own decisions."

"Am I not doing this for them?" The grandmother grumbled, but she did not ask Amy's name again.

Jessica could not explain why, but she was relieved. Then the grandmother told her a lot of Mrs. Jones's grandson's preferences. She agreed to them all absent-mindedly.

Only at six fifty, Mrs. Jones and her grandson had not yet come, so the grandmother could not sit still.

"It's ten minutes to seven. Why haven't they come yet?" She went round and round.

The grandfather sighed, "Things like that. If you ask them to come at seven o 'clock, there will be a lot of people coming at seven-thirty. What's the hurry?"

The grandmother muttered something under her breath and sat down again.

"Madam, master, Jeffrey is here." At that moment the servant came in and announced.

Jeffrey? Jessica forget she was in the old house, so she blurted out, "Fox is here?"

The servant said, "Yes."

"As a little girl, why didn't you watch your mouth? Don't call him like that!" The Grandmother said. It would be improper to call the nickname.

Jessica agreed embarrassedly.

"She can call me what she likes. Don't be so serious." Jeffrey came in with his hand in the pocket. His bright eyes sparkled. "When I was traveling, I saw a silk scarf that suits you very well. See if you like it?"

He handed a beautifully wrapped gift box to a servant and motioned for her to pass it to the grandmother.

The servant, flushed slightly with his eyes, gave the box to the grandmother after she answered in a small voice.

"Come on, you can just come without taking a gift." She said, but the smile on her face showed that she was clearly pleased with what he had done.

After the two talked about some common things, the grandmother said, "Later Jessica will have a blind date. It's not convenient for you to stay here for dinner. Some other day, grandma will make amends by cooking for you in person."

She also quite liked this man, but he was a well-known playboy. It was not good if Mrs. Jones and her grandson mistaken about their relationship.

Hearing this, the grandfather moved his reading glasses and said, "What's the inconvenience? Let Jeffrey, the elder brother, be here and help to judge people."

The grandmother glared at him. Her husband didn't understand anything and cut in!

"Please don't argue. That's why I came here today." Jeffrey saw their movements calmly, whose canthus lifted slightly.

The grandmother didn't understand. "What?"

"They had an accident on the way and are now in hospital. They can't come.I was specially asked to tell you that they would come and apologize to you another day." Jeffrey said.

Listening to this, Jessica was relieved. She didn't have to talk to anyone embarrassedly tonight. But she felt guilty and worried. They had a car accident, so it was unkind of her to think about it.

Fortunately, Jeffrey said the car accident was not serious. It was just an ordinary rear-end collision. Neither of them was hurt. It just scared Mrs. Jones.

The grandmother wanted to take Jessica to the hospital to visit them, but was dissuaded by Jeffrey. "Mrs. Jones said, the first impression is too important and if you want to bring Jessie to visit her, I must stop you."

"It was a car accident. Why did she still think about that. Well, I won't take Jessie with me. I'll go myself. Is that ok?" The grandmother simply dressed and went out with her husband hurriedly.

Not long after she went out, she sent a servant to call Jessica. "Miss, the madam asked you to bring her a packet of tissues."

She could ask anyone, but why did she come all the way to her?

Jessica mumbled to herself, but she nodded and took a packet of tissues to give to her grandmother.

"Jeffrey is a nice child, handsome and sweet. His family is equal to ours. But he's so promiscuous. One girlfriend after another. Don't be fooled by his mouth."

She didn't want tissues at all. She made this excuse because she was afraid that her granddaughter would be carried away by the "Wolf".

Jessica was amused. She took her grandmother's hand and acted like a spoiled child. "Don't worry about that. He's not my type."

She and Jeffrey were just friends.

The grandmother told her again doubtfully, and then left.

"Didn't she tell you to stay away from me when she called you here on such a poor excuse?" Jeffrey came out with one hand in his pocket, the light shining in his eyes.

Without the old lady in the side, Jessica felt a lot more relaxed. "That's because your evil deeds were too numerous to record. A person like my grandmother who holds fast to the first line of gossip will never allow you to be her son-in-law."

She stretched, and the curve of her mouth gradually dissipated as she swept over the cars parked in the doorway out of the corner of her eye.

Her brother left.

And when he left, he was very unhappy.

"Don't worry. I only like gruel meal, I can't enjoy abundant fish and meat like you." Jeffrey smiled and glanced up and down at her.

Jessica's mind stopped wandering and she kicked him on the shin.

He was usually a playboy, but, as he said himself, he liked those girls who looked pure and skinny. She was just the opposite.

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