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Jessica felt so sick when she thought that she would be sexually harassed by Alex in the following cooperation.

The point was that she couldn't get the evidence, so even if she wanted to blame him and accuse him, she couldn't.

Fortunately, Chris was popular and had a tight schedule. He had to catch a variety show a few days later. In order to make time, the next three days were all his parts with Jessica.

He had a bad temper, but he was very dedicated and professional.

They got into the play quickly and had a good command of lines, so the onlookers really enjoyed watching them show off their acting. It was also efficient.

Some crew members didn't exclude Jessica like before, so her psychological pressure was alleviated a lot.

But in this afternoon, she and Alex and Chris would appear in the same scene, and in this scene, she would have a lot of physical contact with Alex.

Jessica was so annoyed but she couldn't think of a solution.

"What about I ask my cousin or Mr. Howard to come?" Clara suggested. "With a sophisticated criminal police, Alex will not dare do anything to you. As for Mr. Howard...Alex seemed to be afraid of him."

Jessica couldn't stand. "It's about to start. I'll try again, and if it doesn't work, I'll ask my...Mr. Howard to come."

It wasn't because she didn't want to tell Clara her identity, but because Clara was a big mouth and couldn't keep the secret!


After they finished discussing, the director asked Jessica to be ready.

This part was about the heroine received the commander and the villain at the same time. The two men didn't like each other usually. And the villain knew that the hero loved the heroine, so he flirted with the heroine deliberately in front of the hero.

Jessica was wearing a white dress this time, which covered her body over. So she didn't worry Alex would grope her thigh secretly like wearing cheongsam.

The stage makeup on her face had not been removed, so she was not as gorgeous as usual but she was full of charm.

When they met at the beginning, Jessica performed normally. But when she was dragged to the thigh by Alex and Alex lifted her chin, she froze again.

There... there was something against her.

Why hadn't she found that he was a stallion in season.

Alex saw she behaved like that and thought it was exciting in public. His body became hot and there was desire in his eyes.

In fact, from the day of the audition, he found that his girlfriend who was usually unromantic seemed to be not bad.

Jessica was filled with anger and couldn't go on. She had forgotten her lines completely.

All she wanted to do was beat up her ex-boyfriend, even if she would be dismissed.

But as she was about to stand up, the hands on her waist pressed her down with more strength.

"..." Fuck!

Jessica stoop up angrily. She didn't want to consider the result now. She just wanted to kill this obscene ex-boyfriend.

However, no sooner had she stood up than the man in the chair had been kicked to the ground.

Jessica turned around and saw Chris coming with a chair. Before she could react, the chair in his hand was hit on Alex.

The whole crew was quiet and you could even heard the sound of falling needle.

Jessica's mouth was half-open, but she couldn't speak for a long time.

"How long has it been since you fucked a woman? Is it cool to take advantage of a woman? Where do you put your hands? Your penis is hard, huh? Why don't you pay for sex with a prostitute? You are freaking good at saving!"

Chris was still wearing a military uniform and a pair of black leather boots. And now, that pair of boots trampled on Alex's head. And his handsome face was dark with rage.

Jessica was shocked at that moment. She kept saying "Holy shit" in mind.

The bully was so handsome today!

But didn't he usually detest everybody on sight? Why could he stand up for her this time?

As soon as the crew members realized the situation, they came to stop them.

Finally, there was a chance to let Alex suffer. Would Jessica let it go so easily?

No way!

She was about to stop them, but before she had time to move, the bully scolded. "Stay where you are. It's none of your business!"

He was now so popular, so who dared to provoke him?

Everyone stopped.

Alex was so embarrassed and filled with hate, but he put on an aggrieved look. "Chris, did Jessica speak ill of me? You can't believe her. I've never done anything that sordid."

When he finished, Jessica took the juice from Clara's hand and poured to his crotch.

"Go on, go on. You are good at making up excuse, aren't you?" Jessica suffered so much grief, so her voice trembled now.

Damn it! How could this bastard explain that?

After all, there were only a few people present on the audition day. A lot of people didn't know about his embarrassment. Now looking at him, they couldn't believe it.

Alex crossed his legs awkwardly and said with a pale face. "Many actors have a physiological reaction in the process of filming. I have an erection, but also can not prove that I sexually harass her. If you don't believe me, you can watch the video."

That was true, and a few of his fans on the staff began to speak up for him.

Not a few people looked Jessica up and down. Most of them were hesitant. They didn't know who was telling the truth.

Jessica was mad at Alex for being shameless, but this kind of thing was hard to explain. Even if they saw the footage, they couldn't see anything.

She choked with rage like a lump in her throat. She felt awful.

"Still justify?" Chris slapped Alex on the head and sneered, "If you are a man, admit what you've done."

Alex huddled on the floor who looked pathetic. "But how can I admit what I didn't do? Chris, you really misunderstood me."

Probably people had sympathy for the weak. Jessica heard a few people in front of her whispered...

"Chris is so reckless."

"Yes. A lot of male actors have physiological reactions when filming sex scenes. Can you say that is sexual harassment?"

"Young man. He thought it was justice. Perhaps he has been used."

The last speaker was Carol. When she was speaking, she seemed to look at Jessica.

Her words made Jessica sick. She walked directly to her and said. "You can say it face to face. Don't said it privately."

"Did I mention your name? So you rushed to admit it?" Carol rolled her eyes upwards.

The others were silent, looking guilty.

"The nose was done so pointy. Who do you want to stab to death?" Jessica sneered. She glanced at Carol and turned around to leave.

Hearing this, Carol's triumphant face suddenly changed.

She moved forward in a few steps, grabbed Jessica and shrieked. "Who do you mean? My nose is all natural. If you say I had plastic surgery again, I will sue you for libel!"

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