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It wasn't easy to hook up with him. She was reluctant to be prim.

"But Mr. Howard, don't you say that we have to play lovers in front of people. Maybe the paparazzi are taking pictures of us. If we're too far apart, they might report that our relationship is not..."

Ryan's limited patience was all given to Jessica, so other women would only let him feel noisy. "Shut up."

He glanced coldly. Amy froze immediately, whose hands and feet were cold. It was not until he withdrew his gaze that she swallowed softly and her tight body relaxed.

She stood gingerly beside him, clenching her fists with unwillingness.

But there would be ample time, and she had plenty of opportunities. There was no hurry.

Jessica went back to the room, but she couldn't focus on the script. She felt irritable.

She put the script aside, picked up her phone and sent a message to Jeffrey.

"Jeffrey, my brother fell in love with Amy Scott."

"Talented guy and beautiful lady, a perfect match." He replied in a second.

Jessica stared at the words "talented guy and beautiful lady". She couldn't tell how she felt. It was suffocating and choked. Anyway, it was uncomfortable.

"How do you know they are a good match? She just has a beautiful appearance. She doesn't know I'm Ryan's sister. So last time, she went to my home for dinner and dissed me overtly and corvertly. She even warned and mocked me when she left..."

Jessica typed quickly and stopped there. And then deleted one by one.

She scratched her hair and reedited it.


Jeffrey was her brother's faithful pal. If he told her these words to her brother, perhaps her brother would be unhappy.

After all, Amy Scott was her brother's girlfriend now.

Jeffrey asked, "Why are you so upset? Is it because your brother is so nice to your sister-in-law that you are jealous?"

Jessica replied, "A little. I feel that my brother treats her better than me."

Her brother just disliked it when she held her brother sometimes. But he was not impatient at all when Amy twined around him.

Jeffrey said, "This is simple. Anyway you and your brother are not biological siblings. And your brother's own condition is not bad. How about you take your brother? So you are your brother's girlfriend and sister. And thus he would be only nice to you."

Below was a cartoon of a man and a woman kissing.

When Jessica saw the message, she paused. And then she replied immediately.

"Don't talk nonsense! He is my brother and only my brother!! What filthy thoughts are in your head? ! I'll talk to you later. Don't tell my brother what I said to you. Otherwise I won't tell you anything!"

After sending the message, she threw the phone aside.

Her jealousy was only because her brother had shared his love for his sister with others. It was not because of love affairs.

It was also good that her brother had a girlfriend now. So he would be able to let go of her, and they would be able to get along with each other just like they did before.

Jessica deliberately ignored the uncomfortable feeling in her mind.

When they began filming in the afternoon, Alex really didn't come. An online celebrity became the supporting actor.

Jessica heard later that Alex's hand tendons and foot tendons were cut by someone. Although he could be cured at the hospital, he wouldn't be able to come out for a long time.

And they didn't know which big shot did he offend. They heard his company was going to ditch him, and cut off all his resources.

As soon as Jessica heard it, she knew it was her brother who had done it. When she got back from filming in the evening, she immediately sent a message to her brother thanking him.

But he didn't reply immediately. Until the next morning, he just coldly sent a word "OK".

The following shooting was very smooth. Jessica's performance was good, so some people who disliked her at the beginning were friendly to her now.

Three months went past, but Ryan didn't come to see Jessica again.

Occasionally she saw his news, but it was about Amy Scott accompanied him on the activity. Or the gossip that they seemed to be on the verge of getting married because the company under the Howard Group promoted Amy Scott.

Everyone knew that Jessica was' dumped ', and Amy Scott became Ryan Howard's new girlfriend.

It was already autumn and it was getting cold. After filming her part, Jessica put on her coat and sat aside.

Clara whispered in her ear, "You know the new jewelry collection of J.K., right? Amy Scott got the endorsement!"

Jessica could guess easily that it was because of her brother. After all, J.K. 's cooperation with their family group had been a long time.

And recently, he walked the red carpet with Amy, but never came to see her...

Honestly, Jessica envied Amy. And even she was a bit jealous of Amy.

Her brother had never been so kind to her, and she sometimes wondered if he disliked her very much. After all, he kept a cold face in front of her all day and hardly ever smiled.

"Hey, what are you thinking of?" Clara waved her hand in front of her.

Jessica suppressed her mixed feelings and said listlessly, "Nothing."

"Mr. Howard has good conditions and he is your brother's good friend. If you had chased him earlier, these high-end endorsements would have been yours..."

Jessica kicked her in the shin, "How many times have you said it? Are you tired of it? Watch your mouth. Don't let anyone hear and disclose it."

"I just sighed with emotion."

When they were talking, someone holding a bunch of flowers shouted suddenly. "Jessie, your pursuer sent flowers again!"

Others had got used to it.

Only Carol looked over there a few times and said to the person beside her. "She just broke up with Mr. Howard and hooked up with Chris. And now she's hooking up with rich fans...Well, I've never seen a promiscuous person like her."

The person next to her said, "This is her first play. Where did she get her rich fans? I guess she's hooked up with another sugar daddy. Or she gave it to herself anonymously to make a splash!"

Jessica didn't know what they were talking about and didn't care. She listlessly signed for the flowers and handed them to Clara. "Baby, you give the flowers to the producer, so they don't have to go out and buy."

She had told the unknown rich man not to send her flower, but the person didn't listen to her. It had been three months, rain or shine.

Clara answered and took the flower away.

Just as she took the flowers away, Jessica had the feeling of being stared at again.

She looked quickly at the source of the gaze, but, as before, she couldn't see any suspicious person.

"What are you looking at, simpleton?" Chris draped a military coat over his shoulder and came to her. He handed her a cup of hot bubble tea.

"For the last three months, every once in a while, I felt like someone was looking at me. But when I look over, I can't find anyone looking at me."

Jessica inserted a straw. She was still trying to find suspicious people. As a result, she didn't find a suspicious person but she kept sticking out her tongue because of the hot bubble tea.

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