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"I'm sorry for those rude words." Ryan said, "But everybody has mouth. They can say what they want, and we can't control. Do you think how we live depends on what people say?"

He said this to make her think on her own terms, but how can she change her thoughts after decades in one or two words?

The grandmother waved her hand. "You're too young to understand. Rumour can destroy a person. For example, Mrs. Miller. Look at her grandson. Now, does anyone want to marry their daughter to them?"

No one said anything.

But Jessica knew the answer was negative.

Since Mrs. Miller's son was in love with her adopted granddaughter, no one wanted to marry her grandson. In the end, he married a material girl from an ordinary family, and the family was always in a mess.

"I'm doing this for both of you." The grandmother took her arm, saying earnestly, "Our Jessie is usually the most obedient. You know what grandmother means?"

With a quick glance at Ryan, Jessica said sweetly, "I know grandmother is also good for me. I will keep a proper distance from my brother in front of others."

In fact, Ryan had been very alienated from her. Instead, her relationship with her eldest brother was really good. But she didn't know why there were always someone making up stories about Ryan and her behind their back.

Ryan frowned and tried to say something. But he was pinched by his mother and finally said nothing.

"That's right, good girl." The grandmother was very pleased. She told that if Jessica was free, just let her know, so she could meet some people.

Then she left with the grandfather and the mother.

Jessica and Ryan were the only ones left in the ward suddenly. Obviously she should feel that the ward was spacious with less people. But she felt that the space had suddenly become cramped and she was suffocating.

Silence exacerbated the sense of suffocation.

Ryan sat on the side of the hospital bed, whose cold eyes locked her, like a beast in the dark, waiting to give a fatal blow to the prey in sight.

His gaze made her palms sweat and she wanted to break the silence, but she didn't know what to say. She stood right in front of him awkwardly, who didn't dare to sit and speak.

"Are you in such a hurry to get married?" Ryan said suddenly, whose voice was flat.

"No." Jessica did not know why he suddenly asked this, and answered carefully, "I am only 20, so I still want to stay at home a few more years."

"Why didn't you just say no?" He asked quickly.

Listening to that, Jessica looked up at him and lowered her head again. She opened her mouth but say nothing.

Although the family members spoiled her, the fact that she was an outsider could not be changed. She was afraid that if she went against her grandmother's wishes, she would be hated. But this feeling, Ryan wouldn't understand as grandmother's blood grandson.

Ryan hissed, whose voice grew colder, "Can't explain?"

"I... I'll have to get married sooner or later. It's good to have blind date early and cultivate relationships." Seeing that he was angry, Jessica explained with a stutter.

She wondered why he was suddenly so angry.

Ryan pressed his lips together and did not look at her. "Get out!"

"Ryan, I..."

"Get out!" He repeated with emphasis, whose eyes looked straight at her like sharp blades.

Jessica shivered with his shout. She perceived that he was not in the right mood, and quickly changed the topic. "Ryan, I seem to know who did the explosion!"

Hearing that, Ryan's bushy eyelash shivered. He looked a little dull, and there was some imperceptible sharpness in his eyes.

"It should be Carol." Jessica was afraid that he would drive her again, so she said hurriedly. "Before this scene started shooting, she said something strange to me. Her behavior showed that she knew someone had done something to it before we started shooting."

If she hadn't done it, how would she know?

Thinking of the explosion just now, Jessica still felt her hands and feet was cold.

If it hadn't been for her brother, she might have been dead!

Ryan didn't drive her this time but said coldly, "You found the person. What are you going to do?"

Jessica sighed with relief when she saw his face softened. She said softly, "Find the evidence first, and then deal with her matter."

Although it was quite possible that Carol had done it, she must investigate first. Otherwise it was not good to misunderstand her.

"Yes." Ryan did not object.

"Then you have a rest first. Call the nurse if you need any help. I'll go out and look into it. And I'll be right back." She said, and turned to leave. But she was grabbed by Ryan from behind after she just took two steps.

She looked at Ryan's right leg which was bandaged up from top to bottom and looked worried.

Ryan calmly put his right leg on his left foot. and his handsome face remained the same, only tinged with some pain.

"I'll arrange someone to look into it. You don't have to deal with it."


"Stop it. Everybody's gone. If you're going, who's going to take care of me?" Ryan didn't allow her to refute.

Jessica could only choose to stay.

Just then the nurse knocked and came in. Her face twisted when she saw the pain on Ryan's face.

He had only a scratch on his body, should he make himself look so miserable?

Jessica asked curiously when she saw the nurse stared at Ryan. "Is there anything examination he should have?"


It was only a scratch. If he came any later, the wound would heal. What examination he should have? Nowadays, in order to flirt with the young girl, the young man's acting could be comparable to the best actor!

The nurse kept her contempt in mind and asked Jessica to go through the procedure of admission.

She was here all day. The next day, the cast couldn't work without her while filming. Jessica called Jeffrey, and she left after he came.

"What's up? Was the sweet heart moved enough to give you a French kiss?"

Jeffrey was wearing a suit, but he didn't look serious at all. His shirt was unbuttoned to reveal his collarbone, and there was even an ambiguous and violent hickey.

Ryan glanced at him, but did not answer. He just reached out to him. "Cigarette."

"What kind of cigarette does a patient need?"Jeffrey smiled evilly and clapped a few times on his hand. And then Jeffrey took out a cigarette, snapped the lighter open and lit it.

Ryan snatched the cigarette from his hand, got out of bed, and ground the cigarette into the ashtray. He put his hand into his pocket and the outer corner of his eye raised.

"When you can't smoke, you don't let others smoke. Are you too overbearing?"

He smiled and went to get a banana.

"Have you dealt with it?" Ryan took an orange, peeling it slowly and methodically. He didn't eat after he peeled the orange, but he carefully peeled off the white tissue above little by little.

Jeffrey threw the banana peel into the trash can and turned around to walk towards the door. "I came here to remind you that don't let Jessica find out, or..."

He chuckled, waved his hands lazily, opened the door and went out.

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