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Jessica was still extending her hand. She could feel a faint blush on her face. She pressed her lips, withdrew her hands, and looked up at the crowd.

Cold and sarcastic.

They all desired to stir up trouble.

Just like she was on the first set.

"Why are you crying?" Clara came running with pity. "Don't cry. Big deal. We don't do the show. I keep you!"

Crying? Jessica wiped her eyes and smiled. "I'm fine. It just sand."

She would leave the crew of her own accord, but she wouldn't leave because she was framed by someone. She wouldn't let that happen again in her life!

Clara knew she was strong-willed, so she said nothing more, but frowned and said. "Can you do that? If not, I'll let my cousin come. He could handle Alex's tricks with his eyes shut!"

Except that her mother was a businesswoman, the other members of her family were criminal police.

"No." Jessica shook her head.

Alex that scum! She had to do it herself to get rid of her anger!

Men dressed faster than women. Chris came out soon.

He changed into a military uniform, whose waist looked slimmer and legs looked longer. He was striking handsome, but he had an impatient look on his face, whose temperament was not similar to the hero of "Spy".

"Chris is handsome usually, but now looks more handsome in this uniform." Carol flattered.

His eyebrows lifted and he said impatiently . "Don't call me Chris! I don't know you. Get out of my way!"

He was not nice to Carol at all.

She froze embarrassedly.

Chris didn't have compassion for womanhood. He pushed her away and shouted to Jessica not far away. "Don't just stand there! Come with me!"

Then he shouted to the director."Three times at most. Change her if she can't. I have no time to spend with her!"

Carol was discomfited by Chris, but she could not help rejoicing at his words.

When Jessica was kicked out, maybe she would be the leading lady!

"What a temper!" Clara leaned over and whispered in Jessica's ear. "Don't be fussed about him. Otherwise you can only be angry!"

"Yeah." Jessica nodded and walked over.

They were all ready. The director said "Action!" and began filming.

This part was about the heroine went to the commander's house and performed as a diva. She sneaked into the hero's study to find confidential documents, but was found by the hero.

Everybody present knew the scene where both the hero and heroine appeared together was a great challenge for Jessica.

The hero was her enemy who had killed her father and mother, but she was a diva who couldn't killed him and had to please him.

It was easy to play with only ingratiation or only hatred. However, with both of them, a lot of veteran actors couldn't be able to play that feeling, not to mention Jessica, a newcomer.

Everyone stared at Jessica, thinking that five minutes at most, the director would stop.

But more than twenty minutes passed and they had forgotten about it.

Everyone was immersed in the play, and worried about Jessica.


Jessica looked around. There was no one. She took her hairpin, picked the lock, and crept into the study.

During this period, the Nationalist Party had crusaded against them, so she came here to find out the battle plan.

She carefully rummaged through the papers on the table and in the cupboard, but for a long time she could not find what she was looking for. She licked her dry lip, with a thin layer of sweat on her head.


A book fell onto the floor.

Jessica's heart missed a beat. She looked down subconsciously and saw what she wanted to find was in the book. She was about to crouch down to get it when suddenly footsteps came from far away.

Her pupils contracted. She picked up the book and put it in its place. Then she slipped out of the room and locked the door.

However, when she turned around, she saw the commander standing behind her.


Including the director, all their hearts were in their mouth. They looked at her deftly dealing with the hero. She was charming with hidden hatred.

They not only felt pity for such a woman who bore the family hatred and country hatred, but also worried that the hatred in her eyes were so strong that would raise doubts in the hero's mind. They were not relieved until the hero let her go.

"Cut!" The director shouted excitedly. He knew he had chosen the right person!

Everyone just recovered from the play. They had mixed feelings at that moment.

The just said her acting was bad a few days ago, but they were proven wrong now!

Carol was green with envy. She said to Alex beside her. "She just plays well once in a while."

But Alex ignored her. He swore in a low voice and left.

"You look silly, but the performance was not too bad." Chris glanced at Jessica, took off the military jacket and threw to the assistant. He thrust his hands into his pockets and walked to the chair that had been prepared for him.

Jessica finally had a good performance and was in a good mood, but the smile froze on her lips instantly, when she heard his words.

Who was silly?

Jessica grabbed the banana from Clara's hand sulkily. She ate up the rest of the banana in two bites and trotted to the position alongside Chris. Then she threw away the banana peel casually.

Chris always walked with his chin up, who looked overweening. Then he stepped on the banana skin and fell forward immediately.

Jessica was ready, so she grabbed his arm and pulled him upright.

"You..." Chris's charming and slanted eyes popped. He looked like a kitten whose hair bristled.

Jessica touched his head smilingly and interrupted him. "You are welcome."

"What? Who wants to thank you?" Chris slapped her hand away and went very red in the face which was always arrogant and handsome. "You threw the banana peel on purpose, didn't you?"

He stared at her with watery eyes and every word came out of his throat.

"Ah? Sorry, it slipped out of my hand." Jessica imitated him and gave him a sidelong glance. And then she shrugged her shoulders and sat down on the chair for her.

Chris could hardly breathe. He gnashed his teeth and looked at her. After a while, he gave a heavy snort and strode out of the set. Nobody knew where he had gone.

Clara handed Jessica a glass of fresh juice and gave her thumbs up.

"I'm flattered." Jessica nodded humbly.

Jessica acted really good in this scene. There were still a lot of people around looking at her, but they didn't looked at him with disdain as before, but with a few more surprise and admiration.

Because of this, Jessica's anger of these days finally died away.

However, soon after that, Clara gave a head-on blow to her. "No matter how good you are in this scene, you still can't perform well with Alex because of his harassment."

"Even if you can, there's still no proof that Alex sexually harassed you, and he doesn't have to pay for it."

It sounded bad, but it was true.

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