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Got out. Got out! He didn't need anybody.

Outside the bar, the sky was blue. The wind was warm, and there was the fragrance of flowers and the smell of kebabs coming from somewhere.

Jessica came out with some chagrin.

Before she came, she had told herself that the bully had a bad temper and she came here today to thank him. And she told herself not to argue with him.... However, the result was...

She sighed dejectedly and turned to look at the door of the bar, wondering whether she went in and apologized to him.

But the bully would scold her furiously. Well, she would find a chance to return the favor later. Anyway, he also said he beat Alex was not because he wanted to help her.

Jessica was a bit hungry after a whole morning. She stretched and was about to find a place to eat something.

The phone rang. It was a strange number.

"He..."llo. Jessica didn't finish saying a word and heard Alex's scream abuse coming from the other end. "You bitch blocked my number? Dare to admit it? You cut my..."

Jessica frowned and hung up directly. She put him on the blacklist and set not to pick up unfamiliar numbers.

What did she do to him?

Did he want to say about the thing Chris hit him? He could scold the bully directly if he dared.

Jessica opened the bag, and just wanted to put the phone in when the phone rang again.

Was it endless? She directly refused to... Oh god, she had refused to answer her brother's phone call!

Jessica hurriedly called him back with trembling hands. As soon as she got through, she explained a lot with great eagerness. But her brother just told her coldly that he was waiting for her in South Town.

It sounded very unhappy.

She put her phone into her bag and drove to South Town with fear. And then trotted into the private room.

Ryan sat in the private room. He did not wear the suit jacket. Two buttons of his white shirt were undone, revealing his delicate and sexy collarbone.

He looked celibate but sexy, who was more charming than he was in a suit.

But Jessica didn't dare to look at him. She even tried to breathed quietly.

She had just seen him twice when he wore a suit without the jacket. One was when he beat up a rascal for her. And one was when he was fighting with her eldest brother.

On both occasions, he was emotionally unstable.

"Ry...Ryan?" She asked carefully. She entered the room with her bag, but she didn't dare to sit down.

She had an intuition that he was very angry now,and probably angry with her... Even though she didn't know what had made him angry.

"How did you get here so fast? No work today?" Ryan didn't ask her to sit down and even didn't look at her.

"No. The director is sick today. We have a day off."

Anyway Alex's matter had been settled, Jessica didn't want to upset him with it.

When he heard that, he raised his head whose eyes fell on Jessica.

She was in trouble, but she didn't intend to tell him at all. Did she think that the actor Chris could solve it for her?

His look was so piercing that Jessica wasn't comfortable. She asked, "What's wrong? Ryan."

Ryan did not answer, but just stared at her. His right hand under the table clenched slowly. "Your hotel is not near here. Where were you just now?"

Jessica's heart missed a beat. If her brother knew she went to the bar, she was done for...He said more than once that she wasn't allowed to go to the bar.

She avoided his eyes somewhat guiltily. "I was shopping with Clara nearby. That's why I came so fast. Haha."

She cheated him for another man? Ryan pressed his lips together, stared at Jessica and said word by word. "Jessie, I hate liars."

Jessica tried to straighten her back and then stammered. ""I, I am not lying..."

"Not lying, oh." Ryan twisted his lips sarcastically and repeated her words.

Jessica felt that he looked wrong. She looked at him with fear and did not say a word.

In the large private room, it seemed that the air stopped flowing and the air pressure panicked her.

A moment later, Ryan broke the silence. "Again, Jessie, I don't like people lying to me." Especially her.

He was so angry that Jessica didn't dare to let him know she went to the bar, so she insisted. "I am not lying. If you, you don't believe, I can find someone to testify for me."

It was not difficult to send a message to Clara and ask her to cover for her.


Jessica waited for a long time, but he didn't reply. She looked up at him secretly. As a result, she met his eyes. The look in his eyes was dark and obscure, as if to devour people.

Her pupils contracted and she stepped back, feeling cold all over.

"... Sit down." Looking at her frightened face, there was a self-mockery flashed across his eyes.

He protected her carefully and gave her everything she liked, and yet she was so afraid of him...

"Ok." Jessica said quietly. She found a seat which was the farthest from him

Ryan stopped drinking water for a second. He was sullen.

After a short while, the dishes were served. They were all her favorite.

During the dinner, no one spoke for nearly half an hour.

Jessica couldn't stand and broke the silence. "Brother, are you ... unhappy?"

"Don't you know that I'm happy or not?" He got up and walked over to her. His eyes fixed on her.

His look scared Jessica. She leaned back, whose voice was trembling. "What's the matter with you, Ryan?"

Ryan squeezed his body in between her legs. With one of his hands on the back of the chair and the other one on the table, she was imprisoned between the table and his chest.

Something that had been suppressed for too long was driving him mad!

"Why did you lie to me? Huh?" He looked down at her. The blue veins stood out on his hand which was on the table.

His eyes were very aggressive, as if he wanted to eat her.

Jessica looked at his with her mouth open slightly. Her breathing became heavy because of fear. "Ryan, please don't do that..."

Please don't do that, because she was afraid...

"What? Don't target him?" Ryan pinched her chin. Their faces were almost stuck together.

Jessica was afraid of his stare. It was as if the blood supply had stopped. Her mind was blank, and her limbs were cold and stiff.

"I don't know what you're talking about." With a low murmur, she tried to step back, but there was nowhere to go.

Ryan looked at her red lips and was nearly crazy when he thought that another man might kiss her.

He became crazy gradually. The next moment he pinched her chin and kissed her.

The moment when she felt the cold touch on the lips, Jessica was stunned and her mind just went blank.

The next second, her pupils contracted and the blood flowed crazily to her cheeks.

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