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In the Porsche, Clara saw that Jessica was unhappy, so she asked, "What's wrong?"

"A jerk gave me thirty thousand dollars ar told me to stay away from my brother! I didn't do anything intimate with him. I'm so pissed off!"

She and her brother haven't seen each other for three months. Wasn't that far away? And that's her brother. Why should she stay away?

"That Amy?" Clara sniffed, "She just leaned on Mr. Howard and take herself too seriously! Don't be angry. I will give you one hundred thousand dollars in cash to hit her on the head tomorrow!"

Jessica gave a snort, "One hundred thousand dollars! She will be so glad if we give it to her for nothing. We hit her first, and then we get the money back!"

"Yes...what? Mr. Howard is your brother?" Clara's reflex arc was a little long, and now she just reacted.

Zip -

The car suddenly stopped at the right roadside and Jessica almost hit her head.

As she sat still, she realized that there was no point in concealing what she had said, and explained the matter briefly.

Finally she warned, "Don't tell anyone else!"

Before, her eldest brother already had girlfriend, but some people still wanted to hook up with her eldest brother through her. And many people wanted to connect with the Howard family through her...It's so annoying!"

Her brother seemed very reluctant to let people know she was his sister, and she did not want to offend him.

Clara had not recovered from the news, "I, my legs are shaking. I'm still a little confused. You drive."


Anyway Clara had known the fact that she was the daughter of the Howards. When they got back to the hotel, she wanted to unburden herself to Clara.

However, she went back to her room, shouting loudly. "Baby, I have a new idea suddenly! I'll write first!"

She was a gold author in a well-known literature website. She did not worry about income when she resigned from the newspaper. The reason why she worked as Jessica's assistant was she didn't lack money. And she wanted to experience life and write novels about entertainment.

When Jessica thought of what happened today, she was really choked. She viewed the contact list again and again. Finally, she contacted Jeffrey.

"In your men's eyes, friendship and family are not equal to love?"


"The sister who gets along with him for a few decades isn't better than a woman who he just knew a few months?"

"Perhaps the girlfriend will be changed tomorrow, but the sister is always the sister. How can he ignore the sister and only spoil the girlfriend?"

After sending four messages continuously, Jessica's heart was still filled with anxiety. So another ten unrepeatable emojis which meant beating people have been sent successively.

Jeffrey, "Have you ever seen such a gentle, handsome, brilliant, natural and unrestrained pigboy like me?"

Jessica did not reply, but dialed his number directly. "Jeffrey, you had the most girlfriend. I want to ask you that sister and girlfriend, which do you guys think is important?"

Amy was so ostentatious that she would have to fight with her sooner or later!

But looking at her brother's attitude now, until that happened, her brother would absolutely be on Amy's side.

"May I ask this beautiful lady whether she is an adopted sister or a blood sister?" Jeffrey asked lazily.

Jessica scolded him directly without thinking, "Nonsense! Of course blood sister. Well, I don't think you can say anything. No ivory comes out of a dog's mouth!"

After she finished, she hung up directly.


In a fancy apartment.

Looking at the black screen of the phone, Jeffrey sighed, and turned to look at his friend at his side. "You heard everything?"

Ryan pressed his lips together and said nothing. He drained his glass, took up the winebottle again, and filled the glass.

With the amplifier on, of course, he heard everything.

In her eyes, he was a brother, just a brother.

"Stop drinking. Nobody will feel pity for you when you're drunk." Jeffrey grabbed the wine cup in his hand and said lazily, "She really doesn't like you according to her words. What are you going to do? Just keep it like that?"

Ryan didn't say anything, but changed a cup to continue to drink.

"Ryan, are you sure you don't consider to change your crush?" Jeffrey sighed, "Why do you bother yourself so much?"

The dim and yellow light was ambiguous and charming. But when it fell on Ryan, only sorrow and loneliness were left.

He put down his glass." If you can control your feelings, why do you still miss that person? And you call her name even when you're drunk?"

When he heard that, there was a flash of panic on Jeffrey's face, and then recovered as usual. "You make a mistake. How can someone like me, who changes girlfriends every week, miss her for so long?"

But he didn't continue to let Ryan to change his crush.

The two people drank together, silently, for more than half an hour.

Jeffrey unbuttoned his shirt and broke the silence. "Are you afraid of hurting Jessie, Ryan?"

"What?" Ryan drank too much wine, and his consciousness was very sober, but his reaction speed slowed down significantly.

"I ask," Jeffrey turned to look at him, with an evil smile on his lips. "If you could hurt her, but could keep her with you, would you?"

What occurred in your dreams at night was actually your concerns in the daytime.

Jessica dreamed that she quarreled with Amy at night. And her brother blamed her on Amy's side. He criticized her for every retort she made.

When her father, mother and grandparents knew that, they were very disappointed with her. And they were going to kick her out of the family.

She sat up with a scream. As she was washing, she realized that she had two large black circles under her eyes.

She dressed listlessly and went to the set with Clara.

She met Carol on the way. Carol gave a snort and as usual, she didn't look kind.

Today there was a blasting scene, and the scale was very large. When Jessica arrived, the prop group, blasting group and action group were experimenting with blasting.

Mr. Johnson called all the actors who would act on this scene and emphasized the walking route. He told them to remember repeatedly, in order to avoid danger.

Jessica always cherished her life, so she listened very carefully.

"That kind of thing, no matter how carefully you listen to it, it depends on fate." Carol said in a voice dripping with sarcasm aside.

Jessica felt puzzling. "What's it to you whether I listen carefully or not?"

From the moment she joined the group, this woman was always taking aim at her, and she didn't know what had offended her.

"Oh!" Carol sneered, who didn't seem to mind.

Jessica ignored her.

Making sure everyone was ready, Mr. Johnson shouted, "Action!"


The gunfire was unceasing and deafening.

Loess continued to rise into the sky. It couldn't be seen clearly that they were friends or enemies even from a few meters away. There were cries of fighting and killing everywhere. Blood dyed the earth red. Broken limbs interweaved, impacting people's sight.

Jessica gritted her teeth, stood up from the dead and pointed her gun at the two approaching enemies.

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