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"Don't you want to say yes?" Alex looked surprised and painful. "Why? Are you in love with someone else just after we broke up?"

His words put Jessica in a dilemma. She wouldn't agree to get back together with him because he had cheated on her. But if she refused him, it meant she was really in love with someone else, showing she's a wanton.

She was in a dilemma and found no right answer.

Amy came and added trouble. "Jessica, I've worked with Alex for a while. He's really a nice guy. He doesn't care about what happened before now. If he is willing to get back together with you, just say yes."

Jessica blushed with anger. However, Amy distorted deliberately. "Jessica is too shy to answer. Alex, don't you give your flowers to Jessica now?"

Shy my foot!

She wouldn't like such a bad boy who had cheated on her, acted indecently in public and confused right and wrong, even if she was given a hundred million dollars!

Trembling with anger, Jessica clutched the flower which was thrust into her arms and was about to throw it at the ground. But no sooner had the bouquet been raised above her head than it was snatched away.

Jessica looked round, and her eyes brightened as she shifted her gaze from the man's meticulous suit to his smooth jaw and his handsome face with deep brows and eyes.

"This thing, was unworthy of her!" Ryan gave a cold hiss, threw the bouquet to the ground, and stepped on it and pressed it hard with his shiny and expensive leather shoes.

This move was full of insult, but because of the previous thing that his tendons were cut by Ryan, he dared not even look at Ryan, let alone resist.

If he had known Ryan would be here today, he would never have professed!

Ryan stepped on the broken petals and walked up to Alex with a cold face. "Have you forgotten what I said before?"

His voice was light, but Alex's forehead broke out in a cold sweat. He swallowed hard, wanted to escape instinctively, but he fought it back.

He had been cornered by Ryan now, if he did not fight, his life was over!

Of course I remembered what Mr. Howard said." Alex tried to look like a man with a strong personality, but his body and voice couldn't stop shaking. "But, but I really like Jessie and want to be with her."

Ryan sneered, whose face was full of ridicule. "Does she have to promise to be with you, if you want to be with Jessie? Does she have to be with that pig, too, if a boar says it likes her?"

This was obviously saying Alex was a pig.

There was a roar of laughter from the crowd.

Alex's face was burning. He hated Ryan so much, but he still looked spoony. "Since Jessie is still angry with me, I don't want to force her."

He gave a wry smile. "Then I'll go."

The moment he turned, his eyes were full of haze.

Ryan was always too lazy to spend time on such a nobody, so he didn't stop Alex when he wanted to leave. He bowed his head, and glared at Jessica with cold eyes. "Aren't you usually very clever? Why didn't you contradict him? You're dumb?"

"I was so angry that I couldn't speak." Jessica shrank her neck and said with a little ingratiation. "Luckily you came."

Ryan gave a cold snort and turned around to go out. "Come with me."


Chris came hurriedly when he heard Alex expressed his love to Jessica again. However, as soon as he came, he saw that Jessica left beside Ryan, who looked like his little wife.

What perfume are you wearing today? It's choking! Don't wear this perfume next time, or you won't have to come to work again!" He stopped, looked back, and shouted impatiently at the new assistant.

The female assistant was a senior student. She was confused when she was shouted by Chris for no reason. "But Chris, I don't wear any perfume..."

"If you want to use, just use the kind that little silly uses. No other perfume!" Chris said to himself and turned back.

The agent comforted the assistant and said gently, "Don't mind him. You'll get an extra hundred dollars this month. Let's go."

It was the default rule that he gave moral allowance after scolding people.

On the other side, Jessica saw Chris rushed out like a angry chicken when she just got in the car. She wound down the car window and greeted him. "Bully!"

Chris glared at her hard. Bully? Tortoise!

He kicked the stone in front of him, but it was fixed on the ground. Instead of kicking it off, his foot hurt badly.

"Did you eat the dynamite?" Jessica saw him leave with a very angry look. She mumbled a few words and closed the car window.

Last time in the bar, Ryan didn't see Chris's face clearly and now he did.

He was very handsome, and he looked as old as Jessie.

His eyes flashed and he seemed to ask casually, "Do you know him well?"

"Yes." Jessica didn't know at all that when he expressed his feelings for the second time, he said that "he" was referring to Chris. "This is the leading actor Chris. It was he who helped me when I was harassed by Alex."

The bully always looked arrogant. And he looked pleasing only at that time when he beat Alex.

Ryan gave a reply and told driver to drive. And then he asked suddenly, "Do women like to be rescued by heroes?"

"Yeah! Otherwise the idol romance drama and the novel won't be so popular!" Jessica did not understand why he asked this question suddenly, but still answered earnestly.

"That..." Chris helped you, so did you also have favorable impression of him?

The words circled around his tongue around, and was swallowed. He said flatly, "The last explosion accident has been dealt with. Carol did that, because she was jealous of you."

"What's the matter with her?" Thinking of that, Jessica was angry. "Won't she work hard if she's jealous of me. Does she need to hurt others like that?"

Ryan heard her tone of disgust and his eyebrows moved slightly. "You are very angry?"

"Of course! If you hadn't helped me, I might have died in that scene!" She almost killed her, could she not be angry?

Ryan was silent for a while before he spoke again. "What if she had done that, not to harm you, but for some unspeakable reason? Are you still angry?"

"Isn't it paradoxical to deliberately tamper with a bomb, but not to harm me? Even if she had an unspeakable reason, I would be angry. The bomb almost killed me and you!"

Jessica said indignantly and didn't notice a strange look passed fleetingly across his face.

"By the way, she almost killed us. What did you do to her?"

Ryan turned to look out of the window, whose eyes were deep. "I'll do what I should do."

No specifics.

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