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Her phone vibrated two times in a row.

Ryan sent two short messages.

"Say sorry to her for me."

"Forget it."

Jeffrey hadn't replied and he sent another message.

"Tell her I took drugs and I had hallucinations just now."

Ryan sent him lots of messages within half an hour. His friend cared for Jessica so much!

Jeffrey tutted and set the phone on silent directly. And then he walked slowly toward Jessica who sat crouch in the corner pathetically.

She was in a disturbed state of mind. Her head was buzzing, unable to think.

Some fragmented scenes she had never remembered, and the scene where her brother had just kissed her, came together and tore at her heart.

She thought she was going crazy!

How did things suddenly turn out like this? !

Jessica heard footsteps coming close to her, but she was in no mood for it. She was thinking about what she should do.

She didn't look up stiffly until a familiar "hey" sounded overhead.


Why was he here? !

Jessica hastily wiped the tears from her face. Otherwise she did not know how to explain if he asked her why she was crying.

Jeffrey leaned against the wall and lit up a cigarette. "It's useless wiping your eyes. I can see from your eyes because they are swollen."

After he finished, he puffed smoke to her face.

"..." Jessica paused. She stoop up, frowning. And then she suddenly moved forward and rubbed the snot and tears on his clothes.

Jeffrey didn't expect that. He became sullen immediately and looked at the strange liquid on his clothes stiffly.

Women were very reserved in front of him. They would even cover their mouths when they were smiling. No one was like her.

She ignored him, snatched the cigarette from his hand. She took a puff on the cigarette, threw it on the ground while coughing and and trampled it into pieces.

"How can he do that? Bastard!" Jessica cried. No one knew she was scolding Ryan, or Jeffrey, or both.

Jeffrey took off his coat with a frown and threw it into the garbage can.

"Don't be so rude. Otherwise no one will marry you."

No one answered.

Jessica crushed the cigarette and then squat down to the ground again. Her head was buried in the knees. There were sniffs. No one knew whether she was crying.

Jeffrey squat down next to her. He poked her with his elbow and asked in a woman's favorite sexy tone. "Would you like to a shoulder? Free of charge."

"Shut up! If you dare to pick me up, Rya...my eldest brother will beat you up! Jessica looked up at him, whose eyes were swollen like walnuts.

The very thought of Ryan made her feel sad.

In South Town, How...how could Ryan do that to her?

He was her brother!

Jeffrey found it funny. He pinched her face and scolded her with a smile. "I would never like you, such a tigress."

Only Ryan was madly in love with her.

Jessica pressed her lips and buried her head in her knees again. She ignored Jeffrey, whatever he said.

She didn't know how to get along with Ryan in future...

Jeffrey had squat there with her for an hour. When he stood up, he saw stars. He held the wall and moved his numb legs. She still ignored him, so he could only pick a topic she was interested in.

"That thing a year ago..."

When he started, Jessica interrupted listlessly. "Don't say anything. I don't want to hear it now."

Jessica had squat for such a long time. She stood up by the wall, but her legs were so numb that she almost fell.

Jeffrey helped her and wanted to speak up for his buddy. But Jessica just wanted to be left alone. She pushed him away and left the alley.

Dark clouds were gathering in the sky. It was suffocating.

Ryan sat in the car, looking at his chat history with Jeffrey, frowning. The latter only replied one message two hours ago and said nothing more.

Then the car stopped. The driver got off, opened the door, and respectfully stood on the side, "Master, here we are."

"Okay." Ryan nodded and got out of the car.

Their old house was a quadrangle courtyard where their family had lived for more than 100 years.

A servant was waiting for him, and led him into the garden. His grandfather and grandmother were gardening. They had different opinions and were trying to convince each other with their own ideas.

They stopped quarrelling temporarily when they saw Ryan. They let the servant put aside the tools and they took Ryan to the pavilion to sit.

The servant laid the tea and cakes on the stone table, and retreated respectfully.

There were only sound of birds in the garden, and the clatter of tea cups as the two old men drank their tea.

Ryan didn't drink the tea in front of him. His grandparents liked drinking tea, but he prefered drinking coffee.

The grandfather put down the teacup and was about to speak with a straight face. But he swallowed his words after the grandmother glared at him.

"Aren't you on a business trip abroad these days, Ryan? When did you come back?" The grandmother asked kindly.

Ryan fiddled with the teacup, his eyes downcast. "Who told you about that? The the chairman of J.K or the board?"

He spoke carelessly, as if it were only a trivial matter.

The grandfather was very blunt. He was in no mood to beat about the bush and said shortly. "No matter who told us, you just need to tell me if it is true?"

"Yes." Ryan didn't deny the facts and said directly. "Jessie was sexually harassed, and I came back to deal with it."

Listening to this, the smile on the grandmother's face disappeared. "Sexual harassment?"

The grandfather was so angry that he stood up directly and smacked his hand down on to the stone table. "When? Who did that? Why didn't Jessie tell us? Did you handle it?"

He asked a lot of questions. He was afraid that Ryan couldn't answer clearly, so he picked up the mobile phone, and made a call to Mr. Johnson.

They only had a granddaughter and they treated her as a treasure. Someone dared to bully her. He was simply looking down on their family!

Ryan grabbed the mobile phone and told that director everything was fine. And then hung up directly.

"I haven't say anything. Why did you hung up?" The grandfather stood with arms akimbo and glared at Ryan.

"Jessie doesn't want anyone to know who she is. It's too much trouble." Ryan said with an expressionless look. "I have taught that person a lesson."

Listening to this, the grandfather snorted heavily, who was somewhat satisfied with that. He complained, "Why didn't you arrange Jessie some bodyguards or assistants? If there were many people with her, those people didn't dare to bully her!"

The grandmother was not satisfied. "How can you blame everything on Ryan? According to Jessie's disposition, she won't accept even if Ryan arrange for her. You couldn't blame Ryan for it!"

The elderly couple argued again. And it took them quite a while to get back to their project with J.K.

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