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Instead of going into the men's room, he lit a cigarette in front of the sink. There were a few people in the bathroom. When they came out and saw him there, they said hello and ran away with fear like chickens and ducks whose throats were stuck.

The smoke curled and Ryan's haughty, cold and handsome face was outlined. When the cigarette was burning to the end, Jessica just peered out of the lady' room.

She just heard someone call Mr. Howard, so she deliberately dawdled in the bathroom for a long time. She didn't come out until she thought her brother should have gone.

"What are you looking for?"

Jessica looked round stiffly when she heard a cold voice suddenly, whose heart missed a beat.

The man had a cigarette in his hand, and his face was obscured by the dense smoke. She could only feel that he was not in a good mood.

"Ry, Ryan?" When she met him in such a narrow space, she found it difficult to breathe.

Looking at the stiff smile on her face, Ryan put out his cigarette, threw it in the garbage can, and walked toward her.

He was tall, and formidable probably because he had been in a high position for a long time. Her heart beat faster with every step he took.

Jessica wanted to run away, but finally she gritted her teeth and stood on the spot, stuttering, "Ryan, you you you... you didn't use those things again, did you?"

The way he looked now was very much like the way he had kissed her in South Town.

"So what?" Ryan stopped at a distance of ten centimeters and looked down at her.

Jessica lowered her head and did not dare to look at him. She was in a terrible panic. "Ryan, you'd better not use that stuff anymore. It's... It's addictive and it's bad for you."

She took a few steps back until she stood against the cold wall.

She was really afraid he would act recklessly here. There were a lot of people here, and he had a girlfriend now. At that time, it was unknown what kind of rumors those people would spread.

Ryan didn't moved forward but looked straight at her. "But it's too late to remind me now. "

"Oh?" What was too late?

"I had become addicted."

Looking at her scared look, Ryan forced himself to look away, turned and walked away.

Jessica didn't realize until she saw his back disappear in front of her. She thought her brother had just used that stuff, but he was addicted to it. What could she do about it?

She returned worriedly, but he had disappeared from the table.

"Mr. Johnson, where is Mr. Howard ?" She asked in a small voice.

Mr. Johnson was still eating the chicken drumstick, so he answered carelessly, "He's busy and he's gone."

Listening to this, Jessica picked up the chopsticks and muttered, "Now that he was here, why didn't he finish the meal?"

Mr. Johnson looked at her as if she were a fool when he heard her words. "How much is the boss's one minute worth? He's been gracious enough to eat with us for so long."

"Yes." Jessica said unfeelingly. But she had not seen her brother for a long time. If he left this time, she didn't know when she would see him next time.

Seeing that she was absent-minded, Mr. Johnson thought for a second and tumbled to it. "Jessica, are you still thinking about him after he broke up with you?"

"No, no, no, I'm not!" Jessica explained quickly for fear of being misunderstood.

Mr. Johnson only thought that she was embarrassed to admit. He persuaded as an experienced person, "Jessie, I have seen a lot of things in the circle. There is no prince and Cinderella together. Even if it happens, it's extremely rare. You'd better not think about it, or you'll only hurt yourself!"

Seeing a lot of people look this way curiously, Jessica waved hurriedly and explained in a low voice, "You misunderstood me."

She just wanted to stay with her brother a little longer. It was just brother and sister love, and it was not what they think.

"Well, I misunderstood." Mr. Johnson said so, but obviously he still insisted on his own point of view. "This TV series will be released soon after it's finished. It's not a problem that you'll be a hit with your looks and acting. You mustn't be caught liking other people's boyfriend now. Or by then..."

Jessica could not persuade him, so she could only listen to his constant warnings with mixed feelings.

Why did people sometimes believe rumors rather than the truth?


After dinner, Jessica and Clara were going back to the hotel.

But they had just left the house and had not even got in the car when they were stopped by a quiet woman with glasses. "Jessica, I'm Amy's assistant. She wants to talk to you about something."

In the next few days, they had to work together. If Jessica didn't agree, she would be badgered in the remaining days. She might as well just agree directly today.

She followed the assistant into the car, and as soon as she sat down, the door closed.

The car was spacious, with sofas on both sides and a table in the middle. Amy was sitting on a sofa drinking wine.

Jessica cut to the chase, "What are you going to say?"

She knew Amy wasn't a good person, but she couldn't talk to her brother directly. She was upset about it.

"Nothing. I just want to have a chat with you." Amy was smiling, but she looked malicious.

Jessica curled her lip and didn't bother to talk in a roundabout way. "There is no one else here, so you can just say it directly."

"I like the straightforward people like you." Amy put down the wine and blew her delicate fingernails. She said, "I admit that Mr. Howard likes you some time ago, but his girlfriend is me now. I don't want other woman to miss him.

As expected, it was about this.

Jessica really didn't understand why so many people thought she liked her brother?

"I'll explain it only once. Listen, I don't have any affection for Ry... Mr. Howard." Jessica said.

Amy gave a sniff after she heard that. She asked the assistant for the checkbook, filled it out and threw it to her. "Take the money and stay away from Mr. Howard. Or don't blame me for being rude."

Jessica was amused with anger. Was this woman listening to what she just said?

She looked at the figure on the check. Thirty thousand. Was she sending the beggar?

Seeing that she stared at the figure on the check, Amy just thought she had never seen so much money as a paparazzi. "Well, you can..." go now.

The sound of ripping!

Jessica tore the check and threw it on Amy's face, "I've explained everything I need to explain. Don't bother me with such a boring thing any more."

When she finished, she opened the door and got off the car directly under the glare of Amy.

Amy wound the window down and shouted at her angrily, "Jessica!"

She was dumped by Mr. Howard. Where did she get the confidence to do that to her?

Jessica didn't even turn around. She got in the Porsche and left her a cloud of exhaust fumes.

"You will regret!" Amy tore the pieces of the broken check off her body frantically, crumpled them into a ball, and hit them hard on the ground. "What are you doing? Drive!"

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