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Two falling sounds followed.

The dead piled up like a mountain which had numbed her. Her mood didn't fluctuate when the blood sprayed on the face.

Jessica wiped the blood from her face. When she saw the helicopter drop a bomb from the sky, her pupils were contracted and she immediately jumped down from the top of the wall and rolled over on the ground.

She was scheduled to turn over to an old military vehicle, but when she did, she found a bomb under the tire.

"How did that happen? !"

The blood of her body stopped running at the moment and her face suddenly went white as Jessica watched the bomb spark.


The idea came into her mind, but her limbs were so limp that she even had no strength to get up.

"There was... There was a bomb..." Jessica looked at the camera pointed at her, her voice shaking uncontrollably. But everyone looked at her in amazement. They only thought she was acting and admired her acting.

Jessica had never been more desperate than she was now. She asked everyone for help, but they all looked at her smiling and thought she were acting.

Despair enveloped her like a dense web, tightening little by little, leaving her no space, almost suffocating her.


She was not going to die here!

This was so stupid!

Jessica got up trembling and crawled out on her hands and feet.


After an explosion, the sky was full of dust. A tall figure came forward and protected her. Her ears were buzzing and she couldn't hear anything for a moment.

The warm liquid ran down Jessica's face. She wiped it and found it was blood.

"Ry...Ryan...Are you alright?" Jessica raised her head with difficulty. When she saw that familiar handsome face, the tears came out of her eyes uncontrollably in an instant.

There was blood all over his head and face, which made her nervous, and the thick smell of blood made her mind go blank.

He wiped the blood with cold eyes. Her figure was reflected in his pupils. He said with the same indifference, "Not dead. Why are you crying?"

All this happened so suddenly that everyone was shocked. Until then, they gradually realized it.

Called the ambulance and sealed off the scene... The set was in a mess.

Before getting in the ambulance, Jessica stared at Carol coldly, "If anything happens to him, I'll make you regret appearing in the world."

Amy didn't take part in this scene. She rushed there when she heard the news, but the ambulance had already gone.

"How could Mr. Howard be on the set? Who accompanied him to the hospital?" She grabbed a staff member and asked anxiously.

"Jessie and Mr. Johnson."

It was Jessica again!

She gritted her teeth and forced a smile at the staff and immediately asked the assistant to drive her to the hospital.

Inside the ambulance.

She did not have those messy thoughts. She looked at the blood on Ryan's head and body and tried to hold back the tears.

"Sir, please drive faster." She said anxiously to the driver.

Actually, Ryan's injury was not so serious. It was just a lot of blood and looked kind of scary. But she was so worried that he didn't say anything at last. But where she could not see, the corner of his lips curled slightly.

The ambulance pulled up in front of the hospital.

The paramedics got Ryan out of the car and pushed him to the hospital.

"Doctor, whatever you do, you must save my brother. I don't care how much it costs. And I'll do anything if you need." Jessica followed them, whose eyes were red. She could not stop her tears and choked with sobs.

The doctors and nurses looked at her eerily. They comforted her, pushed him into the ward, and bound up his wounds.

It was just a minor injury. Why was the little girl crying like he was dying?

Jessica followed them into the ward, kept circling around them and kept saying, ""That's a big bomb. The car was blown up. You don't have to go to the operating room or emergency room to deal with it?"

"He doesn't make money from his face, but it's best if it doesn't leave a scar. Do you want to deal with the wound on his chin?"

"Doctor, his leg --"

Ryan leaned on the bed and interrupted her with a frown. "Shut up."

The hum died away, and the doctor looked up at him gratefully. But he did not want to pay any attention to the doctor and just looked at Jessica, who was still sobbing. "Go and buy me some fruit."

The wound on his back was the deepest, and if she saw it, she would cry again.

"I won't go!" In a rare act of defiance, Jessica said, "What if... if I go and I can't see you anymore when I get back?"

As she spoke, tears began to fall.

Ryan looked at the mist in her eyes, and the cold voice softened a little. "It's just a minor injury."

Jessica didn't believe, and her eyes were swollen because of crying. "You shed so much blood. How can it be just a minor injury?"

She didn't know how to tell her family about his injury.

Ryan explained several times, but she only felt he was just trying to comfort her deliberately.

Finally, the doctor couldn't stand it. "You can go down and buy some fruit. I promise you, your boyfriend is still fine when you come back!"

"Really ?" She was so absorbed in his injury that she didn't notice the name boyfriend.

When Ryan saw that she did not deny, there was a slight, almost invisible rise in his brow.

Doctor said, "Why should I lie to you?"

Then Jessica hesitated to go down to buy fruit for him with a doubtful attitude.

"You little girl friend is so clingy, just like my kitten." Said the doctor as he attended to his wound.

Ryan was waiting for him to deal with the wound without expression. His eyes were tinged with tenderness. "Well, they're clingy usually, but they scratch when they're worried."

The doctor was in old age, so he couldn't stand the sweet relationship of a young couple. He didn't continue the conversation and concentrated on his wounds.

His wound was not very serious and it took him only a few minutes to deal with it.

Ryan looked at the gauze on his arm, and touched the bandage which was not very serious on his head. He paused, and said, "Please put it in a cast."

He held out his arm, which was not badly injured, to the doctor.

The doctor, "..."

When Jessica ran back with the fruit in a hurry, she saw Ryan lying on a hospital bed with bandages on his forehead and casts on his arm. He was so embarrassed that he didn't look like a vigorous and resolute president of the Howard Group at all.

The sorrow welled up in her heart again, but she forced it back.

The doctor understood Ryan's intention when he looked at the man who looked like a disabled person and the woman whose eyes were red.

"Nowadays young people..." He shook his head and left with the nurses.

Ryan and Jessica were the only two people left in the ward instantly.

Jessica put the fruit on the table, and wiped the tears secretly. "What would you like to eat? I'm going to cut it."

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