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But he was very unhappy in mind.

If Ryan hadn't cut him off, he wouldn't have made peace with Jessica this bitch.

"You're not calm and rational enough now. We'll talk about it next time." Alex got up to leave, but he also did not forget to take his flowers.

Just the waiter came over, and asked Jessica to pay the bill, a total of more than 100 dollars.

"Why do you spend so much money on a meal? It's not easy for me to earn money, so you should economize." Alex looked pale and muttered a word.

This kind of women who spent money lavishly, and didn't how know to care about their man, was definitely not suitable for marriage.

When Jessica heard his words, she was about to explode with anger. It was none of his business that how much money did she spend for dinner.

In the past, he was the one who had always spent her money, and she had never spent his! Let alone now.

But before she could retort, Alex seemed to see something and hurried off with the flowers.

Clara had so much to say about him. "Why did he take the flowers away when he left?"

"It's a good thing he took it, or I'd have to throw it." Jessica was disgusted with him and couldn't help adding, "But if I'm not mistaken, he should give them to another woman."

Clara cocked her eyebrows and pointed to the door with her mouth. "He is."

Outside the restaurant, Alex gave the flowers to a beautiful woman dressed in fashion. They did not know what he said, but the woman took the flower with shyness and jumped in his arms.

If they did not know the truth, the man and the girl seemed to be a perfect match, which looked pleasing.

Clara was engaged and left after dinner. Jessica didn't want to go back to her private villa, and also didn't want to go home because she was afraid of meeting her brother.

She had planned to hang out at the mall a little longer and went back after dark. And she would go straight to her room. But around two o 'clock in the afternoon, her grandmother called her.

"Jessie, go back to the old house for dinner tonight and meet Mrs. Jones's grandson."

As soon as Jessica heard about blind date, she was tired of it. "Grandmother, tonight I..."

"I've heard all about it. You're free today." The grandmother said loudly. "Grandmother knows you have been a good child. You don't want that you can't get married and let others laugh at me like Mrs. Miller, right?"

She was only in her early twenties. What did she mean she couldn't get married?

And what did people say was none of her business.

She thought in mind but she didn't have position to retort. "... at what time ?"

No matter how much her family loved her, she dared not forget the fact that she was an orphan.

"Seven o 'clock in the evening. You'd better be there by six. Don't make a bad impression by being late. By the way, don't forget to preen yourself, get some hair care and skin care, and try to make a good impression."

"Yes, grandmother."

After Jessica hung up the phone, she couldn't be happy even when she looked at the pile of things she had bought.

She did not dare to dress too shabby, for fear that the grandmother would not be satisfied with her. So she went to buy the haute couture and had her hair done. Then she went to the old house punctually.

The grandmother was getting impatient and when Jessica came in, she smiled. "Our Jessie is so beautiful that I'm sure Mrs. Jones's grandson will like you! You should dress up like this later. Don't wear your cheap clothes anymore. If you don't have enough money, just ask grandmother!"

"Yes." Jessica let out a dull hum.

Aside, the grandfather took off the reading glasses. "It's not enough that only her grandson like her. Jessie has to nod first before considering other factors."

The grandmother said, "You're not right. It's useless that Jessie like. When others like her, they will be good to her. If she want to get married, she must marry someone who likes her and treats her well."

The old couple quarreled again. Jessica sat on the sofa, silent.

The family was very kind to her.

However, no matter how rebellious she was, she dared not displease her family. Perhaps because when she was a child, many people always told her, "If you don't behave well, they won't like you."

"Madam, master, here comes the young master." The servant came in and announced.

The grandmother stopped quarrelling with her husband, but said happily, "Let him in quickly!"

"I'm going." The servant answered and went out. Presently, he entered with Ryan.

It was getting cold, and he wore a suit and a beige coat, who looked handsome and imposing.

"You had your hair done for the blind date?" Ryan took off his coat and handed it to the servant with a cold face.

Jessica did not dare to look at him, but pressed her lips. Before she could answer, the grandmother said excitedly, "Isn't it to make a good impression? Ryan, what does Jessie look like in your young man's eyes?"

Hearing the words, Ryan turned his head and his eyes fell on Jessica.

She was already pretty. Today, she dressed up specifically, even if he who had been with her for so long, also couldn't help but feel amazing.

The thought that she had been dressed for the sake of other men irritated him, so he just nodded perfunctorily and looked away.

After that, Jessica dared to breathe again, but somehow she felt very uncomfortable.

She had to have blind date with others, but why didn't her brother has no reaction at all? But she would get married sooner or later, and now that he had a beloved girlfriend, so it was normal for him not to react.

Each had his/her own idea.

The grandmother did not find the anomaly between them. She carefully stared at Jessica. "Mrs. Jones's grandson likes seafood as much as you do. When you have dinner later, don't just eat, but you should help others."

"... yes."

"And he is a neat freak. I know you like to eat shrimp, but don't eat it today. A dirty hand gives a bad impression." The grandmother continued.

Jessica bit the lower lip and was about to nod her head when a shadow suddenly appeared on her face.

She looked up and saw Ryan standing up beside her. From this angle, only his perfect chin could be seen.

"Jessie is only twenty-two years old, and she's still young. If she doesn't like him this time, she can meet the others again." Ryan looked indifferent, with a little shallow anger between his eyebrows.

Hearing that, the grandmother said with dissatisfaction, "Twenty-two years old girls are not young. In our days, they were mothers!"

Ryan looked down, hiding the feelings in his eyes. "You said it yourself, your days. Now, a lot of are still in school at twenty-two."

"Jessica is different from other people!" The grandmother raised her voice. "She's not our blood child! If she were, why would I bother? I won't say anything if she doesn't get married when she's thirty! "

When she finished, she also felt that there was ambiguity in her words. So she explained to Jessica hurriedly, "Don't misunderstand me, Jessie. Grandmother don't dislike you, absolutely not. There's just something about Mrs. Miller's family out there, and a lot of people ..."

Jessica interrupted her playfully, "Grandmother don't need to explain, and I did not misunderstand. I am the most spoiled little princess in the family!"

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