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"You silly girl!" Chris squinted at her. "Are you the reincarnation of a husky? And the purebred one?"

When he was speaking, he took a tissue handily and wiped the bubble tea from her mouth rudely.

Jessica was burned so serious. She wanted to let him stop saying sarcastic words at such a time, but suddenly she had the feeling of being peeped again.

She turned sharply, but saw nothing as before.

"With your stupid behavior, even if someone is really peeping at you, do you think you can find that person out of the hundreds of people on the spot? What makes you so confident? The husky?" Chris sneered.

Jessica did not find the suspicious person and had to endure his words. She was annoyed and said, "Then the noble overlord please help me have a look. Can you find the person who peep at me?"

Seeing that he was speechless, she lifted her chin slightly, as he usually did to her, and swore. "Idiot!"

Chris frowned, grabbed the bubble tea in her hand, and put the straw into her mouth. He said snappishly, "You can't stop talking by drinking!"

They played again for a while. Jessica always felt that that someone was looking at her. But every time when she looked for it, she still couldn't find it as before.

Chris grabbed her hair and looked down at her, "What are you afraid of? Am I not here? I'll take you back in the evening for the rest of the days."

Jessica didn't know who was staring at her. She didn't know whether the person did it out of malice or not, so she didn't refuse.

There were only a few days left before the TV series finished filming, so the atmosphere on the set was cheerful.

After shooting in the evening, Mr. Johnson said he would treat everybody to dinner as a reward. It was also the farewell dinner for the supporting actor and the welcome dinner for the mysterious guest.

The hero of the "Spy" had a lover who would appear in the final days of filming. In order to keep the gimmick, Mr. Howard had been claiming that she was a mystery guest, even the crew did not know who she was.

When they arrived at the hotel, Jessica knew that the mysterious guest was Amy Scott and it was her brother who treated them to dinner.

They hadn't seen each other for three months. Her brother was the same. He had not changed at all, except that he was much more indifferent to her.

She saw him standing there, but he just nodded to her and continued to talk to Amy who was next to him as if she was just an ordinary stranger.

Jessica's heart seemed to be gripped by an invisible hand, which made her feel suffocating.

She pressed her lips and was about to look away when she heard Carol said at a short distance. "Stare longingly at other people's boyfriend. Shameless!"

Ryan was talking with Amy, but his attention was all on Jessica. His face suddenly went cold when he heard someone say that about her.

He took a few steps towards Jessica, but thinking of what Jeffrey had said, he retreated.

"He is your boyfriend?" Chris took a dessert on the table to eat a bite. He squinted at Carol and said. "His girlfriend didn't say anything. Shut your mouth!"

When he finished, he ignored Carol whose face was stiff and picked up a dessert which he had eaten just now and put into Jessica's mouth. "Silly, won't you scold her when she scolds you?"

Jessica was suddenly stuffed with a large dessert, and almost choked to death. She took a glass of water, drank and swallowed. "If a dog bit me, I can't bite it back, right? Otherwise I would be like it."

One fed and one ate, and they worked well together. It didn't seem like the first time.

Ryan frowned and held the glass a little harder.

Beside them, Carol couldn't help it and snapped. "Jessica, what do you mean?"

"Shut up!" Chris glared at her impatiently. "Did she mention your name? Don't make a noise!"

Her name was not mentioned, but it was no different.

Carol's face turned red , white and then green. It was more wonderful than the overturned palette.

Finally Mr. Howard left, but why was Chris so protective of Jessica? Why was the paparazzi so attractive?

Ryan saw their interaction. He frowned and said to Mr. Johnson. "Is everyone here? When you're all ready, start eating."

Only one third of the people arrived, but Mr. Johnson saw he looked wrong and said hurriedly that everyone arrived. And then let everyone sit down to eat.

It was a big crew so they used a long dining table.

Ryan sat in the main seat, and his "girlfriend" Amy sat in the first seat on his left. Mr. Johnson sat in the first seat on his right. And Jessica and Chris sat in turn beside Mr. Johnson.

According to Jeffrey's method, there were only a few plates of Jessica 's favorite food on the table, which were still out of her reach.

The only one she liked and could get was crayfish. But usually she didn't shell the crayfish on her own because she was too slow.

Ryan was eating with a cold face. He glimpsed her movements and shouted, "Mr. Johnson."

"What's the matter, Mr. Howard?" Mr. Johnson hurriedly put down his chopsticks and listened.

Others also slowed down their eating, and all their attention was on Ryan.

Only Jessica and Chris still lowered their heads and shelled the crayfish seriously. Neither of them paid any attention to him. "You like to eat but don't know how to shell it. Why are you still alive now?" Chris shelled and put the crayfish in her plate with a cool face, "Are you retarded?"

Jessica was in a bad mood. She put the crayfish into her mouth without raising her head and said listlessly, "I just shell the crayfish slowly. What does it have to do with retarded people?"

She said listlessly but when Ryan heard that, he felt her tone was soft. As if she was fawning.

He held the chopsticks a little harder, and his knuckles turned white with force.

"Mr. Howard?" Mr. Johnson had waited for a long time but Ryan didn't speak, so he asked again.

Ryan looked away and said in a colder voice, " Forget about it."

He wanted to let Mr. Johnson put her favorite dishes in front of her, but now it seemed that she didn't need it.

"OK." Mr. Johnson didn't think too much, but Amy saw that clearly. It was clear that Mr. Howard was unhappy because Jessica was flirting with Chris.

She was green with envy and said deliberately, "Didn't Jessica just break up with you? She found another boyfriend so soon?"

"You can't stop talking even when you are eating. Do you want me to talk to Mr. Johnson and let you hold a personal lecture?" Ryan looked at her coldly and the air pressure around him was low.

Amy's heart missed a beat under his gaze. She said embarrassedly, "I'm...I'm just standing up for you."

"Who are you? Do you think you are qualified?" Ryan sneered.

His voice was not big, so Jessica and Chris couldn't hear. But Amy's face was burning. She dared not say anything again.

When the dinner was almost finished, Jessica got up and went to the bathroom.

Ryan kept an eye on her all the time and after she left, he also got up to go to the bathroom.

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