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The woman did not ask anymore. She just said you were welcome, and left.

Jessica heard the sound of the high-heeled shoes faded away. Then she broke free from Alex, kept her distance and asked warily, "What do you want to do?"

If he dared to use force on her, she would break his cock, so that he could not stab people in this life!

"I just said, I'm here to apologize to you!" Alex looked sincere. He also took her hand, put it to his lips and kissed it.

The feeling of wet came from her hand. Jessica only felt extremely sick as if maggots had crawled through her hand.

She tore her hand free with strength. "You don't have to explain to me, and I don't want to hear it!"

As she spoke, she turned and walked out.

"Wait!" Alex chased her from behind, trying to catch her.

Jessica raised her hand and dodged. She looked around, and luckily there was no one around. "Say what you want to say, and then stop following me!"

"Jessie, in fact I still love you." Alex looked at her affectionately, whose eyes were full of injuries.

Jessica was amused. "Oh, you love me, and then you cheated on me. And molested me on set in front of so many people?"

With such a perfunctory excuse, did he think she was stupid?

Alex spoke earnestly, "I was not cheat on you. I did that, just for the future of our two. We both had no money, so I slept with that woman in disgrace to have the resources to earn money and support us both."

His expression was appropriate, and he spoke sadly.

She would have believed him if she had spent his money, and if she hadn't seen him fucking a woman like a male dog!

"As for those things I did on set, it's all because I saw you and Mr. Howard having an affair. So I was jealous and acted crazy. That's all forgivable, you..."

His words was becoming more absurd and he didn't feel shame at all. Jessica couldn't stand listening.

She interrupted impatiently. "We have no chance!"

Jessica was afraid that he would continue to pester, so she ran out in the speed of 100-meters dash when she finished. Who knew he will give chase.

She just hated that she couldn't sprint faster.

"Why are you running? Think you're a rabbit?" A man came out from the corner and grabbed her by the back of her collar.

It was Chris.

Jessica was wheezing heavily, so she did not have time to explain to him, but pushed him against the wall and made a hissing gesture at him.

Then, she focused on the outside.

Fortunately, Alex did not notice this side. He looked around, and followed the other way.

"You can't get up when he's gone? Want to take advantage of me?" Chris shouted at her impatiently and pushed her up.

How come this woman didn't know anything about keeping a distance from the opposite sex? Did she know that a lot of men on the set were secretly talking about her figure?

Alex had gone, so Jessica didn't need to hide.

She put her hands around her chest, hissed and gave him a slap on the head. "You're lucky I'm in such a good shape and next to you. If anyone's taking advantage, it's you!"

"Don't pat me on the head. How many times have I said that?" He slapped her hand away with a sullen face and hated being slapped on the head.

It would bring back bad memories.

At this time, Clara called and asked why Jessica didn't come. She said she'd be right there, hung up and left.

"Hey, there's one more thing I want to ask you!" Chris grabbed her wrist from behind. When he felt the delicate touch on her wrist, he released immediately as if he got an electric shock.

It seemed that his heart was beating fast.

Jessica did not notice his unnatural look at all, and asked absently, "Yes? What is it?"

She looked ahead as she spoke.

There seemed to be a small rabbit slip past just now. Who was raising a rabbit on set? Was he not afraid it would be caught and roasted?

However, he found her looking at the direction Alex left, and felt very unhappy. He was not pleased and his tone was even worse. "I'm asking you, what is your relationship with that rascal?"

He pointed at the direction Alex left with his chin, trying to look indifferent, but every cell of his body was tightened together.

If he were the rabbit he kept, his ears would be cocked up.

Jessica paused for a while before she realized that the rascal he said meant Alex. She said with a guilty conscience. "No relationship."

She really didn't want to have any relationship with that dirty bastard!

Chris's face fell suddenly. "Liar!"

They were obviously boyfriend and girlfriend before. Alex had come to find him and showed him the photos of them as lovers!

Listening to this, Jessica was still wondering if he knew something. But she was glared by him and saw him leave with an ugly face.

But this guy was like a puffer fish, who liked to get angry, but after a little while, he would be good.

Jessica didn't mind at all. After she went to the dressing room to take off her makeup, she and Clara went their separate ways, one to the hospital, the other to the hotel.

The door of the ward was closed.

Jessica knocked at the door several times, but there was no respond inside. Without thinking, she pushed open the door and went in.

She just didn't expect that what he saw was the man's bare back. He had wide shoulders and narrow waist. Every skin texture was perfect and sexy.

Her blood reversed its flow and her face blushed suddenly, which was burning.

She paused for a moment. Then she backed hurriedly and wanted to go out and close the door. But she was so flustered that she twisted her ankle and landed on the floor with a thud.

Ryan heard the noise and turned around. The celibate handsome face showed a sharp contrast with the strong pectoralis and abdominals. The existence of contradictions tickled one's heart.

Jessica looked up at him casually, and her face was on fire immediately as she glanced over the tattoo on his V-line.

"I'm... I'm going out, sorry..."

She ducked her head and stuttered an apology. Before she had finished speaking, her vision suddenly darkened. The next second, a pair of powerful hands through her waist and leg bend, lifted her up.

Jessica cried out in a low voice and put her arms around his neck unconsciously.

He had no clothes on his upper body, and his scalding temperature was coming through her thin dress. She could feel the curve of his muscles as he breathed.

"What are you panicking about?" She heard the man's chilly voice overhead.

Her whole body was enveloped by his breath. Jessica held her breath unconsciously, and said in a small voice , "Ryan, let me down. If anyone sees..."


Ryan's eyes darkened. He kicked the door shut and said in a cold voice, "Then no one will see."

He could not understand her and his grandmother's thoughts. Why should they care what other people think about their own lives?

There was a distinct irritation in his voice. Jessica pressed her lips and dared not speak. She looked up at him secretly, but could only see his tight jaw and high nose. She couldn't read his face.

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