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Plus he did not look very normal in South Town today, so she believed it subconsciously.

But she still asked carefully, "You ...you also use those things?"

Ryan said yes with his eyes downcast.

"Don't worry. I won't." When she got his definite answer, there were still tears in her eyes, but the alertness and wariness had gone. She still felt a bit guilty about misunderstanding her brother.

She hesitated repeatedly and then stuttered, "And you...you'd better not use such things later. You look terrible today."

Hearing the last few words, Ryan raised his head suddenly. His dark eyes looked at her like blades, and the air pressure became low.

Jessica's body was rigid under his gaze. She thought he didn't like to be preached, so she lowered her head and dared not speak again.

"Why should I listen to you?" She heard him asking after quite a while.

Jessica raised her head and said confusedly. "Because I'm your sister."

"I only listen to two women in my life. One is my mother, and the other is my love. Jessie, You are neither."

He spoke earnestly and seriously with an indefinable undertone.

Jessica frowned, looked at him and tried to argue, but he only gave her a deep look and then turned around to go downstairs.

Jessica ran to the railing and called him, but he did not respond.

He came to apologize but why was he tougher than her who was the victim?

People who didn't know would think she was the one who had done the wrong thing.

She complained in mind and went back to her room with anxiety.

It seemed that her brother was not ready to take her advice. What if Ryan took that thing again in the room at night. And what would his parents think if they saw Ryan had a scene with her like he was in South Town.

By then, she couldn't explain clearly even if she had a thousand mouths.

The more she thought about it, the more uneasy Jessica felt. She rushed back to the hotel which was arranged by the crew and sent a message to her parents.

"I'm back in the hotel!"

She acted first and reported afterwards, so it was useless to object. When she finished, she opened the chat screen with her brother and wrote hundreds of words, but deleted them all.

She went back to the hotel at this point was to take precautions, but her brother probably would think she still minded him kissing her...It was hard to explain this kind of thing and it was easy to have misunderstanding, so she'd better not say anything. Maybe her brother didn't even find she was back!

When the father and mother received the message, they were sitting in the living room eating dessert fruit.

Ryan saw his parent's chat screen with Jessica and pressed his lips. He took his mobile phone to look. There were a lot of messages, but none of it was from Jessica.

He tossed his phone aside with a handsome and sullen face.

"Why did Jessie go back to the hotel suddenly?" The mother told her daughter to go to bed early, remember to apply the mask, and pay attention to the skin. And then she turned around and questioned Ryan.

"I don't know." Maybe she wanted to avoid him.

The mother poked the palm print on his face and said shortly. "She gave you a slap but she still didn't cool down. Now she doesn't even stay at home. What have you done to provoke her?"

"I have something else to do. I have to leave now." Ryan frowned. He grabbed his phone and went out.

The mother yelled at him from behind. "I only have Jessie such a lovely daughter. Solve the contradiction between you and Jessica quickly. If she doesn't come home because of you, I will hold you solely responsible!"

Ryan didn't respond. He went out, got in the car and started the car.

The sky was gray and the rain had begun to fall, with a faint tendency to increase. The noise of the rain and the hot weather made him even more agitated.

He called Jeffery and Mark for a drink. When he decided the place, he said the bar he had been to during the day by a curious coincidence.

When Ryan drove there, his two friends hadn't come yet. He sat at the bar, ordered a few drinks and drank one after the other.

His shirt was buttoned up to the top, and he was ascetic from head to toe. It was for this reason that he was more alluring than usual, and tickled many hearts.

A few women who boasted about their charm came up to him. They asked him to drink, flirted with him and pretended to fall down... They used all kinds of methods, but they didn't even touch Ryan's clothes. Instead, he called the security and threw them out directly.

He still sat at the bar drinking whose movements were graceful and charming. He occupied the sight of countless people in the bar, but no one dared to come and chat with him again.

When Jeffrey and Mark came, they saw that there were many empty cups in front of him. His face was flushed and he looked very decadent.

They changed places and ordered a lot of drinks.

"Still because of the little girl?" Jeffrey picked up a glass of wine and shook it a few times. He smiled at a beautiful woman not far away and raised his glass to her.

Ryan did not answer but looked along the direction of his toast. His eyes paused on the woman. "You're really not picky."

"Not as good as Jessica, but she has a nice figure and looks. Just have a one-night stand with her with the lights off at night, and you can't see anything. What does it matter?"

Jeffrey talked to him, but his eyes were on the woman. He winked at the woman and drank up the wine in his hand.

Ryan drank a lot of wine, but he wasn't drunk at all. Instead, he was soberer.

He pressed his lips and took another glass of wine.

Jeffrey snatched the glass from his hand and put it on the table, "There are plenty of fish in the sea. Ryan,why do you hang yourself on one tree."

"Or what?" His eyes pointed to the woman who was flirting with Jeffrey, and his face was expressionless. "Like you, a new woman a week?"

He looked away, playing with his empty glass. "My appetite is not as good as yours."

Listening to this, a touch of sadness flashed across Jeffrey's eyes. But the next second he was back to his usual self as if it was just an illusion.

Mark who had been working on his medical papers, looked up, "I can't either. It's too dirty. Jeffrey, if you think about it, the women you slept with might not be wearing condoms when they're having sex with other men. Perhaps that person just has AIDS, so you will..."

"Shut up." Jeffrey pinched his mouth and said with a headache, "Don't interrupt when adults talk."

Mark tore himself from his hand and turned to say to Ryan, "Ryan, I ask you to give up Jessica but I don't want you to be like Jeffrey. You can pick a clean girl and have a romance with her."

Ryan turned to continue to drink, and ignored him.

Then Mark went around to the other side and put his arm around his shoulder, "From a psychological point of view, suppressing your emotions for so long will have a serious impact on your body and mind.

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