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He didn't ask if her ankle hurt and bent down to put her on the bed. As she turned her head, her lip brushed against his muscle.

There was a slight pause in his movements. His whole body was electric and his muscles was taut.

It so happened that she was absent-minded when she took off her makeup, so her lipstick was not taken off. Just then, she left some lipstick on his body.

Thinking he had not noticed, she stretched out her hand secretly and tried to wipe it off.

But she did not know, her cool hand kneaded on his stomach lightly just like seducing him.

Ryan only felt a burst of fire rushed to the abdomen, and even his breathing was heavy.

"Don't move." He took her hand, whose voice was a little hoarse, and his eyes were deep with the fire of passion.

His hand was burning. Jessica withdrew her hand from his unnaturally and said in a small voice, "I'm sorry, Ryan. I accidentally rubbed my lipstick on you..."

Her voice was soft and sweet, which made Ryan's throat dry. He looked down at her small and full lip and swallowed, whose deep eyes with a bit of desire.

Jessica felt uncomfortable under his gaze. She braced herself against the bed with both hands and took a few steps back.

Ryan forced himself to look away and sat on the bed. He lowered his eyes to hide the surging desire in his eyes and pressed his palm against her twisted ankle with some strength.

She said nothing, so it was not supposed to be a sprain. And his tight, handsome face softened a little.

"I'm really all right, Ryan." He did not wear a coat, so Jessica dared not look straight at him.

"Your wound isn't healed yet, but you just lifted me and I don't know if it's open. I'll call the doctor."

Jessica got out of bed who looked unnatural, and trotted out.

After going out, she took a few deep breaths, put her hand on her feverish face, and went to call the doctor.

When she came back, her brother had just come out of the bathroom, whose short hair was still dripping.

"Why did he shower so early today..." Jessica whispered, but she didn't think much. Much to her relief he wore clothes, so the situation was not embarrassing.

The doctor glanced at Ryan whose bandage was soaked with water and felt dissatisfaction with it. But because his aura was too strong, the doctor dared not to say anything and aimed at Jessica.

Why you little girl don't care about your boyfriend? Who is responsible if it gets infected because of the shower?"

Guilty as she was, Jessica had one thing to explain. "You misunderstood. He wasn't my..."

"Please take a look at my arm. It's not very comfortable." Ryan seemed to interrupt her words unintentionally.

The doctor didn't continue to talk about Jessica, and hurriedly gave his wound an examination. And then bandaged it again. He repeatedly told Jessica before leaving, don't let Ryan take a bath again but she can help him wipe with wet towel.

Jessica could only nod.

After sending away the doctor, no matter how she looked at his wound, something was wrong. Thought for a while, she finally remembered, "By the way, brother, where is your plaster?"

Ryan paused. He had difficulty in moving with the cast, so he took it apart this morning and forgot to put it on.

"Ryan?" Jessica repeated, daring to look at his arm.

Ryan pushed her head away without changing his countenance, and said in a cold voice, "When the doctor came here this morning, he thought it was not proper to put the cast on, so he took it off for me."

After a pause, he added, "But it's really bad. The doctor advised me not to use this arm."

Hearing that, Jessica felt more guilty and apologized several times earnestly.

"How do I eat?" Ryan asked.

She looked away from his handsome face. "I... If you don't mind, I can feed...you."

"Okay." Ryan drooped his eyes, and the corners of his mouth curved in a very small curve, fleeting.

In the next three days, the series finale of "Spy" began filming, and the crew was extremely busy. Jessica had to film all day and night, nearly 15 hours a day, so she didn't have time to go back to the hospital.

The filming mission went well, but life was a lot of trouble.

Amy came to find Jessica more than once, and asked her whether Ryan wanted to "get back together" with her, even with a warning and bribe.

In addition, Alex began to send her flowers, invited the crew to dinner in her name, and gave her all kinds of expensive gifts.

Although she did not accept the gifts and thrust them back, he was not angry and coaxed her in good temper with sweet words.

The crew had witnessed that they made a scene before. Now when they saw Chris was chasing Jessica obviously, they were confused and just looked on blindly.

When Alex pestered Jessica, didn't know why Chris also didn't help, and looked on with other people coldly.

But he had no obligation to help her, and Jessica did not feel that there was anything strange. However, when she said hello to him every day, he ignored her, so she didn't understand.

Jessica's shooting task was heavy and she pestered by Amy and Alex, so she had no effort to guess why Chris sulked. She just felt tired every day and wanted to finish it quickly.

Hard work pays off. At eleven o 'clock in the morning of the fourth day, Mr. Johnson announced the official completion. And at six o 'clock in the evening, they would hold a finishing banquet in DY house which was a Chinese restaurant.

Everyone roared with excitement, and were ready to go back to catch up on sleep and then went out for a big meal in the evening.

Jessica was no exception.

But just as she was about to leave, two men suddenly sprayed her with the petals which were used for the wedding.

Then the voice of Alex through the loudspeaker reached everybody's ears. "Jessie, let's get back together!"

All of them were confused about "get back together".

They used to be boyfriend and girlfriend, and now Alex was trying to make up?

Smelling the gossip, they were not in a hurry to go back and looked at Jessica and Alex who was gradually approaching Jessica all at once.

Jessica absolutely did not expect Alex would suddenly do that. Her face was turning red and white, and she was about to burst with anger.

"Alex, don't mess around!" Jessica warned in a low voice.

But he looked just like did not hear her words, and continued to express himself sincerely. "It's all my fault that I treated you like that on set. But that is because I love you so much that I was jealous because I can't stand you flirting with other men."

He got down on one knee and handed her the flowers. "Jessie, I know you still love me. Let's get back together."

These words contained too much information, so the look in everyone's eyes changed when they looked at Jessica.

Originally, they were boyfriend and girlfriend before. Then what Alex had done before was not sexually harassment. It was quarrel between young couple at most.

Instead, Jessica as a girlfriend, she flirted with others and reported her boyfriend, who was really a bitch.

Jessica couldn't express her bitterness and warned him in a low voice, "Alex, if you..."

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