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With a twinkle in his eye, Ryan took out his cell phone and found the chat records with him. All of them were deleted.

When Jessica got to the set, she saw Chris walking around with a gloomy face, just like the bandit coming down the mountain looking for a rich man to rob.

She went over and tapped him on the shoulder from behind.

"Who?" Chris growled impatiently. When he turned around and saw her, his eyes flashed with joy.

But it was fleeting, he still looked fierce. "You tapped me from behind wearing a white dress with long hair. Do you want to scare me by dressing up as a ghost? Will you pay compensation if you scare me to death?"

The woman was one year older than him. How could her skin be so good? He did not know what skin care products she had used, and her skin was as delicate as a shelled egg.

"Even if I am a ghost, I am a beautiful ghost. I can't frighten anyone!" Jessica curled her lips and looked around. "I saw you walking back and forth as if you were looking for something. What are you looking for?"

They were not shooting yet, so she could help him.

When he heard that, Chris looked away unnaturally. He said shortly, "It's none of your business what I find! Curiosity killed the cat, understand?"

"Yes. Why are your ears so red?" She had gotten used to his snarky manner and pointed to his ear.

"!" Chris covered his ears with a rush like a cat whose tail was stepped. He was about to roar when his agent came.

"Jessie, are you here?" The agent was a bit fat, and he was smiling, like the Maitreya Buddha.

Chris's body was stiff, and he had some bad forebodings.

And then he heard the agent said, "Oh, Chris was worried when he heard about your accident. He wanted to visit you yesterday, but he couldn't spare the time because of a TV promotion. He knew that you come today, so he came early, and has been waiting..."

Chris kept staring at him, and saw that he was still saying to himself, so Chris stepped on his foot. "Would you die without saying a word? !Who cares about her? If you care, just say you care, leave me out of it!"

After he finished, he walked up to Jessica and said fiercely. "I don't care about you, and I wasn't waiting for you just now. I'm just taking a walk. Don't be a narcissist!"

Jessica, "..."

She watched the bully run away like an angry cat, and felt that he was a bit of a runaway.

She didn't know why he was insane.

"It's just his way. Jessie, please don't mind." The agent smiled and said.

"Are you all right?" Jessica asked.

The agent said, "Good, don't worry about me and Chris. Chris lost his temper again. I'll try to coax him."


Anyway, there was still some time, so Jessica took a small stool, and began to read the script.

Before she had read much, she suddenly felt that someone was looking at her.

She looked up and saw Amy standing not far away and a heavily armed man.

Even if the man was very tightly covered, she could still see from his body shape, that was Alex, and he was still looking straight at her.

Jessica got goose bumps all over under his gaze. She had no interest in the script. She wondered what he was doing here and didn't feel well.

But fortunately, today's shooting was still smooth. Alex didn't do anything outrageous or suspicious except watch the play there.

Jessica was not a troublemaker. He cheated on her and sexually harassed her, but when her brother cut the tendons of his hands and feet, their vendetta had been wiped out.

As long as he did nothing more to offend her, she would not expose his dirt.

"I'll change my clothes, baby, and you can wait for me in the dressing room." Jessica gave a pile of things to Clara and only took the clothes to change.

These days, she had been wearing winter clothes for shooting, so it was difficult to take them off. It took her nearly twenty minutes to change.

As she was about to go out, her mouth was suddenly covered by someone from behind.

"!" Jessica was stiff and struggled.

She had been through a bomb accident. She was not going to be kidnapped again, was she?

Perhaps she struggled so hard that the people behind her lost his grip and had to say, "Don't move. It's me, Jessie."

A very fresh male voice, but when Jessica heard this familiar voice, she felt sick.

She bit him hard on the hand, and when he let her go she stepped back and spat on the ground.

He was dirty.

"Jessie, I have something to say to you." Alex's eyes had a flash of haze, but then he looked affectionate.

He took a step forward, and she took a step back, saying in disgust, "Don't come!"

What was wrong with this man? They had been apart for more than three months, and something very unpleasant had happened in the middle. How could he pretend that nothing had happened?

"I missed you so much after not seeing you for so long." Alex came forward and held her in his arms. "Listen to me. It's not what you think."

His hands and feet tendons was cut and it took him three months to heal. Finally, he found the company wanted to hide him. It was useless no matter how he begged them. As a result, he happened to know that Jessica was the daughter of the Howards.

As long as they got back together, would he not have the resources he wanted by then?

That was Howards!

The thought of it made him hold more tightly.

Now, Jessica felt sick every time when she saw him. And she was about to explode when she was held in his arms now. "Bastard, rogue, let go of me!"

Even if Alex's strength was small, after all, he was also a man, so she could not free herself with all her strength.

Even when she tried to step on his foot, he would not let go, but made quite a noise.

"Who's in there? Can I help you?" A woman outside the dressing room asked.

Alex lowered his voice and said, "If you keep shouting and moving, guess what she'll think when we go out unclothed? The gossip in the cast, one knows, everyone knows."

"Mean and shameless!" Jessica clenched her teeth to scold, but no longer struggled.

Because she knew he was telling the truth.

If this kind of thing was spread, it had no effect on actors, but it was a fatal smear for actresses. Society was so unfair to women.

"Hello? Do you need help?" The woman outside asked again.

Alex smiled at Jessica who looked bright and gentle as when they first met.

But Jessica's feeling was different. She felt her heart leap when they first met, but now only disgust and sickness left.

She took a deep breath, and said as calm as possible to the outside people, "I'm ok. Just put on weight recently. I put on the previous clothes finally, but it's split. Thank you."

It was not common, but it made sense.

Especially in this industry, there were strict requirements on actress's figure. Their usual clothes were snug. If they were a little fatter, there was a risk that they couldn't get in.

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