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Chris felt like a cat was scratching his heart and couldn't resist finally. Before she entered the door, he stopped her with his hand. "Is he also your ex-boyfriend? Do you still like him?"

"No." Jessica got a surprise when she heard his question. Her heart almost jumped out,. She slapped his hand away and said with a frown, "I don't have any relationship with Mr. Howard. Don't guess blindly!"

How did he think her brother was her boyfriend? Crazy.

Just then the door opened from the inside.

He stood aloof in the doorway, and her figure reflected in his pupils.

Didn't know why, Jessica felt guilty. "Are you, are you going to the bathroom?"

"Yes." Ryan looked across Jessica at Chris. He paused and looked a bit sullen. Then he said nothing and left.

Jessica looked round at his back. Why did he seem to be a little unhappy?

Chris was in a good mood who had been sullen these days. He put his hands on her shoulder from behind and pushed her in.

Amy's eyes were full of jealousy and anger when she looked at the two people who were close.

All discerning people could see, Jessica hooked up with a few men. But Mr. Howard and Chris still cared about her so much. Were they blind?

She thought in mind but her face was full of smile. "Jessica has a good relationship with my elder brother Chris."

There was nothing wrong with that, but the tone of her voice made people feel uncomfortable.

After all, she was now Ryan's "girlfriend", so Jessica did not say anything but frowned.

But Chris was not a person who could endure. He looked sidelong at Amy and sneered. "How old are you? How do you have the nerve to call me elder brother?"

Usually they would call each other elder brother and elder sister. Few people cared about the age.

Amy didn't expect that Chris didn't care about her feelings at all. The smile froze on her face.

Under the table, Jessica secretly gave Chris a thumbs up.

Finally, it was Mr. Johnson who changed the topic, so the situation was not that awkward.

Chris was eating and drinking as if nothing had happened. He put a piece of fish on Jessica's plate and said, "Your reward!"

"I don't want to eat it now. You eat it yourself." Jessica put it back in disgust.

When Ryan came in, he saw they were playing. His eyes darkened as he returned to his seat. "Jessie likes eating shrimp when she is almost full."

As he spoke, he had peeled a shrimp in perfect shape and placed it on Jessica's plate.

Jessica was flattered and she even wanted to enshrine the shrimp.

Chris put down his chopsticks with a snap. "What she likes to eat is none of my business!"

Ryan glanced at him coldly but didn't say anything again. He didn't peel the shrimp for Jessica, either. Instead, he talked with the supporting actor, supporting actress and producer.

These people were flattered. They took the opportunity to make an impression in front of Ryan and toasted him frequently.

Jessica saw Ryan drink one cup after another, and thought he was a little strange.

In his position, he didn't have to force himself to drink at all. He didn't always drink much because he was afraid it would spoil things, and she didn't know what had happened to him today.

He always did things in moderation,so she didn't care.

As a result, at the end of the dinner, Jessica found that her brother was drunk and couldn't stand steadily.

"I'll just take him home. Not to bother you, Jessica." Seeing this, Amy was so surprised that she got up hurriedly and tried to take the man from Jessica.

Jessica knew her thought by her look. But after all, Amy was her brother's boyfriend. It was normal that they spent the night together. She couldn't say anything.

"Okay." She tried to ignore her discomfort and let him go.

Amy carefully supported him, and said without showing her inner joy, "Mr. Howard, I take you ..."

The drunk man, who had been squinting a moment before, suddenly opened his eyes. And his eyes, as sharp as eagle's, were fixed on her.

She froze, her throat was like pinched by something, and couldn't speak.

"Get out!" The man spat the words slowly from his thin lips. He was still noble and haughty even in this situation.

Amy did not want to give up such a good opportunity, so she explained embarrassedly, "Mr. Howard, are you drunk? I'm Amy. Your girlfriend ..."

Ryan felt dizzy and was fidgety with her words. This time, he was too tired to talk to her. He shook her off directly and grabbed hold of Jessica.

"Go home." He was so drunk that he couldn't stand still, so he grabbed her, lay on her shoulder and said.

Chris couldn't stand, so he stretched out his hand and wanted to move his head.

But before he could touch his head, Jessica pushed his hand away. "Don't touch him."

Her brother got drunk and now he couldn't even stand still. If the bully push him, perhaps her brother would fall onto the ground.

Chris looked at Ryan who was lying on Jessica's s shoulder with anger on his face. He didn't say anything but grabbed the rabbit which he had put aside and turned to leave.

The fat agent and several assistants followed him.

"That simpleton deserves to be eaten alive!" Chris messed the rabbit's fur in his arms.

Several assistants didn't dare to speak. The agent smiled and said, "Mr. Howard doesn't look like that kind of person."

Haven't you ever heard of a beast in a suit? He's the sort of man!" Chris stopped suddenly and began to turn back. "I don't care about that little silly. I just don't want to let Ryan succeed!"

Still smiling, the agent said, "Well, you don't care about her. You're just nice."

Assistants, "..."

When they walked to the door of the hotel, they met Jessica holding Ryan down. His whole body was almost on top of hers, and she seemed to be struggling to hold him.

Chris coughed softly. "If you ask me, I can help you get him to the car."

Ryan did not let others touch him, so Jessica was not easy to get him down. Her head was sweating. She wiped the sweat off her head and said. "No, thanks. He did not let others touch him at the moment."

Even if other people asked Chris for help, he was not certain to help.

But when she refused and held Ryan intimately, he felt uncomfortable. "Just a drunk, why don't you ignore him? Why don't you tie him up and help him? I'll give you another chance. Can I help you?"

His words were tough, but his face was like, "let me help you."

Just for a while, Jessica could stand it. "I can do it myself. Don't you have a plane to catch tomorrow morning? Go home quickly."

Chris came directly with a sullen face. He grasped Ryan's arm forcibly and dragged the latter on him.

"Which car?" He asked crossly.

Jessica kneaded her sore arm, and asked, "Didn't I say I didn't need any help?"

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