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The young model wasn't better than him. So many men rushed in and she had no clothes on her. She screamed subconsciously.

But the scream stopped halfway abruptly.

A bodyguard in a black suit and a pair of black sunglasses came and blocked her mouth up directly. Then he carried her to throw to the living room and went back to stand behind Ryan.

Alex sat awkwardly on the floor and propped his hands on the floor behind him. His lips were trembling.

Wasn't Ryan Howard working on a very important project abroad? Why was he here?

"Afraid of me? Ryan Howard crouched down and looked at him coldly, as if he was looking at a dead person.

It was not the first time he had met the man. He had seen him when Jessica said Alex was her boyfriend.

He didn't deserve to be her boyfriend!

Alex's forehead and back broke out in a cold sweat. He tried hard to be calm, but his voice was trembling when speaking. "Don't, don't believe Jessica's words. I, I am her ex-boyfriend. I dumped her, but she still likes me. She, she seduced me. So... Ouch!"

Fingers connected with the heart. The pain in his fingertips ran down his nerves to his brain, so he was sweating with pain.

Ryan had already stood up. His crocodile shoes was ground on his left palm and said carelessly. "Touched her with this hand?"

"Mr. Howard, she seduced me. She... Ouch!"

"Or this hand?"

There was no emotion in the cold voice.

The shiny shoes changed the position and stepped on another hand of Alex. The pain was so severe that he curled up and shivered, unable to speak a word.

Ryan looked down at him. His eyes looked colder. "Did I tell you last time not to touch her? Otherwise, I'll chop off your hands and feet."

When he said the last few words, his voice dropped a lot. But Alex was gooseflesh all over when he heard.

"Thought I was just scaring you?" Huh?"

Ryan raised Alex's chin with his leather shoe. His eyes like a knife stabbed in Alex.

He would feel disgusted to see such a social scum. How did he dare hurt Jessie?

The cold leather shoe was stuck on Alex's chin, which made his face hot and shy. It was no use showing weakness, so all that remained in his mind was anger.

At least, he was a star. How could this person humiliate him?

"Ryan Howard, do you really think I'm afraid of you? You are just richer than I am. Why should you rob of my girlfriend and humiliate me?"

"Didn't you say you'd chop off my hands and feet? Come on! I touched Jessica and I even want to fuck this bitch. Kill me if you can?"

Every time when he said a word, Ryan's face grew colder. But he didn't do anything except that he winked at the bodyguards behind him.

Alex took courage from that and continued. "Trumpery! Don't just talk ruthlessly. Get physical if you dare! I'll sue you! I'll send you to jail, believe it or...Ouch!"

Ryan stepped on his crotch with a deadpan expression and crushed it several times. "Really? Welcome."

The voice was very light, but it was clear and chilling compared with Alex's harsh and thrilling scream.

The bodyguard who went out had come back, with a fruit knife in hand. He said respectfully. "Mr. Howard, here's the knife."

"Cut his hands and feet and then send him to the hospital. Just teach him a lesson this time and give him a memory." Ryan Howard commanded in a cold voice. Then he adjusted his suit and walked towards the entrance with a deadpan expression.

If it weren't for Jessica, he wouldn't even look at him.

His eyes would be stained.

Alex curled up because of pain. When he saw the knife in the bodyguard's hand, he was really afraid. He felt a chill through him.

"Mr. Howard. I was wrong. I was wrong!" He cried in a shrill voice. "Don't go! Please don't go! "

What if these people didn't do it right and his hands and feet couldn't recover? He was a star. That would ruin his life!

Ryan Howard had reached the door of the bedroom and paused.

Alex's eyes lit up. He endured the pain and shouted. "I was wrong. I will apologize to Jessica, and I will stay away from her. Please, let me off this time!"

He would sue him as soon as he went out of the room. He would let the bitch Jessica and Ryan Howard know that they shouldn't have offended him!

He was a star, and he had influence. They would regret it!

But Ryan didn't even turn around and just said in an indifferent voice. "So noisy."

Then he flicked the non-existent dust off his expensive suit and strode away.

"No!" It wasn't supposed to be like this. "Ryan Howard, our society is ruled by law. You can't do this to me! Let go, let me go, I...!"

The bodyguard gagged him and the world fell silent.

The phone rang. Ryan looked at the caller ID. And then frowned slightly and connected the phone.

"Boss, you finally answer the phone!" The special assistant was almost crazy. The J.K. was not happy for your departure. They require an explanation from you. Otherwise the cooperation will be scrapped!"

They spent a whole three months and countless painstaking efforts in getting this cooperation.

If it was cancelled, he couldn't account for it to the chairman and other shareholders.

"Well. Tell them I'll apologize to them personally." Ryan Howard had already considered the consequences before he came. When he heard this, he just frowned tighter.

Listening to this, the special assistant uncontrollably reported. "But ..."

"I'll take the consequences." Ryan pressed his lips together and hung up after he finished.

Nothing was more important than Jessie.

Only when he was sure she was all right could he feel relieved and do other things.

Ryan asked Tina for Jessica's position and drove there in a hurry.

Jessica wanted to thank Chris yesterday afternoon, but she did not have his contact information and couldn't contact him at all. It was not until this morning that she learned that he stayed up all night drinking in a bar.

"I'm in my period. That hurt! I won't go with you!" Clara threw the key to Jessica, who was as weak as a new person.

Jessica took the car key and made some ginger tea for her. Then she drove to the bar.

"Tina, I'll end my location sharing."

She sent a message to Tina, and then ended the location sharing. She also sent Clara a message saying that she arrived. Then she ignored the "closed" sign and went in the bar.

In daylight, the bar was empty and eerily quiet.

Seeing her coming, the waiter yawned and pointed to the sign at the door. "Sorry, lady, we're closed."

"I'm looking for someone. My... Friend." Jessica saw Chris drinking at a glance, whose back facing her, and then pointed.

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