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The large group of people attracted the attention of countless people.

The mother was surprised to see that Jessica sat outside. "Why are you sitting here instead of going into the ward to accompany your brother?"

The grandmother and grandfather also looked at her.

"I..." Jessica stood up, whose face was somewhat burning. "I made my brother angry and was kicked out."

The grandmother muttered, "Why doesn't the boy look like a brother? All right, let's go in."

Jessica hesitated. She was afraid that if she went in, she would be driven out again. At last they dragged her in forcibly.

After she entered, she did not dare to go any further, and retreated to the back of the crowd.

She secretly took a look at Ryan and sighed with relief slightly when she saw Ryan didn't want to drive her away.

Amy was washing fruit in the ward. At first she was not pleased to see such a large crowd come in, but she was glad instantly when she saw them clearly.

She took a few steps to the front of the crowd and called openly. "Mrs. Howard, old Mrs.Howard, old Mr. Howard, hello, I'm ..."

"I'm sorry, lady. We have domestic affairs to deal with now. Thank you for taking care of Ryan." The grandfather interrupted her directly and then winked at the bodyguards behind him.

The bodyguards came forward and stood right and left beside her, asking her to go out without expression.

Aside, when Jessica saw this scene, she was anxious to give an applause.

Because Amy was so ostentatious relying on her brother and at last she was vanquished!

Of course Amy was not willing to be taken away. The chance of seeing all these three people at the same time was so precious that she had to take time to make an impression. "In fact, Mr. Howard, you needn't have driven me away with your domestic affairs, I..."

The grandfather had seen countless people. He didn't like her because he saw the ambition in her eyes at a glance. He didn't let her finish and told his bodyguards to take her out directly.

Seeing her grandson injured like this, the old lady felt very pity and asked a lot of questions. After making sure he was fine, she asked what was going on.

"It was me." Jessica stood up and explained in a guilty whisper.

"How dare someone touch my granddaughter? Where did they get their nerve?" After hearing the story, the grandfather was furious. He wanted to call the police chief immediately.

Listening to this, Ryan's pupils contracted. He said flatly, "There's no need to bother grandpa about this little thing. I can handle it myself."

But the grandfather waved his hand. He disagreed. "Your subordinates are too slow!"

"Jessie has just started her career. If you make such a big deal, it is not conducive to her future development." Ryan frowned and refused. Grandfather must not have a hand in this matter, or it would not end well.

The grandfather didn't know the rules of the entertainment industry, so he turned to ask Jessica, "Is it? Jessie."

"... Well, yes." Jessica felt uncomfortable by Ryan's stare and could only follow his words. She didn't understand why he didn't want the grandfather to intervene, but she didn't think twice.

Since she said so, the grandfather didn't insist. He just frowned and said, "These people are really too unreasonable!"

"It's ridiculous." The grandmother followed and said, "Jessie, Why don't you stop being an actress. It's hard and dangerous."

Jessica had some bad forebodings suddenly.

Sure enough...

"Jessie, I picked some young boys who were matched for marriage. Some are introduced by others. Come on, see who you are satisfied with? Or you're satisfied with all? You can get along with them one by one!"

The grandmother took out her cell phone, put on her reading glasses and began to look through the photos.

The mother was also smoothly diverted and began to discuss with the grandmother which one was suitable. "He is not good, too short. Genes are not good enough."

"He is too ugly. You see his flat nose. If there is a flat nose ugly grandson, do you think you can accept it?"

"This one is not bad..."

Ryan lowered his head, whose eyes were cold. He clutched the quilt tightly. Blue veins stood out on his neck. He was trying to resist the impulse to grab the phone and throw it on the ground with all his strength.

Then a hand gently tugged at his sleeve.

Ryan looked at the hand, which was holding him, small and white. He knew who it belonged to just at a glance.

He looked up at her. "Yes?"

Jessica had just offended him and dared not ask him for help, but she had to.

"Ryan, can you help me?" Her voice was small and soft, as if she was acting cute.

Ryan took a cool glance at her but didn't say anything. The light in her eyes faded. She let go of his arm and stood there with her head down.

It was understandable that he would not help her now, but she was still sad.

"What's the benefit for me to help you?" At this time, Ryan asked suddenly.

When Jessica saw the hope, she was happy and hurriedly leaned over to whisper in his ear. "

"I'll owe you a favor. Whatever you ask me to do, I will do."

The two voices were very small, so the grandmother did not hear. She said to herself, "Jessie, your mother and I think he's a good boy. You..."

As she said this, she looked back just in time to see that the two heads were almost close together, as if they were lovers whispering to each other.

The grandmother's eyes popped. She looked at them carefully and her face fell immediately. "How come you two don't know how to avoid it? No wonder people gossip about you."

She said these in her ears suddenly, Jessica was startled. She quickly straightened herself up, stepped back, and distanced herself from him.

Ryan frowned, almost invisibly. He opened his mouth, but said nothing.

"Mother, what?" The mother was confused. "One of them is a brother, and the other is a sister. To avoid what?"

The grandmother said, "Aren't they unrelated siblings? You don't know what I heard last time."

She repeated the story of Mrs. Miller's adopted granddaughter and son. "They used it as an example. And said maybe our Jessie will be in love with Ryan finally."

"There are also some worse words, saying that Jessie doesn't know keep her distance when she gets along with the opposite sex. Maybe she and her dad will... I'm ashamed to say that."

Jessica wriggled uncomfortably, whose face was pale.

After she arrived at the Howard family, grandfather, grandmother, mom and dad were very good to her. But there were always some people making up stories about her behind her back. She didn't know why, but she had encountered it many times.

Ryan turned to glance at her. He pressed his lips and said, "If people say you live to waste food, then you won't live?"

"What are you talking about, Ryan? Apologize to grandmother!" The mother realized and winked at him continually.

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