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Chris hissed and wasn't afraid of Ryan at all. "There's more you can't tell!"

"But there's a lot I can tell. At least I know why you have this rabbit." Ryan said in a cold voice.

Listening to this, there was a flash of unnatural look on Chris's face. So he looked away first. "I can keep them if I want to, for no reason! You this kind of businessman always think too much. When others say hello, a three hundred words small composition can be derived from it! Boring!"

Ryan sneered and said lightly, "Yes, I can't compare with you young man, who needs your agent and company to clean up everything."

Chris had a good time beating Alex up on set, but his agent and his PR team broke their legs over it. And he had a violent temper, so it was more than once.

On one side, Clara's eyes were shining with it and she was excited.

Overbearing president vs fierce little wolf dog, hot!

Chris had a violent temper originally. He exploded directly because of Ryan's irony. "You..."

Jessica gave a cough. She was afraid that Chris would come to no good end if he had offended her brother, so she said hurriedly, "It finished the grass. Do you have any more?"

It was inconceivable to her that they could have argued about a rabbit! Were they three years old children?

Chris's attention was diverted directly by Jessica's interruption. He said shortly, "No, I'll feed it when I get home."

That was the end of the rabbit storm.

Amy always felt that if she appeared with Ryan, the focus of the audience should be on her. But she did not expect, because of a rabbit, they finally focused on Jessica again.

She bit her lip and went up to Mr. Johnson. "Director, can we change our seats? I usually serve Mr. Howard, so I am afraid if I am not around him, he is not used to it."

Actually, Mr. Johnson did not like her very much, but after all, she was Ryan's "girlfriend", so it was not good to refuse her.

He nodded, and was about to leave when he heard Ryan's indifference voice. "You don't need to change. Jessie will serve me."

Jessica was petting the rabbit. "what?"

She didn't usually serve her brother. So she didn't know what he liked to eat.

Amy was refused in public. Her face was burning vaguely. She did not dare to say anything, but smiled embarrassedly and returned to her seat.

Ryan didn't seem to notice about it at all. He went on doing what he had to do.

"Give the rabbit back to Chris and extend your hand." He said to Jessica.

Jessica said a long yes and gave the rabbit back to Chris. And then extended her hands obediently.

He unfolded the wet towel and carefully wiped her hands.

Seeing that, everyone looked at each other speechlessly.

What was going on here? Ryan had a new love, but found he liked the old one more?

Not only were they confused, but Jessica was confused, too. She looked at the Ryan, who was wiping her hands, and got goose bumps all over her body. Her forehead broke out in a cold sweat.

What was her brother trying to do?

"Ry...Ryan, I can do it myself." She whispered, whose voice was shaking.

Ryan looked up and looked at her coldly.

Jessica was nervous and didn't dare to breathe heavily.

"Do it yourself." He threw the wet towel into her hand with a sullen face.

They couldn't relax while talking and doing things because Ryan was here. There was only the clash of chopsticks and bowls left, and it seemed a little depressing.

But the director and producer were trying to make the atmosphere active. And since Ryan came here, he only concentrated on eating, and didn't not look at them, so they relaxed gradually.

Jessica was afraid that if she gained weight, she would not look good in front of the camera. So she dared not to eat too much during these months. Now she could eat and drink as much as she want directly. It didn't take her long to get stuffed and she even wanted to go to the bathroom.

She got up to leave after she wiped the grease with a tissue.

After taking a pee, Jessica felt much comfortable. She was humming a little tune while washing her hands.

"What are you humming? It sounds awful. Stop humming!" Chris happened to come out from the bathroom and sprinkled some water on her.

Anyway, it was just a few drops of water, so Jessica didn't mind as a tolerant adult. "You don't have to listen, but I have to sing." She raised her chin to give a snort at him, and was ready to leave.

But a long leg suddenly stuck out in front of her and nearly tripped her up.

Jessica turned to curl her lips at Chris. "Boring! Naive!"

And then she was about to cross over and leave.

However, Chris's leg lifted suddenly, so Jessica couldn't cross halfway and straddled his leg.

"Are you insane?" Jessica withdrew her leg with difficulty and much to her relief she had been a dancer, who could do the splits easily.

Chris looked down at her with his hands around the chest, who looked aggressive. "You have the medicine?"

This woman was usually silly. Why did she move so fast this time?

"..." Why was this person so boring? "Get out of my way quickly. I have big thing to do back there!" She had just peed to make a little room in her stomach and felt that she could eat a little more.

"You can go. I didn't stop you." Chris said.

Jessica took a look at the long leg which blocked in front of her, and did not seem to move at all. "..."

She glanced at Chris, braced her hands on his leg, and was ready to vault over it.

"What, what, what are you doing?" One of her hands rested on his thigh, and his face flushed as if he were about to bleed. He put his leg on the ground hurriedly.

"I'm not doing you anyway." How could this man act like a little wife who was molested? She didn't do anything!

He didn't expect such an answer at all. Chris opened his mouth several times, but couldn't speak anything. Seeing her turn to go away, he grabbed his hair irritably. "Fuck!"

Then he trotted to keep up with her.

"Hey, bully, you didn't come to the bathroom just to stop me, did you?" Jessica said.

Chris gave a sniff and sneered, "Who gave you the confidence? Let me ask you, what is your relationship with Alex? What is your relationship with Ryan?"

The topic changed too fast, Jessica stopped and looked round at him for a moment.

Chris looked away unnaturally under her gaze. "Don't be a narcissist. I don't like your type! Alex is too dirty and shameless, and Ryan was scheming is too deep. I am afraid you little silly will be deceived, so I came to ask you."

Before she could answer, he added, frowning, "Don't lie to me!"

She lied to him last time!

"It's nothing, just an ex-boyfriend and an...unrelated person." He had a bad temper, but he didn't seem to have a big mouth, so it was ok to tell him.

She said as she walked on.

Chris followed her step by step, and pretended that he didn't care about it. "Don't say it if you don't want to. Why did you lie to me?"

She didn't seem to have no relationship with him!

Hearing that, Jessica slowed her pace a little but didn't say anything.

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