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"Can't I be nice? Tell me quickly!" Chris's ears and neck were a little red, but it was night and the light was not clear enough for anyone to see.

Jessica stopped talking and pointed to the black Rolls Royce in front of her.

"You even know the car. You don't seem to ride less." He put one of Ryan's arms around his neck and said with jealousy.

Jessica didn't recognize the irony in his words and nodded.

This car belonged to her brother. She had ridden in it many times.

Listening to this, Chris gave a cold snort, and was about to speak when a cold male voice suddenly reached his ears. "Stay away from her from now on."

After drinking a lot of wine, Ryan's head was dizzy and he couldn't even walk steadily, but his mind was especially sober.

The man's instinct told him that Chris liked his Jessie.

A voice suddenly reached his ear. Chris was surprised and then snapped in a low voice, "You are really just pretending to be drunk. You let the silly take to home just because you want to take advantage of her!"

"So what?" Ryan's eyes were dim with drunkenness but he could speak like a sober person. "She is willing."

"Bastard!" Chris cursed loudly and pushed him away. He raised his hand and wanted to hit him in the face.

Jessica was on the phone to Clara, and when she heard this, she came running with her cell phone. "Bully, are you crazy?"

She quickly caught Ryan in case he fell.

Ryan closed his eyes and leaned on her shoulder, sniffing her breath greedily but with restraint. The corners of his mouth curved in a tiny, but fleeting way, like an illusion.

"He is not drunk at all. He pretended to be drunk on purpose, just to deceive such a little silly as you!" Couldn't she see that Ryan was pretending? !

"He's not that kind of man. Don't you see he's too drunk to stand up straight?" Jessica looked down at Ryan who was leaning on her shoulder with a drunk face and didn't approve of it. "I'm going home. Bye."

With that, Jessica dragged Ryan to go toward the car laboriously.

Chris was so anxious that he spread his arms and stopped her, whose face was so red. "I didn't lie to you. Who lied to you is this drunk bastard. Are you blind?"

Jessica did not take his words to heart. "He will not deceive me. You think too much."

She pushed him away and, helped Ryan get in the bus with great difficulty.

He stood where he was. After the Rolls Royce left, he scratched his head irritably and kicked the rock beside him off.

"Ryan is obviously pretending to be drunk. Can't she see?" He asked the agent behind him.

"Sometimes the eyes see, but the heart doesn't." Said the agent.

Chris was very agitated, "Speak human language!"

Did she see it, or didn't?

The agent smiled, "But Mr. Howard is really drunk. He's not pretending. He's just not talking with a big tongue like other drunk people."


The driver didn't show up, so Jessica drove the car. She was about to drive home when Ryan, in the passenger seat, suddenly opened his eyes and said, "Mom and dad are asleep. Go back to your house in Golden Moon Bay."

It was one or two o 'clock in the morning. The family was asleep.

But he spoke in such a way that he looked sober, not drunk at all.

Jessica paused for a while. Perhaps like the bully said, her brother was pretending to be drunk?

But as soon as the idea came, she suppressed it.

It was no good pretending to be drunk in front of her. So he was really drunk, but just looked sober.

"Ok." Jessica nodded and continued to concentrate on driving.

When they arrived at Golden Moon Bay, she got out of the car and helped him into his bedroom with great difficulty.

But when he was thrown on the bed, he was so heavy that she also fell down on the bed right on top of him.

His lips were on her forehead, soft and cool.

Jessica's body stiffened and she tried to get up. However, when she was halfway up, his hand suddenly landed on her waist, and she landed on him again with a force.

Their body overlapped. The hardness of the man inlaid with the softness of the woman, as if they should be born like that.

She was breathing his breath with the tantalizing smell of alcohol.

Under the dim lamplight, everything became sexy and charming.

Jessica's eyelashes flickered and her heart beat fast. She put her hands on his side and tried to get up, but he was so strong that she couldn't move.

"Ryan, let go, I want to go and wash myself." She pushed him a few times lightly, who was a little flustered.

After all, they were not blood siblings.

There was no movement under her. He just frowned and a hugged her tightly.

"Ryan?" Jessica shouted again.

Ryan suddenly moved, but instead of letting go of her, he turned over and pressed her under him, still holding her tightly.

"Sleep." He said hoarsely, closing his eyes and kissing her on the forehead lightly.

After Jessica became an adult, she had never been so close with her brothers. So all of a sudden he kissed her, she was stunned with a blank mind.

When she recovered, she swallowed and used all her strength to push the man. However, he was deadly heavy, and did not move after she pushed for a long time. But she was tired.

There was really no other choice, so Jessica could only shout at him. "Ryan!"

With his eyes closed and his breathing steady and long, Ryan seemed to be asleep.


Jessica continued to struggle for a while, but it was useless. She was tired and sleepy, so she closed her eyes uncontrollably, when she made sure he wasn't doing anything improper.

Just as she fell asleep, her phone rang.

Jessica was startled. She took the phone quickly, hung up, and then turned to look at Ryan. It was a relief to see that he was not awake.

She tried to get up again and successfully pushed the man away. She stood up and moved her aching arm.

After a while, the same number called again.

Jessica looked at the caller id, and didn't want to pick up, but she finally connected, "Hello?"

"I am Amy, you have my number?" Amy tried to keep calm, but she still could not suppress the anxiety. "Where are you and Mr. Howard now?"

When Jessica answered the phone, she knew Amy was going to ask this question. She looked at Ryan on the bed and went to the living room.

She did not answer for more than 10 seconds, so Amy could not resist, "I asked where are you now. Can't you understand human language?"

The voice was much higher, even shrill.

Jessica said, "Why do you ask that?"

She didn't like Amy, but her brother had said he was serious about her. She couldn't say anything to him until she had proof of her bad character.

After all, there were many examples that the discord of the sister and sister-in-law always led to the discord of brother and sister.

"Jessica, that is my boyfriend, not your boyfriend!" "Tell me where you are, and then you can go!" Amt exclaimed.

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