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When she got to the fruit store, she wanted to buy some fruit that her brother liked. But after looking around she realized that she had no idea what he liked.

"I'll just ask my special assistant to take care of me. "Spy" is about to finish, so you go back to shooting."

Although Ryan was dressed in a blue and white striped hospital dress with plaster and bandaged, his face was strong and he still looked handsome.

Jessica refused directly and felt guilty unceasingly. "You got hurt because of me. How could I leave you in the hospital and go back to the set?"

Listening to this, Ryan frowned, almost invisibly. "If it's because of other people, you'll not come?"

"... I will, too." Other people? Who? Amy Scott?

Jessica was disgusted with it, so she didn't continue. "Mr. Johnson should come up later after paying the fee. I'll just ask him for leave of absence. Don't worry."

She was afraid that if she stayed here he would ask again, so she went to wash and cut the fruit. She didn't know what he liked, so she made a little of everything.


While she was washing the fruit, Ryan sent a message to Jeffrey, and then put the phone away before she came back.

Jessica came with the fruit and put it all on the table. "Ryan, which do you want to eat?"

"No, it's not convenient." Ryan looked at the hand in plaster , and glanced at the other arm with bandages, whose voice was indifferent.

Seeing this, Jessica was very guiltily. "Let me feed you, Ryan. "

After all, he was hurt because of her.

She brought a plate of fruit, took some toothpicks, and sat down on the side of the bed.

There was a flash in his eye and then he went back to normal. "No, thanks. Troublesome."

"Not at all! You are injured because of me. I'm so happy that I can do what I can. I don't find it troublesome." Jessica explained carefully and held the pitaya to his mouth with a toothpick, looking at him expectantly.

Ryan looked down at the pitaya near his mouth and pressed his lips. It was not until she urged him twice more that he bit, held it for a moment, and swallowed.

One fed and the other ate. It didn't stop until Mr. Johnson led Amy in.

"Mr. Howard is in this..." When he saw the scene in the ward, Mr. Johnson's words stopped abruptly.

New love met old love. This scene was really a little awkward.

Amy came in a hurry because she was afraid that they would rekindle the past feelings. But she did not expect that the thing that she worried the most had happened.

"Mr. Howard's arms couldn't move, so I feed him. Please don't misunderstand." Jessica stood up. She hesitated, but still didn't say her identity.

Amy had two faces. If she knew who she was, she wouldn't treat her with her true face. By then, it would be difficult for her to gather some evidence and exposed her to her brother.

Amy was jealous and angry. She cursed Jessica in mind with smile on her face. "How could I misunderstand? I owe you a debt of gratitude for helping my boyfriend who was badly hurt."

She turned and looked at Ryan. "Is that right, dear?"

When asking this sentence, she still had butterflies in her stomach, worrying that Ryan wouldn't cooperate with her because he and Jessica had rekindled their feelings.

It was not until he said yes coldly that her heart was not in her mouth anymore.

When Jessica heard the word 'dear', she felt uncomfortable. Mainly because Amy said in a finical sweet voice, she could not bear to hear it.

"Well, now that I'm here, you can go home." Amy grabbed the fruit plate Jessica's hand, whose eyes were filled with complacency. "I'll take care of my boyfriend."

When speaking, she stressed the word boyfriend deliberately.

Jessica didn't answer right away. Her brother was hurt because of her, and she didn't want to leave. But if she insisted to stay here, Amy would misunderstand her brother.

Amy was not a good woman, but after all her brother like her. She couldn't force them to break up without proof...

" 'Spy' is about to finish, so you will be busy these days. You should go to work and Jessie will stay with me." Ryan looked at Mr. Johnson and said, "Is that ok? Mr. Johnson."

Mr. Johnson, "..."

Jessica was the one who should be busy!

Stuck in the new love and old love of the investor, Mr. Johnson smiled stiffly. "Yes. Amy, after all, Mr. Howard got hurt because of Jessie. She can take care of him here."

Without waiting for Amy's answer, Ryan decided, "Since the crew is so busy, you can go back."

Amy was afraid that she would "take" him away again, and hurriedly said, "I don't..."

"Huh?" Ryan looked at her with narrow eyes, whose eyes were cold.

Amy's scalp tingled with his gaze and her back was in a cold sweat. "I don't have... have anything to say. Jessica, please take care of Mr. Howard for me."

She did not dare to say "boyfriend", so the address became Mr. Howard again.

Just before she left, she gave Jessica a stern look. She really didn't know How this coquette hooked up with Mr. Howard again!

After they left, Jessica sat on the side of the bed and fed a piece of pitaya to Ryan. She was about to speak something when she heard Ryan say. "I have something to tell you."

"Yes." Jessica swallowed her words. Anyway, she can say later.

According to her brother's behavior, he didn't seem to like Amy so much. It should be fine if she told him Amy's true face.

Ryan took a tissue and wiped the corners of his mouth, saying, "Some time ago she went to our home, and left a bad impression on mother. You speak well of her in front of mother."

After he wiped the corners of his mouth, he lowered his head and carefully wiped his hands. But he always looked at Jessica out of the corner of his eyes.

Jessica was picking the fruit with toothpick. She paused, and nearly dropped the plate to the ground.

But she took it well quickly. "Ryan... Are you serious about Amy?"

Ryan nodded and threw the tissue into the wastebasket.

"Okay." Jessica paused for a while, and stood up with a stiff smile. "My hands are sticky because of cutting the fruit. I'll wash them."

Without waiting for an answer, she put down the fruit plate, ducked her head and went to the bathroom.

Ryan stopped her from the behind, whose voice was extremely chilling. "Nothing to say?"

"... Say what?" Jessica stopped walking and turned around. When she saw his gloomy face, her heart missed a beat.

Her brother was angry? She really didn't know what was... wrong. Mom got a bad impression of Amy because of her. And she told her mother that Amy's character was not good.

Jessica's face turned white suddenly. "Sorry, brother, I didn't know Amy was your girlfriend last time, so I just told mom that Amy's character was not good and told her not to contact with Amy."

Listening to that, his face didn't soften but became more gloomy. "Since you said her character is not good, how do you explain to mother?"

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