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"Did I mention your name? So you rushed to admit it?" Jessica repeated her words. Then she broke away from her hand and turned around to walk toward the crowd .

She felt good that the bully beat Alex, but she didn't want to get him into trouble.

If because of this matter, people accused him of misbehaving and ruined his reputation, she would certainly feel guilty about it.

"Chris..." Jessica walked over and tugged at Chris's sleeve. She said sincerely. "Thank you for helping me, but..."

"None of your business! Get out of here!" Chris did not look at her, and kicked Alex heavily.

Then the people of this crew couldn't be onlookers anymore. The director asked several people to drag Alex from the floor. No one dared to touch the bully.

Jessica was confused by his words. "?"

Chris ignored her and walked toward the director with a livid face. "You also protect him, such a wretch? Listen, keep him or me? You choose!"

After he finished, he didn't give the director the opportunity to speak. He took off the military jacket directly, and threw it to the ground heavily.

"I quit! When he's gone, call me back again!"

Jessica watched him leave angrily. She was in a state of confusion.

Alex offended her, but why was the bully so angry?

Don't tell her... the bully had a crush on her for years?

As soon as the idea came to mind, she denied it.

She did not find herself to be so attractive, and he didn't seemed to like her.

"Hey, what does he mean?" Clara leaned over. She pouted her lips at the position he left and said mischievously. "He fancies you? He's chasing you?"

Jessica gave her a supercilious look. "If he's chasing me, will he call me fool? And wipe his hands with wet tissue for so many times when I touch him?"

"..." He wouldn't.

Now the supporting actor was injured and the leading actor quit, so the play will not be filmed for the time being.

Mr. Johnson was so worried about it. He announced that the staff took half a day off and then hurried to deal with this mess.

As for Jessica, after all Chris had helped her, so she was going to buy something together with Clara and then went to visit Chris and thanked him. But when they were about to leave the set, they met Tina who came in a hurry.

Tina was on eight-centimeter high heels, who just came from the awards ceremony. Her face was full of anxiety.

"I heard that Alex sexually harassed you. Is that true? Why Chris would help you regardless of the image? Are you in a relationship? Or is he chasing you unilaterally?"

She began by asking a lot of questions without breathing.

Jessica answered one by one and told Tina the events of the last few days honestly.

"Asshole!!" Tina's face went white.

Mr. Howard warned her again and again that she had to take good care of Jessica. As a result, she just went out a few days, and Jessica was bullied!

Tina was in a cold sweat. She told Jessica a few words hurriedly and left to report to Ryan.


At the huge purple wooden conference table, everyone sat and listened gravely to Ryan's analysis of the new project.

The faint sunlight through the huge French windows sprinkled on Ryan, giving him a soft light, which made him look even more handsome.

Those who were sitting here had to admit that the young man was extraordinary handsome even in their country's taste.

However, in such a tense atmosphere, the phone rang suddenly.

Everybody frowned immediately. When they noticed the phone belonged to Ryan, they couldn't hide their surprise.

"I'm sorry!" Ryan just glanced at the caller id, then got up holding the phone, and strode out of the conference room.

It was Tina.

He told her not to call him unless it was urgent.

He left such an important meeting without even saying a word.

The meeting was in a mess instantly. Many people were questioning his actions.

The special assistant followed him hurriedly. When he was about to remind Ryan of the importance of the meeting, he heard Ryan said coldly. "You chair the meeting!"

Listening to this, the special assistant's facial expression changed. "But..."

They had been preparing for this cooperation for three months!

"Stop it." Ryan didn't allow him to refute. He made a phone call while walking. His voice was piercing cold. "Prepare the helicopter. I need it in half an hour!"

Alex again ...

He had warned him!

Elevator doors were closing slowly. Ryan's cold eyes was reflected in it, which like ghost, like specter, shivery and frightening.


Chris hit him really hard. Alex went to the hospital accompanied by his assistant. He was pulling his face and said nothing the whole time.

These days were too bad.

His agent didn't help him deal with it, but also let him write a posting to apologize to Chris and Jessica.

For what?

It was he who was wounded!!

Alex was filled with anger. He couldn't fall asleep lying in a hospital bed. While the assistant was asleep, he put on his cap and mask and took a taxi to his little lover's home.

"It's rare for our super star to come here instead of working." A young model opened the door sleepily and said in a sweet voice.

Alex was so agitated. He said, "I miss you bitch." And then kissed her directly, pushed her into the room and closed the door casually.

The young model liked his directness. She gave a little giggle and responded enthusiastically.

Cap, mask, clothes and underwear were thrown on the floor from the doorway to the bedroom. The door was left ajar, and two intertwined bodies could be seen through the crack.

Alex's eyes were bloodshot. His breathing was heavy. There was a sharp knock on the door just as he was about to get in.

He was so startled that his penis nearly failed to stay hard.

"Fuck!" He swore, ignored the noise at the door, and went on.

The moment when he got in, he sighed comfortably, and was about to move...

Bang! Bang!


There were three bangs and then it seemed that something fell onto the floor heavily.

The sound were too sudden. Alex got a stiff body and it had gone soft.

He saw the disgust in the young model's eyes and got angrier. "Wait!"

Alex put on his underwear sullenly and draped a coat over his shoulders casually. Then he got out of bed in bare feet distractedly, and was about to go out to see who was going against him.

But just as his hand touched the bedroom door, he was kicked by a foot suddenly.

He hadn't expected it, so he staggered back for a few steps and fell onto the floor. His tailbone was stinging instantly.

"Who kicked me? Don't want to live... Mr. Ho..Howard?"

Alex looked up along that bright expensive shoe. When he saw Ryan's gloomy handsome, all the colour drained from his face and his mind just went blank.

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